Gluten Free Nut Free Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Nut free ice cream cake, okay, let's be honest. Most of us love ice cream, right? The disadvantage is that the ice cream and other desserts often contain a lot of sugar. We know that the average American consumes more sugar than he should.

Three years ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) even made a recommendation for the maximum daily amount of sugar that we should eat. Not only the WHO has focused on reducing sugar; Even groups such as The World Cancer Research Fund International have a publication that aims to reduce global sugar consumption.

Do not be fooled, you can even add things that we think are healthy! Wherever the sugar comes from, our body uses it in the same way. The difference is that food contains natural sugars with nutrients and fiber. For some of us it is difficult not to overdo it when it comes to sugar. I have a sweet tooth and I know how it is; whether it was a bag of chips or a chocolate bar? The chocolate would win all the time.

That is why I came with this "ice cream cake". It is nut-free, so it is friendly for allergies without the hidden nutrients that would not be complete, which also help to increase their content of vitamins and minerals to easily enlarge the fiber.

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In developing this recipe I also have a version for nut lovers peanut butter and almonds. You can do this in a few portions as I did (ramekin bowls or mini-cheesecake with) or if a larger dessert recipe of eight is multiplied by seven centimeters using a cup-shaped spring.

My favorite part of this dessert is the topping. As a child, I loved the chocolate, the cones or chocolate sauce on my ice cream. Use this cover to dry coconut oil quick if the spray that makes a good dessert is a tribute to the memories of my youth.

No gluten, no sugar, vegan and no nuts! If you want a little crunch, you can add things like grated coconut, chopped almonds, peanuts or crushed hemp seed low ice.

1. If you use a saucepan, dress it with wax paper. If you use the spring form, you do not have to align it.

2. All ingredients for the ice layer to a smooth mass (to be done with a blender, food processor or even a fork).

3. When you have finished, ice cream cake, remove the bowl or bowl and throw away wax paper. Register and I will send new and healthy recipes directly to your inbox. If you do not hear from me, you should check your spam!

Is there a way to do this without coconut milk? I hate the taste of coconut, but I really like making ice cream. Thanks Natalie for the quick proposal! This is very useful for this recipe and others! He did not respond to this!

I love this classic chocolate and coconut ice cream! I have to have one in the arsenal! I always mix my coconut milk with other milk to prevent the aroma of the coconut from becoming too strong or otherwise overwhelming. AND YES to shake the ice creams. NO mantequera can be useful, but also starts to compare with the difference in texture in ice shacks.

No-churn becomes so difficult and with so many ice crystals, even with a lot of fat. I think a refrigerator is one of the best investments in history and the ice season! I am so excited to see this ice. It was hot today and everything I could think of was a popsicle, ha-ha!

I love Natalie and I love the foreground cone! I have forgotten that you are not a fan of tasting the coconut in desserts... now the last recipe in your pre-order is even more logical. On a hot summer day there is nothing better than homemade ice cream 😀 leftovers?

That has disappeared in record time, hehe! Oh, this recipe is incredible. It is always good to have a chocolate-free freezer in stock. I have not yet eaten carob in my ice cream. I could try it after I tasted yours.

Ha-ha, yes, absolutely an essential freezer in the summer! I also love videos, great! I baked the chocolate cake without a baking and baked cheesecake! Do you want to try much more? I am so glad that you like these two, what a tasty combination without cooking.

Do I have to use a blender or can I mix everything with a spoon and a bowl (I hate to clean my blender)?

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