Looking Back At Best Ice Cream Cake DC 2018

The fourth DC CupcakeCamp took place in Brixton last weekend. Many of you came and ate delicious cupcakes, won big lottery prizes and donated a good cause. We have collected your comments / ballot papers and received your tickets for the winner of the "Crowd Favorite" and your opinion about CupcakeCampDC.

They all said that the hotel was great! Many thanks to Brixton for the satisfaction and the beautiful weather on the roof. I wish you could check the Brixton if you had never been there before (72% of you are not!).


This year we changed it and gave the bakery aprons instead of shirts. This accelerated the process because we no longer have options for size or color. Last year we made our idea VIP, but we encourage VIP to arrive an hour earlier to distribute food and provide an extra incentive. With thanks to Harris Teeter, who again donated the cupcake bins to VIP-donors this year.

ice cream cake georgetown dc


This was our first year that we selected Becky's Fund as a charity for CupcakeCampDC. 1,621.04 for its educational support programs and the program for direct support for victims of domestic violence.

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Thank you all for your support and efforts to change the lives of people affected by domestic violence. We had a great presentation from Becky and an emotional story of a survivor of domestic violence.

We hope that you went to the roof through his desk to get more information about their programs and win some prizes for the silent auction. Please keep in mind for updates to CupcakeCampDC 2013, 2014 and other add-ons for CupcakeCamp.

If you are interested in becoming a judge or a volunteer for next year, please contact us at dc.cupcakecamp@gmail.com. If you cannot attend, but you have registered as a baker or volunteer, let us know that you will not be present. Half of the bakers and more than half of the volunteers did not show up and did not tell us they would not come.

Luckily we had wonderful donations of chocolate sprinkles, all cake, Bakehouse, crunkcakes, best sandwiches, cakes and N delicious cakes and love, and so we were able to add some of the missing cupcakes. But there were assistants who arrived later during the event, which had to be rejected because of the lack of cupcakes.

Because we did not have volunteers, we could not inform the participants about the prize draw or the silent auction, otherwise we would have collected a lot more money for Becky's fund! The jury chose the winners for the best-tasting cupcakes and you, the audience, wrote their favorite cupcakes to vote for the audience's favorite. There were four jurors and they counted their points and averaged them to determine the winners.

Note: the crowd puller was "Amaretto", but we could not find Amaretto on the score sheet. Later we discovered that Olivia had changed his taste of Amaretto Tiramisu Almond, but we were told that some voices at Megan's "Amaretto" were crowned by Frost. We went to the next high score, which was "Red Velvet", the same problem there! There were some great pictures at CupcakeCampDC! Add the photos you may have to the Flickr group and the next slide show will automatically update.

Did you miss the Jewelry bar or the free makeup?

Both continue with their special offers from Becky's Fund online. Do you have a link or a publication about CupcakeCampDC? Let us know and we will add it to this list.

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Thank you for participating in the lottery! See also our Facebook ad about Parenting World. We will contact you for your prize collection. Thanks to our friendly sponsor, Swensen for the fantastic prize for our readers and friends.

Thank you to each and every one of you, stay informed of our next gifts! The draw is over and the winner will be announced soon! Thank you for participating in the lottery! The draw is closed and the winner will be announced shortly. Make sure all entries are correct to qualify for the new Swensen Ice Cream Cakes assortment designed by DC Comics Superhero. Thank you and good luck!

The gift warning for the parents:

The NEW Swensen series of ice creams and lotteries, designed by DC Comics superheroes! Since 1979 an iconic name among ice cream lovers in Singapore, Swensen introduces a surprising new selection of ice cream cake designs to surprise consumers of all ages. These will be introduced between May and June of this year.

The new patterns include popular and recognizable characters from DC Comics and Disney; Everything printed on the Swensen edible sugar sheets and with perfect image quality is due to the high-resolution printer that is used to make these beautiful designs. To top it all off, Swensen has 22 cake types to choose from to find the right cake for every occasion.

Comic lovers and cartoons from all over the world will love the NEW selection of ice cream tickets designed by DC Comics superheroes who are champions of the Justice League. Fans easily recognize characters such as the masked Miracle Batman; Capedader, Superman and fantastic heroine, Wonder Woman.

The new DC Comics series from Swensen will be released on June 1, 2017, just in time for the expected Wonder Woman film that will be released at the cinema on May 31, 2017. In addition, Swensen has another popular selection of cakes, including Disney Princesses (New Designs), Beauty and the Beast (New Range) and Star Wars.

The order of the cake is made very simple with minimal steps. There are three ways to place an order for the Swensen pie section. The long-awaited and highly anticipated film Wonder Woman is currently being screened in cinemas!

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