New Dunkin Ice Cream Flavors Is Coming

Dunkin 'Donuts Ice Cream is coming

When it comes to our friends at Dunkin 'Donuts, there is never a shortage of tasty news. We got the wonders of Girl Scout cookies, the perfect gift for Valentine's Day and even a shoe for the runners and the Boston Marathon. But today's news from the coffee shop has found us, particularly good because it combines coffee with our other favorite food category: ice cream.

Earlier this week, Dunkin announced that they would work with Baskin Robbins for a series of flavors of ice-cream inspired by Dunkin 'Donuts. The new flavors of ice will be introduced in the supermarkets this spring, but we are already drooling over these delicacies with coffee infusion.

dunkin ice cream flavors review

The new flavors are an option for every taste. There is the Dunkin 'Donuts standard. The taste of coffee is an ice cream with a coffee flavor that is suitable for every caffeine addict. Then there is the Dunkin 'Donuts French Vanilla Coffee flavor.

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This flavor is a Dunkin 'Donuts ice cream with coffee flavor, combined with ice cream, refined with French vanilla. Finally, there is something for chocolate lovers. The taste of Dunkin 'Donuts Coffee Chip presents the Dunkin' donuts sprinkled with coffee-flavored ice cream with chocolate flavor chips everywhere.

Does your stomach still sound?

If you look at this ice cream, you should buy it from your local grocery store. They are exclusive to the freezer and you cannot buy them anywhere else, not even in a Baskin-Robbin stores. Expect these developments from now until the summer months.

Which taste do you want to try?

Dunkin 'Donuts has finally brought his two brands together. In recent years, fast food chains have had a growing battle against the brutal. Earlier, adding a new item to a menu would receive media attention and public interest. In order to attract attention and to capture the imagination of the public, a chain must shift boundaries or combine two things that do not necessarily correspond. You can partially blame Yum!

Then, in a world where fries taco shells and Burgerizza can be burgers, a burger served with pizza rolls, the bar was raised. This means that a chain such as Dunkin 'Donuts (NASDAQ: DNKN) can no longer draw the attention of the media simply by adding a new donut flavor or new beverage options. More surprising is that the company, which has both the popular donut chain and the Baskin-Robbins ice cream brand, has been waiting so long to bring its two products together.

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What does Dunkin do?

Although the Baskin Robbins stores and the Dunkin 'Donuts locations are often found together on one roof, there was little aggregation of the two brands. Dunkin has taken iced coffee with flavors from the ice cream brand, but the two chains have remained separate. That changed on September 1, when the ice chain started selling donut ice cream sandwiches.

Customers can choose any taste of ice cream with Dulce de Leche and Dunkin 'Donuts donut powder sandwiches. The chief of Dunkin 'Brands, Jeff Miller. The big challenge for Dunkin is that the idea of an ice cream sandwich in donuts is not as outrageous as a few years ago.

In a world where tacos and hamburgers are served with crisp rolls in donut rolls, Donut Ice Cream Sandwich is more logical than excessive. What Dunkin 'may have done to his advantage is that a sandwich with ice-cream based on a donut instead of traditional biscuit biscuits seems to be a good idea.

This is a bit extravagant, but it is probably closer to adding Shake Shack chicken than to the Miami Marlins offering a hot dog taco. The Donut Ice Cream Sandwich can not influence people to take samples or to collect a lot of 'I cannot believe it' in the media. But because it's a good idea, it could be a great salesman for Baskin Robbins and has a great potential for sequels.

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Because Taco Bell has released many variations on his treatment with Doritos, there is no reason why Dunkin 'cannot add new flavors of donuts to his sandwich ice cream. This may not be an instant grand slam for the ice chain, but it has the potential to become a slow success that can be sustained with limited time offers and special selections. Dunkin 'probably had to wait too long to leave, but the Donut Ice Cream Sandwich can still be a big hit.

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