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When the temperatures rise, not so coincidentally, so also crave ice. Fortunately, Cold Stone Creamery adds two new epic flavors to his ice cream pastry this summer. According to the brand food, the same classic ice cream with cake batter will still be on the menu, with the addition of strawberry cake dough and chocolate cake dough ganache flavors.
The three different types of cake dough are available on their own, so you can personalize them by adding all the dough for cookies and candy you want. However, they are also available in three signature creations.

The exclusive creations mix all the ice creams and toppings for you, so you do not have to feel completely responsible to create your own taste. Berry Me in Batter combines strawberry and strawberry cake dough with strawberry waffle biscuits, caramel and whipped cream.

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The More Chocolate The dough (Congratulations to everyone who introduces themselves with these names) is a mix of chocolate cake dough ganache ice cream with fudge, brownie, caramel and whipped cream.

The Big 3-0 mixes the OG Cake batter ice cream with crumble, brownies and fudge. Cold Stone Creamery is celebrating its 30th anniversary this summer. Celebrating with more cake dough is only considered suitable.

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The man who treated us was friendly! Do a little more in my ice-blah! Only 3 tables to sit on and the lines are long! Then, on a good summer day, do not expect to be here! Or, get a quick ice cream. They say they make their own ice creams in the store.

That does not give the ice the right flavor. He also serves pints and quarters to go. Ice Cream Cakes and Sandwiches Party Candles Smoothies and hot stones! Get ready for the longest waiting time of your life.

It takes forever before the line goes down, and then the workers do not mix everything as they should, so it's like having a scoop of ice on it. Otherwise, the ice cream and the toppings taste good.

Although the ice cream is great, the staff is the worst part tonight. They work at a speed and it seems to be the other way around. Unbelievable, I've never seen 3 employees work as if they hate life. I will remember you and I will not stop. Line, if you work and just go.

The faces of the customers say everything. SMH I would have given a 5-star hotel if the staff showed up. More enthusiasm for a job! Today we went to Cold Stone for a quick dessert.

There was only one person at work, so there was a bit of a wait, but this is not a busy place and they still help us in 10-15 minutes. If you were in Cold Stone, you know what to expect.

Good service (also with the staff), delicious ice cream and delicious mix-ins. Good cakes, great ice cream. Try their flavors of banana mint and chocolate. The problem is that the employees, who are always high, hahaha, if they assume that they can throw the ice in the air while being "drugged" with drugs, is funny.

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I cannot believe anyone has written a negative review about Cold Stone Ice Cream. It is so far away from any other ice cream parlor, shop or brand in the competition in this area that everyone who says bad things must be completely ridiculous, or ridiculously cheap.

I tried a few months for the first time and (for shameful and embarrassing enough) I just received a week. Moreover, it has become the new darling of all the people I've told you to try.

I heard good things about Cold Stone Creamery from some people, and when we opened on the spot, we and Mothra decided to look at it. 2.00 and will be subjected to non-inanimate songs and songs about Cold Stone with the melody of "I have worked on the railway". I prefer a SCIENTOLOGIST than working here.

And you must remember that you pay a lot for ice cream! The flavors of ice cream are delicious! I spent hours calling for a cake. When no one answered over 20 calls, I personally went.

The girl who worked there was not helpful at all. The manager was out of town and the whole odyssey was a waste of time. I suggest that you avoid the same mistake. Honestly, their prices are outrageous and the place was full of people without reason.

I prefer going to Baskin Robbins or Dairy Queen. The ice is normal, nothing fantastic. A small cup of vanilla ice with sparks was $ 8. I can buy 2 gallons of ice for it. He ordered a cookie with pieces of chocolate. Hot chocolate ice cream for cookies and a cup of raw cookie dough, a hard cookie and an ice cream.

Like any other cold stone. We drove here with my family. And we could have been 5 of us. And I have to taste 5 different ice creams. And usually they are angry after 2 years, but the girls were happy and vocal. You usually do not understand that.

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Usually these are girls who work in an ice cream shop and do not have any manners. As I always say, the service can make any mediocre meal incredible. And ice cream is always good if you crave it. Terrible customer service. The weather here does not reflect the time in your window. I drove 5 miles and thought we had time.

I came to the store at 9:02 am and went inside. I was about to order and they told me they were closed. When they were closed, why was the door still open (we noticed it was at the window, it was 9:00 PM) and why did the people recover? Why were we maltreated by employees? The girl who scrubbed us looked at us until we got into our car and left. Okay, he's not a big fan.

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