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I'm sure you heard the hype about Halo Top Ice Cream. What's the problem? Halo ice cream is a healthy alternative to ordinary ice cream, which contains less carbohydrates, sugar and fat compared to regular ice cream.

It is full of all goodies such as proteins and fibers that you would not normally find in half a liter of ice. If you look at the nutritional data facts, it seems to be a snack that is reasonably good for you (and the ice cream can still get it).

Who would have thought that ice cream and healthy fit together?

halo ice cream flavors nutrition facts

But the real question is... how do you know that? Many "healthy" alternatives to ice cream are tasteless with strange textures that do not look like ice cream at all. To find out whether the halo ice cream tastes like the ice cream that we like, we look for all tastes. Here is the honest overview for every Halo Top taste!

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Vanilla is not the most exciting taste of ice cream in general. So if you become completely fat and creamy, it is not the same. If you are desperately looking for your vanilla dose, this is a good alternative. But there are better flavors of halo ice cream that you could try.

If you are a chocolate lover like me, you know how important it is to have that rich, silky taste. The Halo Top version has done a good job by creating a healthy replacement. We have discovered that the longer you put that taste aside, the richer the taste.

Do not eat it straight from the freezer for the best results! Lemon tart is definitely one of the best flavors that Halo Top brings. If you are looking for a light and refreshing taste, then Lemon Cake will do it! It is not water with lemon flavor and has a nice smooth surface. Strawberry is a classic and Halo Top has done a great job to get that flavor.

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It is absolutely easy, but it is not a simple strawberry ice cream. I would recommend mixing this flavor in a smoothie or mixed with fruit if you are a sweet tooth. This taste tends to be a little cold, but it does not take away the taste!

Definitely one of the top 5 flavors of Halo Top! They can get that great mint taste without exaggerating. There is the perfect amount of chocolate sparks with just the right amount of crunch. Do not be afraid if you open the pot to see if your mint ice is not green.

They do not use green dyes in this flavor, which makes it even better! The taste of chocolate definitely dominates the taste of coffee, so if you are a big fan of coffee ice cream, you may be disappointed. The "chip" is not that great either. In general, this was not the best taste, but it was not bad either.

One of the best, but the best, of all flavors of ice cream. It literally tastes like you are eating birthday cake. If you eat traditional ice cream with a birthday cake, you usually cannot have too much, because the sweetness is too much.

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But Halo Top went further and made it even better than normal ice. 11/10 I would recommend this flavor to anyone interested in halo ice cream. Nothing exciting with the cookie dough with pieces of chocolate.

There is hardly enough cookie dough and, as far as there is, it does not even know what the cookie dough should be. Frankly, it does not seem like you're eating a cup of Reese peanut butter, and if you were expecting that, you're disappointed.

Skip this if you get a peanut butter and chocolate combination and get the real ice cream instead. If you are only looking for something that has a similar taste, but a little more ice to keep you at the end of your diet, then this will do the job.

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