Delicious Desserts Of Cold Stone Features Batman Ice Cream Cake

For the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Cold Stone Creamery offers three ice cream creations with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Batman's Chocolate Cookie Crusade mixes, chocolate ice cream, black chunks, pieces of oregano biscuits and fudge.

The Kryptonian Sensation for Superman Cake consists of Ice Cream Cake, Batter, red, yellow and blue splashes, strawberries, yellow cake and whipped cream. Strawberry Warrior by Wonder Woman contains strawberry ice cream, red and yellow sprinkles, pieces of Graham cracker cake and raspberries.

Every creation of a superhero contains a collectible shield ring representing their respective characters, and great creations of "god it’s" come with a co-branded cup with an image of Batman and Superman from the film.

Cold Stone also offers the new Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, made from Reese Peanut Butter Cups. The flavors are available until April 12, 2016 and appear in the new creation of the Peanut Butter Cup, which consists of Reese's Cup Peanut Butter Ice Cream, Reese Peanut Butter Cups, Reese Peanut Butter Sauce and Rock Candy.

batman ice cream cake dairy queen

The Carvelanche with M & M's and cookie dough was delicious, but it was not as good as the Blizzard of the Dairy Queen. My friend reached the end of his cone after removing the paper cover and it was sticky as if some of the glue had been left out of the package.

This is clearly the best part of the cone, so it was a little disappointing. We will probably return because the location is convenient for us, but it will not be my first choice by far in the city! The biscuit butter ice cream that I finally got was a freezer with ice cubes.

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Generally, I am not a vindictive person, but this place did not participate in the free bowling day. Then less a 3-star. The Nutella ice cream was good and I can return to the frosty Wednesdays. I just had to annoy her because I loved the idea of free ice cream. I am a child, what should I say?

Do not get involved in 'Free Cone Day' (so they add 'pastel', I assume, although they sell other things and are even uncomfortable for people trying to pay for their product). I ordered a large ice cream for my children's birthday with the Batman logo.

I thought it was more than my son. It was beautiful and the service was excellent. The best soft vanilla ice cream ever! I tried the chocolate and it was good, but the vanilla, my God. So soft and thick and creamy! I will definitely come back soon.

This is the only Carvel in New York that makes tailor-made ice cream cake. ICE CREAM CAKE FTW! Choose two flavors and add crunchy Oreo in the middle. My favorite choice is cookies and cream (both layers) and crisp in the middle.

Our frozen fruit bars combine pieces of creamy coconut and a completely natural taste of such an island-like taste that you almost feel the sand under your feet. This ripe berry has a big punch! Our frozen, less fat-rich fruit bars come with real strawberry slices and a natural taste for a sweet, healthy pleasure.

Blue raspberry with a twist! Our refreshing, frosty cup contains a granita with a blue raspberry flavor and two chewing gum on the bottom. Cherry with a twist! Every favorite taste is caught in a cup!

Our watermelon cup Jolly Rancher tastes like caramel, only in individually packed glasses it is creamier and softer. A party in a sandwich! Creamy white birthday cake flavored with an ice cream with colorful confetti ripples and swirls of blue glaze between two vanilla wafers.

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Swirls of creamy vanilla flavor, bathed in a layer of milk chocolate in a cone of crunchy sugar. The cone for lovers of cookies and creams! Our Cookie 'n Cream Big Dipper has a large sugar cone filled with cookies and ice cream, dipped in high quality white chocolate and covered with crunchy biscuits.

The cone for chocolate lovers! Our Big Dipper chocolate has a big cone filled with chocolate ice cream, dipped in chocolate and covered with crunchy chocolate biscuits. The cone for lovers of serious strawberries! 

Big Dipper, our strawberry has a large sugar cone filled with strawberries and strawberry ice cream, strawberries dipped in the shell and crispy rice. The classic you know and appreciate in junior format! The flavors of cherries, lime and blue raspberries fill the mini fins that make this treatment a favorite of all Americans.

This will shake your taste buds! Our exclusive pop Jolly Rancher, packed with watermelon, grapes, lemon, cherry and green apple, with aromas of fruit favorites. Orange and lemon with lollipop candy inside.

To say that it is fruity is not enough! Refresh yourself with the refreshing sweet watermelon aroma, complemented with sweet caramel seeds and a lemon zest! See simians on creamy layers of bananas and fudge. This twist on a classic from all times presents a creamy banana center between two layers of cotton candy.

Ciao Bella sorbet and gelato! Handmade Gelati and Sorbetti from Ciao Bella are sold nationally through restaurants, gelaterias and retail pints. Ciao Bella's passion of exhilarating taste buds and lovers of contemporary desserts with unrivaled, unique and incredible sensory experience and flavors is translated through our award-winning flavors.

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Inspired by the American culinary taste to reinterpret traditional Italian frozen desserts, Ciao Bella is committed to the discerning palate.

To contain only the best and healthiest ingredients in our gelati and sorbetti, we remain committed from all over the world, such as French chocolate, Valrhona, the Alphonse mango, orange Sicilian blood, Oregon raspberries and vanilla from Tahiti and Hawaii.

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