Halo Top Vegan Ice Cream Flavors Releasing And You Need To Try It

For those who do not know, Halo Top is a company that produces low caloric, low sugar and high protein content. Until now all her ice cream was made with dairy products. Halo Top has just announced that they will sell pint without dairy, so vegans and carnivores can enjoy this frozen dessert.

These vegan pints, made with nutritious coconut milk, are as healthy and delicious as their milk ice creams. I was lucky enough to try all new vegan flavors, and here are my unofficial reviews.

This taste was great, do not get me wrong. This was, however, the least exciting taste of the group. It was naturally silky and chocolate, but more or less. It was not terrible at all, but the rest of the vegan flavors of Halo Top conquered it.

halo top vegan ice cream review

This flavor has remained true to its name, because it was filled with a ton of oatmeal pieces and an oatmeal biscuit flavor. It was nice and creamy, but the pieces of oatmeal removed the smooth texture of the other flavors.

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However, if you like ice cream with lots of blends, this taste is for you. If you are a lover of peanut butter, you will turn to this flavor. It had a soft base flavored with chocolate with large peanut butter swirls.

The peanut butter cups were fantastic, but I wish the taste of the chocolate was stronger. I love everything about banana. The artificial taste brings me back to my childhood when I ate Banana Laffy Taffy and that reminded me of that taste.

The delicious banana base was filled with thick strudel chocolates, which gave the pint a great taste. If you are a fan of bananas like me, this taste is a winner. I was surprised how delicious this flavor was.

The ice cream base was sweet candy and sprinkled with salted caramel everywhere. The only thing that would change is to make the taste of sea salt more. Anyway, this pint was delicious.

That was a complete winner. This pint had a rich, sweet base and was filled to the brim with tough cinnamon rolls and a sweet cinnamon swirl. That was very good, my description does not do it justice.

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Halo Top has surpassed itself again. These vegan flavors were incredible and had no texture problems, like some non-milk ice creams. So whether it's vegan or not, do a little topping, in your hands. Whichever taste you choose, you will not be disappointed.

Let me explain: I love oatmeal. I dream of a cookie and I imagined that such pieces fell into the ice. To my grief there were no chunks in this tastes. It is not one, on the contrary, there were apparently random oatmeal in the fuzz; dry and disturbing porridge instead of pieces of luxury, delicious and enriching cookies that I imagined.

This taste was good. It tasted great on a German chocolate cake that I made. I used it instead of the beaten topping and it served its purpose. I probably would not buy that flavor again. Peanut Butter Cup was the second taste I tried; I expect salvation after my initial disappointment with cookies without oatmeal.

Peanut Butter Cup had two things that I love: peanut butter and chocolate. It certainly had to be good, right? When I opened my second bathtub, my expectations were more realistic.

While I had a glimmer of hope that perhaps pieces of caramel were crushed in the frozen state, I knew there was a good chance that this would not be the case. It was not the case.

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After a sigh on the matter, I dug with my spoon, ready to investigate what exactly this had to offer. At this point I started to believe that Halo Top is not the ice that is loaded with textures and chocolate and nuts that I normally like. It is different. It is fluff. That said, it's a vague, odd-tasting, tastes with swirly stripes and mysterious goo stains, and occasional lumps when you've made the right choices. And that's okay, I was halfway through exploring the cup of peanut butter, which I classified Halo Top as a separate meal in the head. It is not ice cream, that was for sure.

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