Ben And Jerry's Vegan Ice Cream Will Include This Favorite Non-Dairy Alternative

Ben and Jerry's worked for a while on a vegan version of their ice cream and now it seems that the company is getting a step closer to realizing it. The brand has just announced that the vegan ice cream from Ben and Jerry Almond Milk forms the basis for its dairy-free target, which will soon be introduced.

Although Ben and Jerry allegedly tried different ingredients in their attempt to make a tasty, non-dairy product ice cream, they eventually decided to use almond milk as their new base. It is definitely a good choice.

Almond milk has already been mentioned, not only for vegans and people with allergies to dairy products, but also for many who just want to be a little healthier. Moreover, although it tastes good, it seems well suited for the strong and unmanageable flavors that Ben and Jerry are known for. It comes sooner than you think.

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As someone who has had lactose intolerance for at least a decade, I expected pain and suffering with every shovel, or I avoid ice, ice and FroYo altogether. Yes, it is as sad as it seems.

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Of course, brands have started serving more of the communities affected by Lactase, as well as people who are following a vegan diet. But if you are looking for a rich, creamy and absolutely delicious kick that only offers ice, most of these products still do not cut. Most come in the simplest flavors, and it still seems that something is missing. But that is certainly not what Ben & Jerry's has to offer.

This dessert with coffee flavor, mixed with caramel chips and sweets, was the clear winner (and my favorite). It is perfectly creamy and the caramel strudel is a nice touch to mask the nuances in the taste, that it is not a real dairy. And mixed with the ice, it is impossible to say that the pieces of chocolate are made without milk. A good second: P.B.

This baby is like cookie ice cream and cream, except that the cookies break up and there is also an incredible swirl of mixed peanut butter. There was an undefined vanilla for me, but when I touched the juicy chocolate cookies and a spoon of crunchy strudel with peanut butter, it was delicious, "Mia said.

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Even FEMAIL reporter Valerie Siebert, who has no reason to deviate from her proven dairy products, was fanatical. It was definitely my favorite. Perhaps it was the fact that it combines walnuts with nuts, such as almond milk with peanut butter. I'm not sure, but it was absolutely the tastiest and creamiest, "she said," it's also the mast option, with 17 grams of fat and 290 calories per serving, but hey, we cannot have everything. "Mia had mixed feelings about this and explained that it really is the mix that makes it work.

But that does not mean that I would not go back. You really want to be sure that you get chocolate and nuts with the spoon, the banana ice is too banana, "he said.

Valerie gave him a thumbs up for the taste and discovered that it was closest to the real deal: "I must say that it tasted almost exactly on the original, but with a slightly different texture." Of course it tasted like almond milk and it had a chalky texture, very little ice, "said Valerie.

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Nor are we the only ones crazy about the new dessert choices: vegans and lactose intolerant people have lost their composure on social networks. That is it. The highlight of the vegan movement.

From here you can just down: the debut of Ben and Jerry in vegan ice, "wrote a hyperbolic man named Tony Wolkovitzky.

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