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Graeter's Ice Cream Cake Price Cost Coupons

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Great deals are waiting for you. Click now, don't regret it. Don't forget to use your Graeter'S promo code to get exclusive offers at checkout. While Graeter’s produces its ice cream two-and-a-half gallons at a time, the production process begins with 300-gallon totes of dairy mix, which arrive on a regular basis from a pair of qualified suppliers.

A vat pasteurization process is up next. “This pasteurization is a legal kill step while, also, giving us a different flavor profile,” Kunzelman said. When the vat pasteurization process is complete, the mix is cooled and moved to holding tanks before being transferred to flavor vats on the production floor. The mix is then dispensed from the flavor vats into stainless steel buckets in two-gallon increments and poured into the French Pot.

From there, the French Pots — and Graeter’s employees — work their time-honored craft. “I always say it relates back to an old way of making ice cream. It is a small process, "Kunzelman said about the French Pot method. “… And, probably, the best way to describe it that people would understand — it’s very similar to the old, homemade ice cream makers.

Basically, we’ve got a five-gallon pot that is spinning in a salt water solution. We refrigerate that solution down to about minus-20 (degrees).

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For products that include chocolate chips, there is an additional step to the process — the introduction of liquid chocolate to the French Pot. “If the flavor includes chocolate chips, we roll the blade up, then we add liquid chocolate, which clings to the walls of the French Pot. Then, we allow the chocolate to freeze for about three to five minutes. ’s what kind of breaks the chips up, giving them their unique size,” Kunzelman said. “At that point, the technician pulls the ice cream out of the French Pot, transferring it to a five-gallon pail and then sends to packing. We’ve got a packing line at the end of every pod of French Pots — a pod of French Pots (consists) of eight machines.

40,000 pints during an average day — they are placed on a conveyor and head to an automated lidding machine. Once the lid is affixed, the pints are wiped down to remove any remaining ice cream. From there, the pints pass through an X-ray inspection system and, after inspection, a lot code is printed on the bottom of the container.

The next step is the application of a tamper-band to the pint. After tamper-banding, the pints are inverted and conveyed into a blast freezer — which is set at a temperature of minus-24 degrees — for about 30 minutes. The pints, which enter the blast freezer at around 13 degrees, come out around zero degrees, and are bundled eight at a time.

Once bundled, a robotic palletizer constructs pallets and, when complete, those pallets are transferred to the facility’s storage freezer. From there, Graeter’s ice cream is ready to be delivered to customers and vendors. Food safety was a driving force behind the construction of the Regina Graeter Way facility, and that topic remains at the forefront of the Graeter’s operation.

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The company achieved Level 3 SQF Certification from the SQF Institute in January 2017. The Level 3 Certification comes less than a year after the company achieved Level 2 SQF Certification. “There are 62 companies in the entire country — ice cream companies — that have SQF Certification, and only a smaller subset of those that have Level 3,” Richard Graeter said. While other ice cream manufacturers have been involved in high-profile recall and contamination events in recent years, Graeter’s takes pride in its food safety approach and achievements.

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