The Best Places To Go For Ice Cream Cake Denver And The Funnels Restaurant

Bonnie Brae Ice Cream 799 South University Boulevard Join the long line in this neighborhood and you will feel like a child, even if you have received your AARP card years ago. Bonnie Brae could certainly qualify for a ticket, since she has been on this corner of the University Boulevard for over fifty years. And during that time your ice cream has been perfected.

They do not come here because of the luxurious aromas; Stick to the classics such as creamy chocolate and mint chocolate or the namesake of the store.

Little Man Ice Cream 2620 16th Street LoHi is perhaps the hottest neighborhood in Denver, but Little Man Ice Cream keeps things cool. During the summer months this highland milkmaid landmark serves as an informal meeting place in the neighborhood, where one ice cream is served after another.

ice cream cake downtown denver

Try the handmade flavors in small portions, such as the salty Oreo, the Rocky Road or the strawberry balsamic (Gelato), all in a fresh waffle Cone, Smoothie, malt or ice cream. We encourage you without stopping. Spuntino 2639 West 32nd Avenue How cute is it!

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Spuntino is not just a destination for dinner (co-owner / chef John Bröning has recently introduced a new menu with Italian favorites), but it is a must for dessert. The fourfold semi-finalist of James Beard, Yasmin Lozada-Hissom, who is married to Bröning, prepares the cakes here. And Spuntino continues to serve some of the best ice creams you will find on this side of Italy.

In addition to traditional flavors such as stracciatella and pistachio, there is a rich brown butter and cream and dreamy biscuits, which are abundant in biscuits. Sweet Cow 3475 West 32nd Ave 637 Front Street, Louisville Sweet Cow, which started in Louisville, opened its first outpost in Denver earlier this year, and the Highland district is not complaining.

Peteybird Ice Cream Sandwiches The D & F Clock Tower Peteybird Ice Cream Sandwiches have landed in Denver this year. Former engineer Peter Bredemann prepares ice cream sandwiches from the ground up and then serves them in a car that is parked every day at the D & F Clocktower at 16th Street Mall.

Gletschereis 3455 South University Boulevard 1350 College Avenue (and a few other Boulder locations) Since its opening in Boulder in 2001, Glacier Ice Cream has expanded along the Front Range, with additional shops and flavors.

Up to now he has made more than 800 flavors of ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt and he is not ready yet. You can choose between coffee, caramel, Bing cherries, peanut butter and funky donkey, or find the refreshing Junior Mint, the dulce de leche gelatin salt or the Colorado peach sorbet.

Although ice alchemy has no business, it is likely that you have tried your ice cream in one of the many restaurants it offers. For example, for Boulder's Salt Ice Cream, Alchemy created an ice seed, cocoa: light coffee ice cream with cocoa seeds.

TAG now makes a trio of cake-inspired flavors: red velvet, lemon mesh and carrot cake, and caramelized sugar, sea salt, yuzu jelly beans, marshmallow mousse and strawberry-basil sorbet.

The flavors of the past range from sea urchins and black truffles to pork legs and caramel lobster. If you like this story, you can subscribe to our newsletter by e-mail. You have registered to receive your selected newsletters. Watch your mailbox, we are on the move!

Bones 701 Grant Street Bones is known for its Ramen dishes and succulent steamed buns, but Frank Bonannos Noodle House also offers homemade ice cream. The imaginative flavors range from a thin mint inspired by boy scouts to Foster bananas, chocolate nutella, lemon cream and glazed donut. There is no better way to complete a summer dinner.

The Funnels restaurant is open all year round at The Shops at Northfield-Stapleton. Come and see us before or after a movie:

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1. Little India: Indian gourmet cuisine.

2. The Spicy Kitchen: Authentic Mexican Cuisine. Remain recipes we offer options without gluten, without soy, but also vegan / vegetarian. Use biodegradable containers and kitchen utensils. Fresh ingredients, local origin. Best Mexican food, excellent customer service.

3. ORIGINAL FOR GREEK: Original Greek food served with recipes that go back generations! If you cannot fly over the Atlantic, visit us and see what Greece really is!

4. LA CHIVA: Colombian cuisine in the metropolis of Denver.

5. TURKEY COOKING IN THE WHEELS: The Turkish cook is the only Turkish food in the city. We use fresh local ingredients. Try our meatballs, chicken and lamb skewers and baklava with pistachio nuts and other fresh vegetarian dishes.

6. Ethiopian food from SABA: Traditional Ethiopian food with a modern twist.

7. CHICKS BY MICHIGAN - COLORADO: Taste of the Midwestern Home-made taste of the original Detroit Coney dog, the PO catfish, not to mention chicken and waffles, all freshly prepared.

8. MAC N NOODLE: Mac' N noodles make the Mac 'N Cheese Gourmet. We offer many flavors, such as Carnitas, buffalo chicken, green chili and burgers with fried cheese. To help our gluten-free friends, we convert all our flavors into an individual quinoa dish or nachos.

9. SMOKIN WHEELS: Big Family, Colorado Grill.

10. ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHEESE: Special menu with a large selection of grilled gourmet cheese sandwiches, tomato soup and French fries with garlic and Parmesan cheese.

11. BASED-EI: Serves breakfast sandwiches and brunch with a constantly changing menu to guarantee the highest quality and service.

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12. MAC SHACK: We serve a gourmet macaroni with 5 cheeses with lobster, chicken, bacon, jalapeño and green chili peppers. Fresh hamburger and grilled chicken and Swiss rolls with Parmesan fries with garlic and chicken wraps with avocado.

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