Best Velvet Ice Cream Flavors At Ye Olde Mill Reviews

In Licking County, in the rural community of Utica, Ohio, the historic Ye Olde Mill, home to the Velvet Ice Cream, is run by the family. The fourth generation of the Dager family, founded in 1914, keeps the ice production alive and produces some of the best ice creams in Ohio.

With more than 150,000 visitors a year (from April to October) and more than 5 million liters of ice a year, Velvet Ice Cream has become one of the most popular travel destinations in Ohio.

The historic Ye Olde Mill was built in 1817 and was one of the largest mills in the new Ohio border. Originally powered by the Licking River, the McNaughton Mill (the original name of the mill) had a large water wheel that gave energy to transform the millstone that grind the grains into flour.

In 1965 Velvet Ice Cream began with the restoration of the mill and the current water wheel (with a diameter of 18 feet). In 1986, a tragic fire destroyed most of the original mill, with the exception of the formation of the block. With over 5 million gallons per year, with distribution through the Midwest, Velvet Ice Cream has become known as Ohio Ice Cream Capital!

With dozens of delicious and innovative flavors I really believe that there is a taste of Velvet Ice Cream to satisfy all taste buds! I love ice cream, I mean, who does not like ice cream? If you do not, you can be sure that you have not tried Velvet yet!

velvet ice cream flavor contest

There is no way, after trying their creamy and dreamy ice flavors, you will not fall in love with their ice cream! While I tried the Velvet ice before, I never visited Ye Olde Mill in Utica! I was excited to try an ice cream!

With the daring task of choosing which tastes, I leave the decision to Nathan, Velvet's Marketing Manager and my personal guide. What came after was an explosion of taste! When the bowl with six flavors sat before me and my mouth watered, I could hardly hear what Nathan said, because I was too distracted by the delicious ice cream in front of me.

While I tried the heterogeneous ice cream mix, I thought, "This could be the best day of all!" We started with Banana Cream Pie (the taste of the Ohio State Fair 2016), light and creamy, without artificial banana flavor. He remembered the dessert of my grandfather's banana pudding!

Then there was an Elephant Ear (the taste of the Ohio State Fair 2015), the delicacy of this flavor is indescribable, creamy vanilla with caramel and cinnamon and elephant ears covered with sugar, yum!

Kentucky Praline Pecan, creamy vanilla ice cream, combined with whole, salty and sweet pralines! Raspberry Fudge Cordial, has a delicious raspberry ice cream mixed with toffees and savory raspberries, the perfect fruity ice cream and fudge!

Then, in the seasonal flavor, Pumpkin pie, like the traditional autumn cake, the delicious taste felt completely hot, roasted and excited for the next autumn season! And we ended up with the best selling taste of Ohio, Buckeye Classic, peanut butter ice cream with chocolate and miniature raisins (peanut butter candies with chocolate coating), a great classic from Ohio!

And just when I thought I could not eat much more ice cream (who do I mean, there is always room for ice cream!), I take an Extreme Moose Trackball on the way home to eat. It was hard work to try all those Ice Cream Velvet flavors, but someone has to do it and I'm glad it was me.

With the forthcoming presidential elections Velvet has opened a nice debate about ice cream for Velvet Ice Cream Parlor customers. From now until 31 October, visitors can display their political colors by requesting one of the two ice cream coup with election themes.

In addition to the delicious ice cream in the Velvet Ice Cream Parlor, Velvet offers free 30-minute tours to help visitors learn more about the history of the company and view live ice cream through the viewing gallery. Velvet Ice Cream welcomes visitors from April to October with free admission and free parking.

Have you ever visited Velvet Ice Cream?

If so, what is your favorite taste of Velvet Ice Cream? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks to Velvet Ice Cream for the delicious course and delicious ice cream! I was a guest at Velvet Ice Cream in exchange for my experiences. As always with Ohio Girl Travels are my opinion!

Sherman sells packaged products for home use in the exclusive store. The company also sells its specialties to numerous restaurants and eateries in southwestern Michigan, northwest Indiana and even Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

The link with consumers is really crucial for a product such as ice cream, especially for local brands that are distributed via the food or retail trade. In the summer of 2015, Velvet Ice Cream has launched two new flavors in retail and at Ye Olde Mill by Velvet.

Summertime Peach offers a mix of fresh peach ice cream with succulent pieces of real peach. Buckeye Brownie is a new variation on one of Velvet's best-selling Velvet Ice Cream, Buckeye Classic. Lightly salted peanut butter ice cream swirls with bits of creamy peanut butter and slices of chocolate cake.

Apart from his raw inspiration, the name inspires the home state Velvet, Ohio, and the company's support to the Ohio State Buckeyes National Champion. Local ice cream is wild in Chicago. "I can create every taste, the customer wants", says Quercia, whose Chocolate Bacon Gelato is one of the best sellers.

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