Inside Out Birthday Ice Cream Cake Near Me

This is a sponsored conversation that I wrote on behalf of Kroger. The opinions and the text are all mine. Forget the frosting and enjoy this colorful ice cream cake from the inside with homemade cake and topped with creamy ice cream from birthday cake.

There are three things that I can almost guarantee: ice cream, cake and sprays! There is only something about the taste of the birthday cake and the bursts of bright colors that make you smile. I have just discovered this new Simple Truth Low Cow Lite ice.

As soon as I saw them as birthday cakes, I knew that I wanted to make a homemade cake full of sparks out of nowhere. I love ice cream cake, especially as summer dessert, so I thought it would be super fun to shake things up and use this great ice cream instead of frosting.

birthday cake ice cream sandwiches near me

If you have not tried Low Cow yet, let me tell you how good that is. Few calories (80% less fat and 60% fewer calories than normal ice cream): Yes, please. High in protein (24 g per pint): it is always good to feel full after dessert!

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Rich and creamy It really tastes like real ice cream without an aftertaste of limestone. Because it is part of the Simple Truth line, you can be confident that it is of high quality and contains no artificial ingredients (all those great colors in the candies are made from products based on natural vegetables). ... and it is available in 6 flavors: chocolate, vanilla, sea salt caramel, lemon tart, chocolate sprinkles, birthday cake (try one a day). Moreover, it has a better price than competitive ice.

You want something now, right?

The only place where you can get this great ice cream is in a Kröger store. If you are lucky, you live near one! Actually, I put my Low Cow ice cream and a few hundred dollar messages on the link list (hello, sold in my favorite cafe). Have you tried it?

Why, oh, why did it take so long to discover how good this service is? Because I use my Fred Meyer card with every purchase, the store knows what I always buy. I always avoided online shopping because I did not want to search for something that I wanted to buy.

Because everything I bought was already loaded, I just had to choose the amount of each item I wanted and plan the collection for a time that worked with my schedule. Anyway, I always like to share my mistakes with you. Not everything I do is perfect.

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If you appreciate this publication and want to know more about Queen, visit the site with generosity. These cakes were very good, so you can trust the recipe. The biggest mistake I made, however, was that on a hot day I could put ice in a cake that was slightly warmer than room temperature, put in the freezer and got to work.

It does not appear that the ice melts when it gets hot. Story: freeze your cake before you put the ice on it. I was also a bit nervous because I could not cut a frozen cake.

The alternative would be to let it warm to room temperature and then I would get stuck in the same situation of melted and sticky ice. I am happy to report that a very sharp knife is dipped into a large glass of very hot water before every cut succeeds perfectly.

The cake is a moist, dense and perfectly sweet pump, and the Low Cow Birthday Cake, Ice Cream adds a sweet, creamy and delicious alternative to ice cream. It is actually the perfect summer dessert!

1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. I have olive oil spray).

2. Mix flour, sugar, baking powder, baking powder and salt in a bowl with a blender. With paddle fastening and low speed, mix the dry ingredients to fully combine them. Pour the pieces of soft butter into the dry ingredients until the total amount has been added. Increase the speed to medium and mix until the bulk of the butter is well covered with dry ingredients (you should see quantities of pea peas).

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3. Meanwhile, mix the extracts of eggs, yogurt, milk, vanilla and almonds in a separate container.

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