Is World Class Chocolate Ice Cream Cake Baskin Robbins The Most Trending Thing Now?

With brands like TCBY that penetrated the freezer, it was only a matter of time before others like Baskin-Robbins did the same. "But wait, Nick, you can buy pre-packaged products from Baskin Robbins." Why are you right?

You can buy your products in one of their stores, but what if you are someone like me who does not have Basque robots within 50 miles? This is the furthest page I use for searching.

Thanks to Boardwalk Frozen Treats you can now buy Baskin-Robbins bars and fake pints in your supermarket! Although I am not around, they were kind enough to send me a sample package with both lines. Because I have the full catalog of bars, let's take a look at the first!

Although the basic tastes are distinctly different, the first to use a layer of chocolate, while the world-class chocolate uses a chocolate milk dish. Let's begin this assessment with the dark one.

world class chocolate ice cream cake

The bowl with dark chocolate is not so dark, to be honest. The taste is generally quite weak. In color it would be difficult to identify as dark for another type of chocolate.

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However, the taste of the chocolate is not relevant, because both ice creams dominate when they are eaten as a whole. This works for the Jamoca Bar, but not so much for the Casa de la Moneda. Both ice creams are respectable in the quality department.

I would put it somewhere between Blue Bunny and Ben & Jerry's. I will be able to read better as soon as I try the wrong pints they have sent me. That is, the flavors are what the bars do, or break.

The Jamoca has a daring coffee taste that even the scale does not taste to give him a mocha sensation of added bitterness. There are not many coffee novelties on the market, but these are certainly worth the shelves. It is a bit of a memory of the talent that I have been researching lately.

On the other hand, the mint bars are not very good. First of all, mint ice comes in toothpaste territory and although it can be saved with the addition of chocolate, there is simply no such thing.

I do not think I experienced a moment when I asked if it was chocolate. Add a bottleneck to be there, but if I was blind, I would think it was a coin-scale or something. There is not even chocolate mixed with ice, making this a lost reason in my book.

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Some people like it, but I prefer a Magnum or Dove Mint Bar. I would actually prefer a sandwich with Skinny Cow Mint on this one. Not good, not good at all. Okay, enough of a tirade to go to the World Class Chocolate Bar! Okay, the caramel of milk chocolate is definitely better. I can not only identify it as milk chocolate, it is also much more resilient.

While the black chocolate peel broke at certain places when I tried to cut / bite them, the milk chocolate remained intact throughout the process, resulting in a nicer, cleaner meal. The milk chocolate bars also seem to be larger than the first two.

Everyone weighs the same, so something else happens here. Surprisingly enough, I can also distinguish the chocolate shavings from the two ice creams in the bar. The ice cream of milk chocolate does not differ much from the flavor of the skin, except that it is a bit sweeter.

White chocolate is unmistakably my favorite of all tastes. You get a good white buttery chocolate that perfectly contrasts with the sweet chocolate. However, that is not the best part of the bar. The texture does that for me.

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Described as milk chocolate and mousse ice cream with white chocolate, they made no jokes in the mousse part. The texture is not as close as the two dark bars. Instead, it is light and airy like a mousse. This would explain that the radius with the extra air looks bigger than the other two.

Well, that's no ordinary texture, you still know the ice. It is simply the contrast between the crunchy, firm chocolate layer and the whipped texture of the ice that makes it addictive. Even as my third mate, he was gone in a short time. This is classified as a favorite novelty for me.

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