Breyers Banana Flavored Ice Cream Pie Review

Frankly, I cannot believe that I have gained this tastes. It's not that I do not like bananas, but they always seem to be on the street. I mean, really, do you really like strawberry bancilla kiwi juice? Actually, not even as Banana splits. So if there was someone who could give me a banana-flavored ice-cream, that's Breyers. No, they are not perfect, no one is, but I think they are getting better than everyone else.

They understand that the ice cream is soft and creamy, and that includes the flavors, not just the ice itself. I do not want a taste that wins me or an artificial taste, I just want to taste it. So here it is. It says nothing new, but I'm pretty sure it is because I'm pretty sure I have never seen it. The exact description of Breyer's Banana Cream Pie is Banana Ice Cream with Vanilla and Graham Cracker Swirls.

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I am glad you did not mention banana pieces, because although the new products lure me, the idea that the banana pieces in the ice cream were definitely removed from my list. With a little digging you will find the creation that is curious for you.

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When Breyers says that the Graham biscuit swirls, they mean a whirlwind of GRAHAM CRACKER, you can literally get a corner of the bubble bath and everything shows up, it's so thick. On the left you see a piece of Graham's biscuit that needs to be tested. The first bite was a little misleading, because it seemed pretty salty, but it took me a bit longer to calm down and appreciate it.

Note: this could have been the first time that Breyer's Sara Lee Strawberry Cheesecake had left with a hint of Graham cookies. It's a good trick they have here, and I really hope they'll step into even more flavors as soon as possible.

Ok, enough stalemate, I have to talk about the ice base here. Is it smooth as expected?

Actually, it is like that. There is no doubt that it is a banana, and in the beginning, it has a strange radio, but you get used to it. In fact, I recommend combining everything so that the three flavors combine as they should. Unfortunately, I encountered another problem. It's not that the mix had a bad taste, it's that the whole time I ate it, I wondered what to do with it.

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My main suggestion: a spoonful of banana cream with a spoonful of chocolate and a spoonful of strawberry could be an interesting sundae (of course with whipped cream and splash).

Would you buy that again?

No, I do not like bananas, but I also do not feel like I have wasted my money. We have a unique gift here and I am glad that I had the courage to try it.

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Although it may be tempting to use fruit for your smoothie, you should keep in mind that fruit contains natural sugar that increases the written sugar content of the finished shake. These simple desserts without sugar can be accompanied with a spoonful of vanilla ice cream without excess fat and free of charge.

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Actually, there are many sugar-free dessert recipes in textbooks, on television and on the internet, so after testing, you will get a number of new varieties! I hope that these absolutely free recipes for sugar will satisfy your dessert wishes and that it will be much easier to keep your diet plan.

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