Carvel Oreo Ice Cream Cake Safeway Reviews

Ice cream cake safeway. This release was sponsored by I Love Ice Cream Cakes, but all thoughts and opinions are mine. Who said that the cake is only for birthday parties? Today I will take a short break with my little one to celebrate summer, ice and fun. Did you know that July is the national month of the ice? I did not know.

I mean, if you ask me, every month is the month of the ice! BUT July is my birth month, so maybe I think I should consider it a sign or something. Maybe I should eat more ice cream? I do not know anything about it, but I will literally block every excuse, so I will accept it. The other afternoon I decided to surprise my dearest little man (Octavian, if it was not clear) with a small ice cream as a gift after school. 

It's good Ice cream cake My son is a big fan of "special" surprises and an even bigger ice fan, so I knew this would be something special. I love all things, ice cream and cake, so no matter how I cut it, I knew it would be good. I have absolutely not made this ice cream cake. I had help, ok, a lot of help.

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Have you ever heard that I love Ice Cream Cakes?

In various shapes, styles and sizes (including the original Carvel®, Jon Donaire® and OREO®), I love Ice Cream Cakes that combine the joy of cake and ice cream. I have taken mine from my Safeway store, but these delicious cakes are available at supermarkets in the bakery or freezer department across the country, so you do not have to look far to find the perfect ice cream. Because we only wanted to be Octavian and me, I decided to go with the (nice) little cake and I felt like frosting and frozen berries.

oreo ice cream cake safeway price

Not necessary at all, but my son is a sample of berries. I also thought it would be fun to decorate cakes without baking cakes. Super easy, people. Just pour the berries over, add the glaze and return to the freezer until it is ready to serve. My son was so excited!

I mean, it does not always surprise him with ice-cream, so you can imagine the surprise when I got this cake with berries from the freezer. It was gone at the end of the day. Do not worry, came home and helped us finish it (although, let's face it, we really do not need help).

This week we ate our second I Love Ice Cream cake with our neighbors and friends. It may even have something to do with a final afternoon to play in the summer, including several hungry children and several adults (slightly) drunk (very responsible).

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This much larger leaf tail was also finished at the end of the afternoon. I warn you: the crunchy cookie center is UNBELIEVABLE and by far my favorite part... apart from the icing sugar. I am absolutely a brilliant team. Which side are you on?

Have you ever tried an I Love Ice Cream Cakes?

In just 3 minutes you can enjoy this delicious chocolate cake! Top with whipped cream and fresh raspberries for the last simple gift! Summer is here, people. It is warm here in Sacramento.

It is called that we fled to Monterey the last few days just to recover from the heat. Before we left, we were days behind us because it was not healthy to be outside. The kids sniff right and left ice cream and I tried to limit myself to just one Ice Watcher® GIANT Chocolate Fudge Ice Bar a day (only 90 calories!). On the fourth day of the heat wave, I decided to mix things and make a cup of cake... with ice.

Lordy, that was the best idea in history. I dreamed of chocolate cake, but the idea to light the stove was frightening... the house was already warm enough. Cupcakes are always a good idea and if they are made with ice... mmmm. I started with an ice cream and let it melt... that took two seconds outside.

I only wish I joked. I stir some cake flour (the AP flour works too!) And some baking soda. Guys, I used the wooden stick from the Ice Cream Bar to mix it... GENIO. And then, because my second name rhymes with chocolate (no, not really), I have stirred some mini chocolate chips.

Switch the microwave for an incredible 90 seconds and voila cake! Hot where are you? Trust me, this is the best summer gift. And I want you to try it yourself. Make sure you take part in this incredible lottery, so that you can recharge your favorite ice cream from Weight Watchers® Ice Cream and many funny summer gifts that I chose for you!

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1. Mix the melted ice, flour and baking powder in a microwave-safe cup.

2. Add mini chocolate chips.

3. Microwave on high heat for 90 seconds or until the top appears dry.

4. Cover with whipped cream, raspberries and pieces of mini chocolate.

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