8 Frozen Facts About Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

In the 19th century, William A. Breyer began selling ice cream in the streets of Philadelphia. Today, his brand of frozen dairy products is considered a classic American. At the celebration of Breyer's 150th birthday this year, here are 8 facts that you may not know about the company.

1. The company mainly sells ice cream from a car

Long before the ice-cream carts took to the streets, Breyers came up with the idea of a mobile ice-cream parlor. After the civil war, William A. Breyer was unemployed and needed a way to feed his family. Then, in 1866, he began to make ice cream and sold it from his kitchen to the people in the neighborhood. As the company grew, he bought a horse and a cart to bring his product to more customers. His ice cream truck even had its own version of a clang: a big bell that Breyer called to announce his arrival.


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Instead of making his ice cream from a long list of ingredients, Breyer kept it simple. He restricted his formula to a handful of natural components such as cream, cane sugar, nuts and fresh fruit. This simplified version was known as Philadelphia or American Style Ice Cream. The French style with which the Americans were known (thanks to Thomas Jefferson) contains egg yolk for enrichment.

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Breyer's products can easily be identified with the simple green leaf in each package. Although it is often confused with a mint leaf, the logo is actually the correct name for the heath leaf. Henry Breyer chose the logo when he took over the company from his father at the beginning of the 20th century. The original design was revised in 2009, but the magazine has been preserved.


Sixty-two years after William Breyer made his first gallon of ice, William Dreyer, a Californian man, began to make waves in the industry. The relationship between Dreyer and Breyer's ice was initially peaceful: while Dreyer remained largely western, Breyer continued to dominate the east coast. When Dreyer switched to the rest of the country in the 1980s, the company changed its name to Edys (after another company founder) for the markets on the east coast.

5. The brand once contains yogurt

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Breyers was once known for selling more than just frozen sweets. After the company Breyers Yogurt was founded in 1985, the flavors of yogurt such as strawberry cheesecake, cinnamon bread and black cherries are sold under the name. The line was discontinued in 2011, but the YoCrunch products (sold with ingredients such as grain and M & M) are still produced by Danone. 10,000 for a creative ice cream.

6. Ice tastes best as part of an over-the-top sundae

In 2010 Breyers challenged fans to think beyond hot chocolate and whipped cream to present recipes for their most creative ice cream. 10,000, a trip to Chicago for a private cooking class from a famous pastry chef and a one-year ice cream. Recipe Brooklyn Stoop Summer Sundae winners, topped with caramel corn, peanuts, caramel and chocolate sauce, are available on their website.


The fourth episode of Top Chef, Spin-Off, Top Chef: Just Desserts showed a rather simple Quickfire challenge: create an eclectic ice cream with Breyer's ice cream. The winning chef served the judges an Oreo-chocolate-mint-ice-sandwich, but not all were so successful. When a cook knew he had to use Breyers instead of making ice cream himself, he got an anxiety attack and retired.

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8. It no longer belongs to the United States

Although Breyer's story is completely American, the company that currently claims the brand is a British-Dutch conglomerate.

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