Birthday Ice Cream Cakes Delivered To Bring Your Order Right To Your Door!

Delivery usually takes place between 8:00 and 18:00. M. And 4.00 p. On Saturday and usually after 3 pm. from Monday to Friday. Please call us before you order a cake if the delivery is done before 15:00 on a working day. Although generally possible, prior notification is required to ensure a previous delivery.

If you choose to use our special delivery service for Saturday, but have your cake for a Tuesday, you can still deliver on the Saturday for this Tuesday. Our cakes stay perfectly in the freezer.

All our cakes are made fresh for you and stay in the freezer for up to 12 months, but they will eat better within 90 days. Currently we do not deliver on Sundays. Because we cannot deliver certain orders, your cake will be delivered on or before the time you specified in the payment process.

The time you specify when you make the purchase must be the time of the function or the last time you need your cake. We deliver your cake before the start of the festive season, NOT at the moment you have requested it.

ice cream cakes order online

Our drivers will send you an SMS when they take about 30 minutes for the delivery of your cake. Make sure your phone is switched on. The cakes can also be delivered a day or so before they are ordered.

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We will make a prior agreement with you if this is the case. With our own refrigerated ice delivery van, we bring your birthday cake to your home! That is one less thing that you have to take care of during your special event.

Spend less time doing business and bring it to the party for you. Birthday cakes must be paid online or by phone before delivery. The cakes can be picked up during office hours in our factory in Camberwell.

Phone: 9836-4444. Open hot nights later. For questions about our Camberwell plant, please call 9836-4444. You can pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or AMEX) online or by telephone (Visa or MasterCard) prior to delivery or pick-up of your order. In the store, you can also pay Eftpos or of course cash.

Check the fume cupboard or fan on your oven. Do you have to replace the filter? If you change this filter, you can drastically reduce the odors in your kitchen so that no refined air freshener or cleaning chemicals are needed with additional odors.

If your order temperature-sensitive items in the email, it may be that the order was delivered with a gel-pack to keep it cool. Read the label; Can be reusable A reusable gel package can keep your lunch or ice cooler cool.

Look for Tupperware containers that were reused for storage and apply organization around the house before leaving for the kitchen and ask for more.

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I have done most of these things and as a result, I can save a lot of money in the food department. Thanks for the great advice! Before I taught my children to put dirty clothes and polishing cloths in the next laundry basket, I ended up on a pile of clean wiping cloths and I had to use disposable towels.

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Incredible work, coupled, great and shared! I think it's a great idea to teach children when they're small, so they learn to be less useless with things like paper towels.

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