No-Bake!!! Easy Cookie Dough Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Unbaked pastry dough ice cream cake

The unbaked biscuit ice cream cake is the summer dessert of your dreams! Her favorite ice cream (in this case chocolate) is located between two layers of a delicious biscuit. It is a great childhood favorite that comes to life!

Ice cream cake with unbaked biscuit is the dream of dessert lovers! Imagine taking everything, chocolate, cookie dough, ice cream sandwiches and cakes, and everything changes into this masterpiece of unbaked cookie ice cream that deserves every summer party.

They would have such a recipe, a recipe that is asked for everyone, from the smallest to the oldest. If you add the mix of cookie dough, it gets a bit crazy. We all remember that we stole the cookie dough, cookie when we were kids (and some of us still do it as adults) and we have never thought twice about it.

best cookie dough ice cream cake recipe

A genius somewhere one day decided that cookie dough, which is edible (that is, food without refuge and is completely safe), had to be one thing, and now we use it here as layers in a cake. If you have never tried the cookie dough, I highly recommend it! Hello by the way! I am Erica from The Crumby Kitchen and I am a new colleague here at TSRI.

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You can see me here once a month and tell some of my favorite recipes for parties, desserts to main courses! I am excited to show my stuff, and I hope you will read my blog later to get even more delicious recipes.

If you are not a fan of chocolate ice cream, you miss it. You can absolutely replace any taste of frozen ice cream or frozen yogurt! My favorite options are vanilla ice cream, coffee ice cream, dulce de leche ice cream or nut butter ice cream.

So glad that you have discovered your delicious blog via Recipe Tin Eats. Your dessert recipes look great and wait to see more! Oh, thank you for your visit! It is always good to have new readers and also to read a food blog. Cookies are coming!

That is the best idea. This would be an absolute show-stopper! I am impressed with this cake! You are a woman like my own heart, ALL COOKIE TRUE! Everything cookie dough, indeed, thank you June! I really think you should open your own patisserie. You are a LEGEND. Aww Nagi, thank you!

Your creations always look so incredible! You really have a special talent to make great treats! That is so nice! Thanks Melissa! Oh my god, this cake is amazingly amazing. I am completely afraid of it! Ice cream, cookie dough, chocolate - aahhhhh!

I wanted to let you know that your new favorite cake is being sponsored by my friends in Simple Truth! This easy-to-use homemade ice cream cake uses healthy chocolate ice cream and chickpea cake dough for a lighter, gluten-free dessert that everyone will love! Pastel, this is HEALTHY. Yes, your eyeballs read it correctly.

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1. Fine, moist and dark chocolate cake. Uhhh, 2 layers of it.


3. GOOD PIECE FOR YOU, edible cookie dough that explodes in ALL BITES with chocolate chips.

Can we take the time to make an impression that I, the Food Free Sharp, found in my heart one of the most wonderful things in life with the Axis study group? I do not recommend that. Keep everything for yourself. You know, just for your information. Well then ice cream cake.

Did you know that it is so easy to make yourself?

This means that you can make LIFT healthier billions of dollars, which means that "DO NOT SHARE" is total, is it okay and legal? A little over the top. But you understand. It concerns two main ingredients: ice cream and cake.

Then I made a raw cookie dough and used it just as much as the crust and pieces for the filling. The cake was worth the wait. I made a layer of chocolate ice cream and a layer of vanilla and mocha ice cream with a caramel flavor.

The kind of vanilla, mocha echoed the taste of the biscuit, it was just heavenly. In addition to the cookie dough, I stirred the pieces of chocolate and filled the cake with a little praliné. It was damn good when they came together once.

Like the air of Keksteig! I think that would be perfect as a birthday cake for a cookie dough lover, but you do not need an excuse to do it, and believe me, you should try it! For the mass of the cookie dough and the pieces, mix the dates, linseed, buckwheat semolina, coconut, sea salt and vanilla extract in a food processor until they are all right.

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Add the banana and process until smooth and start to stay together. Take them out of the food processor and knead them in cocoa seeds and chocolate pieces (make sure not to manipulate them too much as they begin to melt).

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