Friendly's Reese's Ice Cream Cake Expands The Ice Cream Coupes

Friendly's Ice Cream expands the ice cream coupes

Friendly's Ice Cream, LLC, the operator of more than 250 restaurants and a manufacturer of ice cream products, which are sold in more than 8,000 outlets, has presented 10 ice cream trays to supermarket freezers in the Northeast. Tim Hopkins, Executive Vice President of Retail and Production for Friendly's.

Chocolate bars, nougat ice cream with fudge, caramel toppings, chocolate milk chips and chocolate coated peanuts. Chocolate Cake Crunch, with layers of chocolate ice cream separated by crunchy chocolate, all covered with soft toffee and extra chocolate crisps.

Salty caramel cake Crunch with two layers of salted caramel ice, separated by a layer of crunchy chocolate with caramel sauce and crunchy chocolate. Piece of cherry, chocolate, cherry ice cream with pieces of real cherry topped with dulce de leche, whipped cream and chocolate flakes.

friendly's reese's ice cream cake review

Heath, toffee ice cream filled with Heath sweets covered with caramel, fudge and chocolate flakes. Strawberry cake crunch with layers of strawberry-vanilla ice cream, separated by layers of crunchy pink and white vanilla, covered in strawberry sauce, whipped cream and more crunchy.

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Original chocolate crust, chocolate ice cream with fudge, whipped cream and chocolate pieces. Original Caramel ice cream sundae, vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce, whipped cream and pieces of chocolate.

Crayola Color Me Sundae with vanilla ice cream flavor with green and yellow vanilla, topped with beaten blue marshmallow top and sprinkled with different colors. Watermelon with a refreshing watermelon sorbet mixed with pieces of chocolate covered with green glaze and chocolate flakes.

1,69 and can be purchased from local supermarkets in Vermont, New York, Maine, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Connecticut.

The Wattamelon Sundae in limited edition is available from March to September and the Crayola Color Me Sundae is available from March to January. The new friendly ice cream coupe is sold along with the six flavors of the brand, including Original Fudge, REESE Peanut Butter Cup, REESE Cake, Ice Cream Cake, Jim Dandy and Cookie Dough.

I grew up in a city with a few restaurants, but we had friends. We did not eat that often, but when we did, and especially when we felt like it, Friendly was on the list. For ice cream. Frankly, I cannot remember the food at all. I know we eat, but I have no memory of what I had there.

What can I remember?

The games of herring on the table and ice. While many of my friends were always talking about the fritters (shakes), I only had eyes for ice cream. But it was not what all the other children were looking for, the exclusive "Cone Head" ice cream with a sugar loaf that looked like a hat and face, no, I took the cup Reese's® Sundae peanut butter. Unfortunately, the restaurant was closed in the city long ago and I have not lived since I was.

I see it in supermarkets throughout New England. 1 each, that's a bit great for me. Friends measuring cups are basically available in all kinds of ice cubes that are served in restaurants, and more.

Which means they have a peanut butter sundae. But back to the cup of peanut butter. The sundae version uses peanut butter ice cream, and the toffees and peanut butter sauces at the top are clearly not hot. And there is no whipped cream.

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The same applies to the version of Reese's pieces. That did not seem right to me, so I decided for something else. Crayola ™ Color Me Sundae, so yes. I chose the ridiculous Crayola ™ Color Me Sundae Cup, which was clearly designed for children.

The reason was pretty simple, I had it at night, so I had to throw away all the chocolate. Every option, in addition to a strawberry, had chocolate, either in the sweet sauce above, or chips in the ice.

Then it was. It sounded like ice, only chocolate bars. I laughed when I opened the lid. They did not joke about colors. Light blue marshmallow cover. The colorful sprinkles. Yellow ice appears. The whipped cream was reasonably normal, just like the sparks. The blue marshmallow lid was sweet and airy, just like her ice cream cake.

Crayola ™ Color Me Sundae:

Inside. Underneath was everything, well, yellow and green ice. It was a bit confusing for the brain to eat yellow and green ice cream and to taste like vanilla. They had no other taste. They were really vanilla. They only looked like Playdough.

In general that was easy, but I liked it. The ice cream was good, the marshmallow blanket and the whipped cream exactly what I remembered from their ice cream cake. I do not think I would get that back because it was too easy, but I liked it.

The next time I would take the ice cream cake, or maybe I would taste the peanut butter, knowing it does not look like the beloved version served in restaurants. I grew up in an ice cream family.

Every birthday Every year. Without fail. Friendly's, however, was not our manufacturer of ice cream cakes. It was Carvel. Always When I was younger, Carvel had a shop in town and we had tailor-made cakes. It closed forever when I was probably 8 or 10 years old, but fortunately the supermarkets still have Carvel cakes.

Until a year my mother could not find her anywhere. I think she looked in vain at almost every store. It was not the same. But that does not mean it was bad. Celebratory ice cream cake. Friendly ice cream cakes are very similar to those of Carvel: layers of vanilla ice cream and chocolate, crunchy chocolate in the middle, softer vetilla on the outside.

Available in different shapes and sizes. With the classic, it has a blue glaze and some confetti. But we had the classic. Of course we compare this immediately with Carvel.

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The majority of the family, even refused to think that it could be even better. The ice cream was of higher quality. I'm sorry, Carvel. It was creamier, less frozen. Only, better the ice cream was in reverse order: chocolate top, vanilla bottom.

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