How To Make Easy Homemade Strawberry Banana Ice Cream?

With only 3 ingredients you can prepare this Super Easy Strawberry Banana Ice Cream. You do not need an ice machine for this cold treatment. My whole family loves ice cream. I cannot save enough in the freezer to feed this gang. In general, we prepare a simple ice cream, such as our Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream or Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream, which I shared with you.

They are simple recipes to prepare without turmoil. This strawberry banana ice cream is even simpler, with fewer ingredients and less work. This recipe has become a new favorite in our house, because teenagers just prepare a lot for themselves.

With summer just around the corner, I am very happy that they can make a pile to enjoy on a hot summer day. Because the recipe for this ice cream requires only three ingredients, it is combined very quickly.

The ingredients for your strawberry banana ice cream are so simple. You only need strawberries, bananas and sugar or honey. Peel the bananas and freeze in the freezer. Strawberry hull and freeze in the freezer.

homemade strawberry banana ice cream with almond milk 
Add the frozen ingredients and the sugar to the food processor and squeeze the consistency of the ice cream. I really like that the recipe contains fresh fruit. Ice cream is a great way to deliver Kiddos diets with fresh fruit. My little man, Jonathan, refuses fruit and vegetables or something sweet. Last week, when we prepared this recipe, he decided that he really likes ice cream.

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It is hard to find much that this child is eating, so this recipe for ice is a watchman. The man and I prepared a small portion to enjoy after dinner last week, and I thought the ice cream tasted great. The taste is not overwhelming, but it will awaken your taste buds. Because strawberry ice cream is one of my favorite sweets, I knew that this recipe could be one of my favorite dishes.

What is your favorite ice cream? Make your homemade ice cream?

1. Peel the bananas and freeze in the freezer.

2. Cools the strawberries and freeze them in the freezer.

3. Pour the frozen ingredients and sugar into the food processor and press them until they reach the consistency of the ice cream.


1. Heat the milk in medium-sized pan over medium heat until hot. Remove it from the heat and set it aside.

2. Add the egg yolk and the remaining sugar to the blender or bowl to mix and mix with an electric mixer until it is slightly thick and pale.

3. Add the warm milk to the egg yolk and slowly mix the sugar mixture until it is completely mixed.

4. Place the pan over medium heat until small bubbles appear. Do not let it boil.

5. Put in a medium bowl and add cream, vanilla and salt. Put the dish in the refrigerator and leave it at least 8 hours or at night if possible.

6. Prepare ice cream according to the instructions of your manufacturer.

7. Destroy your ripe banana and put it aside. Pour the pastry cream into the ice maker and start to beat.

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8. After 5 minutes, add banana puree and stir. With his plate of syrupy strawberries, he crushes them a bit with people until it looks like a disaster.

9. Add the strawberries in the last 5 minutes (using the KitchenAid ice cream accessory and finding that I need 15 minutes at this stage) and stir for another 5 minutes.

10. If you like soft sheets and then buried, if you have a little firmer ice, transfer. In a freezer container and freeze for at least another 3 hours.

11. This ice will remain in the freezer for 3 to 4 months.

Children love fun things. The more sugar, the better! Homemade fruit Popsicles are a great way to have fun with fresh, healthy fruit. Involve the children and ask them to choose some of their favorite fruits and berries.

If they are old enough, they can also help you cut them carefully. You can create tons of different flavors and types of pallets. Try to make pieces of whole fruit in water or fruit juice. Or you can mix the fruits before you freeze them. Coconut milk or milk, mixed with fruit, makes it a nice creamy texture.

Some of our favorite fruit combinations are mango and orange, kiwi and strawberry, mixed berries and apples and raspberries and mint, but use whatever you want! For an alternative to the ice cream that your kids love, even if they are not being misled, chop and freeze some bananas. When the ice age comes, take it away and mix it in a powerful blender. The frozen banana gets a completely different texture.

It is sweet, thick, creamy and really looks like banana ice cream. Add a few ingredients in the form of melted dark chocolate, strawberries or whatever your kids favorite, it should. After all, they can get away with it if they do not eat real ice cream!

If you are more interested in cakes and brownies, there are many good substitutes just by looking at healthier versions of your favorite dessert online. You probably want to keep to the fact that your sugar-free chocolate brownies are loaded with sweet potato and avocado secrets from children, but as long as they taste good, we promise them you do not mind.

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Try to serve cakes and pastries as much as possible without cream or cream. Strawberries are a good combination for a chocolate or vanilla flavor, so start to serve them with the dessert and see if your children eat.

Of course, sometimes you have to give up and have them order the strawberry ice cream. There is nothing wrong with that. On the other days I hope that these ideas have inspired you.

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