Deep Fried Ice Cream Flavors At Disney's BoardWalk Inn Reviews

I do not know about you, but when I tried fried ice cream in my "Mexican" restaurant for the first time, Aromas were completely in love.

How can you bake something frozen without making a big mess? And now it's time to visit the Disney World version... You can order this treat for a while at the Funnel Cake Kiosk in the Epcot America Pavilion. Unfortunately, this is no longer an option.

But I'm happy to report that you can find it somewhere else! When I saw this favorite dessert in the Boardwalk while on my way home, I knew I had to go back to see if I was keeping a candle for my good memories. Of course, if you're looking for fried ice cream in BoardWalk, you'll find it in your Funnel Cake standard. I mean, they have a fryer.

Then they could really make an ice cream. If you have not had the pleasure of going through BoardWalk and having a snack (or two) or a drink (or two), I highly recommend it. During the day it is fairly quiet while most people are in the parks. So many temptations, so little time.

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Ready to see the ice?

There are not many surprises on the menu. Funnel cake with a few different cover options, cotton candy and a few drinks. But as we have already discussed, I was here for the ice! And when it arrived, it was incredible.

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A scoop of ice cream topped with crispy and sweet dough and covered with chocolate sauce. And although there is not much flavor next to each other, it is sweet, sweet and sweet, it is still a great dessert! You have this melting ice that is always beautiful.

Is it bad that I also like the oil of the roast? And I will never stop freezing something that is frozen if it goes on like this. Deep-fried ice cream is still a winner for me and one of my favorite ways to enjoy ice cream.

It is therefore not surprising that the deep-fried ice cream in the funnel BoardWalk cake base is as fantastic as it looks. The stand is not really owned or operated by Disney, but it is the same as in Epcot and that makes me happy.

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At the same time a novelty, but known, I am always happy to see it when it appears. And I still cannot let it go when I'm on board BoardWalk and I need something refreshing. And if you like ice cream, be sure to visit our Ice Cream Gallery!

Visit your BoardWalk to buy fried ice cream during your next trip to Disney?

It is an essential dessert with the cinnamon cake layer and it has the right nuts with real taste of fried ice cream. And compared to my cake accident, it is a bit better to keep birthday candles.

1. Allow the ice to soften a little at room temperature. Place the ice in a large bowl and beat at medium speed with an electric hand mixer to a smooth and even temperature. Optical signal: it must be very thick as a shake.

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2. Cover round 9 x 2-inch cake pan with a plastic wrap so that it protrudes from all sides of the pan. Pour the vanilla ice cream and flat with a rubber spatula. Fold the plastic foil over the ice and put the pan in the freezer. Allow to cool until completely frozen, about 2 hours or overnight (preferably).

3. Preheat the oven to 350F. Grease a round 9-inch tart mold and cover the bottom with a parchment.

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