Ruby Jewel Ice Cream Cake with a Unique Birthday Cake Ice Cream Flavors

Jewel Ice Cream Cake with a Unique Birthday

To celebrate this, the Gourmet Ice Cream Parlor serves a limited number of handmade sandwiches with Samoas biscuits. Ruby Jewel and New Seasons have given the locals a unique taste of birthday cake, ice cream since February 25 on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of New Seasons.

Ruby Jewel reveals that they will serve a chocolate cake with delicious salt caramel ice cream in the middle. That is not all. To celebrate this, the Gourmet Ice Cream Parlor serves a limited number of handmade sandwiches with Samoas biscuits.

The special menu also consists of caramel ice cream with ground Samoas biscuits. In addition to these special treats, sponsors will support their local Girl Scouts while celebrating the Girl Scout Cookie Weekend.

Celebrate this weekend at one of the Ruby Jewel locations at 3713 N. Mississippi Ave. Portland or 428 SW 12th Avenue in downtown Portland. The annual Oregon Truffle Festival will begin in Portland and Eugene in January.

But before you visit the festival, here are 10 things you may not know about truffles. Prices in US there are at least 1,000 varieties of truffles in North America. It is assumed that they are all edible, but few have a real culinary value. Oregon has the four most famous "culinary" truffle types in North America.

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Where are you? There are currently three other types of "culinary" truffles that are found elsewhere in the US. United States, Canada and Mexico. There are at least 20 farms in North America that will produce European truffles.

In the Pacific Northwest farms produce Perigord, burgundy and bianchetto truffles in the planted tree plantations. Seven truffle plantations that have been vaccinated in the Pacific Northwest have successfully produced European truffles.

The wine region of the Yamhill Valley has one of the highest concentrations of productive truffle fields in Oregon. The Oregon Truffle Festival organizes the first truffle dog tournament in North America, called "The Joriad". The event is named after the bottom of the state of Oregon, Jory soil, which is indispensable for the cultivation of truffles.

In early 2013, the famous black truffle from southern Europe, also called Perigord truffle, was first harvested in Oregon in a hazel forest. Where are you? Share it with others.

This is a sponsored conversation that I have written on behalf of Albertsons Companies. The opinions and the text are all mine. Brownie Ice Cream Cake is the perfect dessert for lovers of ice cream and chocolate in your life.

Layered brownies and ice cream with hot chocolate and more brownie-goodness will certainly make everyone happy! I love ice cream. It is practically my favorite dessert.

During the growing up we had an extra freezer in the garage just for ice cream, seriously! My love for ice was genetically determined by my father, who ate a large bowl of ice every night before he went to bed.

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When Albertsons and Safeway invited me to try the Signature ™ Ice Cream, they did not have to twist my arm! I am always ready to eat ice cream! I am very special about my ice cream and I will not eat ice cream. It must be a good ice cream.

I was thrilled to taste some of the unique flavors with premium ingredients that are part of the Signature Reserve line. Flavors like Colombian Cold Brew Caramel, Bourbon Maple Blondie and Caramel Apple Chai.

There are so many great flavors, but I have to say that my favorite was the Brazilian guava cheesecake ice cream. It was so good. My favorite way to enjoy ice cream is to take a spoon and eat it directly from the container, and my second favorite style is in a waffle cone.

The other flavor I really liked was the Madagascar beans from Signature Reserve. I love good vanilla ice cream and that's a good one. I decided to use it and taste the Belgian chocolate almond to make my brownie ice cream cake, but in reality, each of the new flavors would work great. This is a premium ice cream and tastes fantastic.

I used a six-centimeter fountain to make the brownie ice cream cake. The cake in the form of a spring makes it easy to remove the cake from the pan to serve it. I used a box with brownie mix to make this very easy. Cooking the brownies in a 9 x 13 "pan and cut two 6 inch circles when it is cold.

Make sure and keep the rest of the brownie for the top of the cake. You can eat some pieces! Put a layer of brownie on the spring-shaped bowl and then half a liter of ice on it, add the second round of the brownie and then add another half a liter of ice.

Cover with plastic wrap and return to the freezer to set. Remove from the pan before serving and cover with hot chocolate sauce and leave the Couverture behind. Be creative with your combination of ice cream flavors.

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I think the Signature Reserve Bourbon Maple Blondie would also be delicious or the Caramel Apple Chai! Let the cake rest for a few minutes at room temperature before serving to make serving easier. I like to put some water on a knife between the cuts to get a cleaner cut and a nice slice of brownie ice cream cake.

1. Bake brownies in a 9x13 font according to the instructions on the back of the box.

2. Cool brownies and cut two 6-inch circles.

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