How Much Is Graeter's Ice Cream Cake Menu?

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As much as everyone likes to insult the Ohio transplant with big dreams of the city, even the weary New Yorkers do not resist some spells from the Midwest, especially when they come in the form of desserts.

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As we love ice cream, Gothamist called the manager and frozen specialist Richard Graeter to talk about Graeter's Ice Cream, a Cincinnati institution that was available in New York recently. Chip of black chocolate Raspberry But given that each will be packaged by hand and made with a centuries-old craft process, you can go wrong with each of them.

Where can New Yorkers satisfy the desire of a gravestone in the city?

We are D'Agostino, we are in the fairway and Baldacci, and only this spring, we started to spread by Whole Foods in New York City. So now you can find us almost everywhere in Manhattan. D'Agostino was one of the first with whom we were together.

I remember that at that moment I was in one piece, Dead Accounts, in which Katie Holmes was involved. A few years ago, he had a very short career on Broadway, and the characters in the opening act eat Graeter Ice and talk about it endlessly.

I know that Oprah also paired her a few years ago. That was just over 13 years ago, she served us ice cream on her show.

Would you like to tell us something about the French potting method you have? That's how you made ice a century ago. And actually it is just a pot that is in a tank and the tank is filled with brine.

Then turn the pot upside down and pour two liters of your ice cream mixture, just milk, cream, sugar and eggs, and rotate it in the pot and scrape the edges of the pot with the pallet. It scratches it again and again in about 15 minutes it thickens and turns into ice!

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One hundred, perhaps 120 years ago, they all made ice, but now we are literally the last people on earth to do it, at least in a commercial environment. You might find a cook somewhere that does it for your small restaurant, but no other company, it takes a lot of time.

And what is special about this method is that the air does not penetrate, so it is very thick and dense. And you have to take it by hand, right? Yes, when a modern ice cream comes out of the continuous machine, it is actually a foaming liquid that seeps into the pint and then freezes at night.

You could not eat it. If you went to a modern ice cream factory, you had to wait a few hours before you could prepare the ice cream. True, as in Graeter’s, once it leaves the machine, it is literally ready to eat.

You have first-class stores in Ohio, would you open something like this in New York? Last month, we opened our first exclusive store in Chicago. I would love to have a shop here in the city, but it could be a great first project for the next generation.

Do you think it could be popular here? Well, I know that New Yorkers love the project because they have already largely bought it. We send it throughout the country, but our number one destination is Manhattan. I send more ice cream to customers in Manhattan than anywhere else in these refrigerators.

I would say that we would do well here. I'm not going to say what I'm looking for today, but I think at some point in the future, it would be an incredible place to have an ice cream parlor. Because New Yorkers love the best. They demand customers. But that becomes complicated now that you are expanding.

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How would you do justice to a larger market? Very simple When I was little, our factory, which opened my great-grandmother, had four French marijuana ice machines. And our factory now has 32 of them. We have just added more ice machines.

In 2010 we opened a new factory just a few kilometers from the old one, but it was specifically designed for our unique process. Then there is no other factory like this.

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