Honey Flavored Ice Cream Of Creative Ice Cream Flavors And Try A New Taste

July 1 is the National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day, so I have found 16 creative ice creams to try this summer! I love, tasty and everything in between!

Today is a bit adventurous and try a new taste of ice cream!

1. Avocado Mint Chocolate Chip. This is a much healthier alternative, because it is Dairy Free!

2. Popcorn, ice cream with butter. That reminds me of the taste of Jelly Belly! And it contains real popcorn!

3. Dr. Pepper Ice Cream. You say that this ice cream is so good that you never only drink pepper!

4. Ice lemonade. Now it would be refreshing on a hot summer day!

5. Harry Potter butter ice cream. This ice cream sounds pretty magical!

delicious Honey Flavored Ice Cream

6. Donut ice cream. I always have to pour the donuts with a glass of milk, so this is the perfect compromise!

7. The ice munchies. This ice cream has a bit of everything!

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8. No Churn Cookie Monster ice cream. This ice cream will certainly bring out its inner cookie sample. It is also easy to do!

9. Ice cream of pink lavender. I've never tasted anything with a hint of roses, but it's definitely worth a try!

10. Ice of olive oil. Actually, I have heard good things about this ice cream! It is absolutely a unique taste.

11. Sea salt and honey ice. Sea salt is good at everything, so I cannot see it goes wrong.

12. Maple bacon ice cream. Because bacon makes everything better.

13. Ice cream of the basil. Hmm... I love basil, but I'm not sure what it would look like ice cream. I think I should try it!

14. Blue Moon ice. This was invented in Milwaukee and can only be obtained in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan! They say it tastes like fruit like Froot Loops or Fruity Pebbles!

15. Oatmeal Cinnamon Biscuit Ice Cream. Because it contains oatmeal, that means I can eat it for breakfast, right?

16. Key Lime Ice Cream Change to lime ice this summer so that you do not have to heat the cake to bake in the oven. I do not know about you, but I have a lot of ice to try this summer. And the national day of flavors of creative ice cream is the perfect excuse to try new flavors!

This name will appear a few more times because the Sonny's Ice Cream store in Minneapolis can put together some of the most interesting combinations of flavors. Talk about adding a little kick to your ice cream, with the black pepper spice in combination with the cardamom kick, this specific ice cream will make a statement.

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Cardamom, black pepper is part of the daily diet of the store. This means that no matter what time you go with your ice cream. This unique aroma also comes back from the Sonny ice cream parlor. Maybe it's just me, but I never thought of ice cream that tastes like goat's cheese.

But it is certainly on the menu at Sonny. With the taste of goat's cheese and honey candy, this is one of those combinations of flavors that work, but at the same time it seems just as weird as ice cream. But if it tastes good, we can also enjoy it a little bit.

Making homemade ice cream is something that is so fun and easy to do. You can discover and combine so many different flavors to create something extraordinary. This recipe for ice cream sounds crazy, but it's great.

Who would have thought that? It is time to turn your taste buds into a culinary adventure. Making homemade ice cream always starts with a good basis. The base is known as Anglaise cream, a thin cream that contains cream, sugar, egg yolk and often vanilla flavor. It is probably the tastiest dessert sauce of all.

You can whip up your Anglaise cream with everything you would like to have its own distinctive taste. In this case I seasoned my Anglaise cream with sage and honey. This recipe is so delicious, different and perfect for the next summer months.

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Slowly take the milk, cream, salt and sage with you in a medium pan. Make sure that the liquid does not boil or boil. Then turn off the heat, cover the pot and drink the sage in the room for at least an hour.

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