Summer Party With Haagen Daz Chocolate Ice Cream

The summer days flew by and it seemed like there were only a few weeks when everyone was at home at the same time. Two weeks ago we finally had an evening off and celebrated our son's birthday in July with a pool party.

A party in the mixed pool. He wanted to invite all his friends he had lost in the summer, so we had the party in the big group of neighbors. Because I had to transport everything, I kept it very simple and I used the decorations and supplies that I had on hand. I hung the Mexican banners that I picked up from the pavilion during this trip for an instant party mood. With this method we make simple invitations and send the text file to your friends and their parents. You can be sure that 12-year-olds always check their text messages. I covered a table with red and white striped fabric and put the food on it.

Small drinks in cans and water were served with galvanized ice cubes arranged around the pool. We have the food very easy and easy to eat. The watermelon on a stick was a great success! Use a knife to break the skin of the watermelon before you put the boat / paddle in it.

haagen daz chocolate ice cream calories

Nutter Butters were turned into flip-flop cookies with a little glaze gel, and we used popcorn cubes from the dollar store to store the chips. The children had a good time for swimming and catching up, then we played group games. His favorites were the relay... just wear a football with your face, run on your hands and run on small floaters.

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The children are very cute and I am grateful that my son has this wonderful group of friends. I was also excited to see that the girls eat as much as the children! For dessert we surprised the children with a great ice bar... with Haagen-Daz, no less! Thanks to the small pints we could taste a lot of flavors and they were perfect for transport in cool boxes.

The ingredients include cherries, strawberries, marshmallows, chopped biscuits, chocolate chips, almonds, whipped cream, hot chocolate and caramel dips and splashes. The agitation bottles are from the Dollar Store! They have made some wonderful masterpieces! My dear boy said it was his best birthday. It was also the perfect end of the summer holidays, so maybe we should postpone his party next year!

How did you celebrate the last summer days?

And who is going to eat ice cream tonight? Diets come in all sizes and flavors and all tend to rely on the formula for fewer calories, despite their opposite claims. The peanut butter diet contains few calories with some peanut butter at every meal.

The cabbage soup diet is an unlimited amount of cabbage soup, but how much cabbage soup can you really have before you get tired of it, which means you will eat fewer calories? The Atkins diet, the South Beach diet and even Weight Watchers are based on the idea that you should consume fewer calories than your body needs, so you will lose weight.

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No one at Atkins estimated that people would eat two kilos of cheese and a pound of bacon every day. Some people do exactly that and are then warned when their weight loss stops. You can design a diet around any dish you want. How about the cheesecake diet, three meals with a low calorie content per day plus a small piece of cheese that corresponds to the cheesecake diet.

Here is the French Fry Diet:

Eat three meals with a low calorie content per day, with a small amount of French fries, and you get the French fries diet. The chosen focus food is what the diet developer wanted on a flaky part of the back to give the recommended usual amounts of 1200 to 1600 calories per day. The fewer calories you have, the faster your initial weight loss will be; That is at least the expected result.

Think of the liquid protein that is sober (Oprah used this the first time she reached size 10)?

Liquid proteins were once very popular until some people died, which slowed down the attack. The sad truth is that we want to believe the lies of dietitians so much that we will try everything. That is why the food industry is a billion-dollar industry.

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If these diets such as The Zone, Perricone Prescription, Life Choice (versus Atkins), low-calorie diets, etc. work, would not we slowly see the decline in overweight rates instead of continuing to increase? A sensible approach to choosing the food you like, estimates how many calories are suitable for your height and body weight, and then you are usually greeted with pests and fetters in the beginning.

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