Carvel Ice Cream And Cake Commercial Near Me In Fort Lauderdale

The favorite ice cream of the United States since 1934 serves a smile in the community of Fort Lauderdale with delicious homemade ice cream, ice cream cake and treats to take home. Visit our convenient location on the 3600 W Commercial Blvd to enjoy one of our famous ice cream creations, such as a classic ice cream, a thick shake, Sundae Dasher® or Carvelanche®.

The treats also include Carvel Flying Saucers®, OREO® Lil 'Rounders®, immersion cones or Chipsters®. You can surprise the guests and their families with one of our ice cream cakes.

Our legendary craft creations combine premium vanilla ice cream and Carvel chocolate with our famous chocolate crunch. Call us on the special order of a cake in the combination of flavors that you choose.

We can even put an edible photo on your cake! All our products are freshly made by hand in our store and offer you the freshest and tastiest delicacies. Low We cannot wait to be of service!

ice cream and cake dq commercial

Mary has learned to cook on her mother's knee and she likes to share some of those old recipes that are still of service to her family. I would like to share my mother's recipe for Fried Pie.

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This is a favorite dessert in the south, where I grew up in the countryside. I had a great childhood. I was very close to my mother and father. My mother taught me everything I know about a clean house, cooking and sewing.

He tried to teach me to weave, but I was not interested, although he could teach me how to embroider what I still like. She was my idol. My greatest wish in life has always been to be as good as a mother and to follow a role model. She was such a nice lady. In this generation, people would say that he lived a difficult life and that he worked too much.

I have never seen her. She was always busy cleaning our house, cooking on the stove or sewing. My father loved this fried empanadas! My father worked in a cotton factory for 35 years. He was a weaver. I would take cotton threads and weave fabric.

He loved food and my mother spoiled him with all the good food he loved. She sent him to work every day after an extensive breakfast with eggs, ham or bacon, semolina and biscuits. She enjoyed the great lunch Mama made, especially the fried fruit cake she had always put in her lunch bag.

She always made a good dinner (we called her food) for us. I remember the sumptuous meat dishes garnished with one of their cakes or cakes. Papa drove wooden spokes in an old Dodge from 1929.

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He had a small dog who worshiped him and waited along the road to get him out of work every day at 3:30 PM. A few weeks after Dad died, his Daisy dog was sitting on the side of the road, waiting and waiting.

After a while she unfortunately came home. My father died when he was 13 years old. My mother had no skills. She left the school in the tenth. At that time education was not so important for women because women and mothers stayed at home, took care of the house and took care of the family.

They have cooked and cleaned. My mother did not even drive a car. She did not have to drive. The mother cleaned houses for people and took clothes to make ends meet. When I turned 16, I got a job on the shelves of the local pharmacy.

I have wonderful memories of spending time with my mother, especially with the kitchen. She surprised me with her talent for producing the best cakes, cakes and cookies in this old wood stove.

She had the idea to make baked pies to sell and earn money. She would stay up late at night and bake these cakes and bring them to school the next day, selling 10 cents each.

I can sell everything she can do! I have your instructions for making these little fruit cakes that I would like to share. I would make apple and peach, but my favorite was the apple. We both grew fruit, so both were plentiful. So, if your family prefers peaches, use them instead of apples.

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Filling: apple pie filling, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, all spices, 1 tablespoon flour mix.

For the crust: Bisquick and milk to form the dough. Extend the dough Cut circles of the dough with a 5-inch lid or plastic container. Spoon a small amount in the middle of the circle. Turn the circle and bend it with a fork. Bake in a pan or deep fryer.

Heat the oil at 350 degrees for 4 minutes. Drain and sprinkle with icing sugar. This is the Presto Fryer that I have and which I enjoy!

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