The Most Popular Characters Of Harry Potter Ice Cream Cake

The most popular characters of 'Harry Potter' as flavors of ice cream

Ron Weasley is full of excellent features, just like cookies and cream. The Warner Bros. Chocolate ice cream may not be everyone's favorite taste, but it still appreciates it, like Wizard Harry Potter. Salty caramel is popular for its daring taste, just like its counterpart Neville Longbottom.

When I was growing up, the Harry Potter series was a big part of my life. Like many others, I still wait for my letter to Hogwarts, but I always find some comfort in the characters. Of course, a day when I read books or watch movies is not complete without a spoon (or a pint) of my favorite ice cream.
cold stone harry potter ice cream cake

Here are some of the characters such as ice cream flavors! As a classic chocolate ice cream Harry is a classic hero. Despite all the tragic events that occur in his life, Harry becomes compassionate and courageous.

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Like chocolate ice cream, it is not everyone's favorite compared to others, but he still loves it. It is a known fact that Hermione's incredible intelligence and ability to think clearly during a crisis saves the trio countless times during the series.

If Harry had not been with her, he would not have survived the first book, let alone the defeat of Voldemort. Like the shine of chocolate with mint, it is great, but also courageous and safe.

Ron is extremely loyal, witty and supports his friends. He not only has some of the best sentences in a series, but also mentions his love for food several times.

Ginny starts so shy and quiet and becomes strong and sure (the book is at least Ginny). It is sweet and hard on the inside, just like the cookie dough with chocolate chips.

Draco is often depicted as the typical arrogant tyrant. There are, however, some moments that show that you have at least some humanity. Like coffee ice cream, it lacks sweetness, but has the potential to be good.

Luna is one of the most popular characters, mainly because of his optimism and open-mindedness. Being your own unique self illuminates the mood in the series. Like the frozen birthday cake, it is sweet and clear.

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Neville has one of the best character developments. Constantly bullied, Neville turns out to be a real Gryffindor. His courage and heroism make him a favorite character, similar to what caramel loves his bold but delicious taste.

While Harry refrains from hating Snape, his own son named after him, there are many strong opinions about the character of Snape. It is certainly as controversial as garlic ice cream.

Although Dumbledore may make mistakes, he is still a great wizard. Its complex character cannot be summed up in a single taste, but in the varied flavors that make up the Neapolitan ice cream.

Bake for 25-30 minutes or until a pike in the middle comes out clean. Let the cakes cool in the cans for 10 minutes, then place them on a grid and remove the parchment.

To make the butter cream, put the egg white and the sugar in a large bowl (the bowl of your blender, if you have one) with the vanilla pod and place it on a low heat on a layer of water.

Beat until the sugar is completely dissolved. You can try this by putting two fingers in the bowl and rubbing them. If you cannot feel the sugar granules, the mix is ready. Remove the container from the heat and continue until a thick meringue occurs.

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Continue to beat until the meringue has cooled to room temperature and then slowly add the butter, 1 tablespoon at a time. By the time all butter was processed, the mixture would have to change into a soft, silky butter cream.

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