Bride's Cake Ice Cream Blue Bell Wedding Flavors Reviews

Bride's Cake Ice Cream Blue Bell

Ice does not always match the wedding cake, but the latest taste of Blue Bell does. The ice cream parlor has presented Bride's Cake, an almond ice cream with white pieces of cake, surrounded by a rich Amaretto cheese with ice cream. How good does that sound?

In order to continue the new flavor, Blue Bell brings back a different flavor from the previous wedding: Groom's Cake. It is a chocolate ice cream with chocolate cake and strawberry-coated chocolate hearts, surrounded by spirals with strawberry sauce and chocolate icing.

bride's cake ice cream 2018

Vanilla and chocolate ice cream sound like the perfect combination, and you certainly do not have to plan your own wedding to enjoy the duo. Every taste is now available for a limited time, so choose one for yourself or for the bride or groom of your life.

If you cannot find one on the shelves, do not worry, you are not alone at all. According to a report from WWL-TV, the recent obsession with the taste of Blue Bells cake has led to the company's shares being depleted to three months in just over a month in the limited edition.

"I have been working for the company for 36 years and that is by far the introduction of new flavors that we have made," says Ron Davis, branch manager at the Blue Bell distribution center at New Bell in Slidell.

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A reporter from WWL TV has come up with a solution to obtain the newly discovered delicacy, which is described as ice cream with almond flavor, with pieces of cake and glaze with ice cream and amaretto-like flavors. "Well, my husband, who is from Texas, says," You know, Blue Bell is made in Texas and I'm going to play golf and I can bring you something, "said Ashley Rodrigue, Northshore on WWL-TV office.

Summer is the most important ice age. It is also the high season of the wedding. And if you are an ice lover who is getting married, get ready: "Yes!" Say the new taste of Blue Bell - wedding cake. The wedding cake is an almond ice cream with pieces of white cake, surrounded by a rich amaretto glaze against which no one will protest.

By mixing the scent of the wedding cake with ice, it truly combines the best of both worlds. Of course, there must be a friend for every friend. Blue Bell has also announced that it will bring back the cake, the ice from the groom.

This taste is chocolate ice cream with chocolate cake and chocolate-coated strawberry hearts surrounded by strawberry sauce and chocolate glaze. But please go through the hallway of your supermarket quickly! Both flavors are only available for a limited time. Novell gifts, wedding rings of Argentinian sterling silver.

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Chris is an ice critic who is extremely loyal to the brand. Chris takes samples and judges Blue Bell Ice Cream in a delicious and hilarious way known as viral that eliminates the shelves of Blue Bell flavors he considers worthy of viewing.

This is my independent review of the new Blue Bell Ice Cream Wedding Cake, the ice cream that has been released this week and restores the taste of your wedding cake.

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Note: I am not officially affiliated with Blue Bell in any way, except that I am a Texan who eats (a lot of) his ice cream. I was not paid for this review, unless I brought ice on a Tuesday (which would be reasonable).

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