10 Of The Best Ice Cream Cake Pittsburgh, PA

The best ice cream cake Pittsburgh. Most people love ice cream (I know!), But it seems that, like many people, children prefer the ice cream sandwich for the simple ice cream dessert. What is an ice cream sandwich? Most people know this because they have eaten it since childhood, but I will repeat the definition before telling their story.

This is an ice cream, usually vanilla, placed between two cookies or slices of cake, and forms a delicious chocolate and vanilla sandwich. The ice cream sandwich appeals to our desire for ice cream, pastries and chocolate, all in a sweet product!

Where to find an ice cream cake Pittsburgh?

The current style of ice cream sandwich was invented by Jerry Newberg in 1945, when he sold ice cream at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh. However, the 1905 illustrations show that similar products existed and that they were often sold at a reasonable price.

It's nice, but some sources say there's even a day of ice cream. Apparently he falls on August 2, although he probably can't stop working that day. Anyway, my family and I will sit down and enjoy a tasty and creamy ice cream sandwich whenever we want to smoke.

Pittsburgh is home to tons of local ice cream with locally made products that make you drool longer.

With your claim that celebrity is 'Pittsburgh's Biggest Cone' with ice flapping at a height of 13 inches, remember when we knock on the door. A 30-year-old family-owned glacier located on Route 51, Sugar and Spice serves the richest ice creams, smooth service, yogurt, pastries and more! They even took the store on the road with their ice cream truck with sugar and spices.

We can't wait to go through these glaciers! Keep sharing your favorite glaciers in and around Pittsburgh, we will show them in later publications this summer.

1. Dave Andy’s

Dave Andy’s Pittsburgh, PA
image: pittsburgh.cbslocal.com

What's wrong with Dave and Andy? I don't like to write about the Pittsburgh ice cream without mentioning Dave and Andy. I usually skip the line for a free bowling day and go to Oakland to buy an ice cream cone in Dave & Andy 's homemade ice cream.

Dave and Andy have been making ice cream in Pittsburgh since 1983. They have incredible flavors of ice cream and frozen yogurt. Looking for free activities in Pittsburgh, you should visit the free and almost free group in Pittsburgh MeetUp. This MeetUp group currently has 50 free upcoming events (or almost free).

The organizers have recently established a free and almost free Facebook group in Pittsburgh. It is more than enough to make a trip to Lyft, anywhere in the city at Ben & Jerry's or Dave & Andy's. I'm sure your driver Lyft would love to meet you for an ice cream.

2. The Butterwood Bake Consortium

The Butterwood Bake Consortium in Pittsburgh, PA
image: thebutterwoodbakeconsortium.com

This award-winning bakery is always aimed at allowing customers with specific allergies to enjoy their favorite delicacies. In Gluuteny you can enjoy delicious food, gluten-free and dairy-free. Don't worry, they have you covered too!

What we love about Gluuteny is that you can take your mix of dry ingredients home and prepare a delicious treat yourself. Now it's fun! The atmosphere here is just as unique as the cakes offered at the Butterwood Bake Consortium (seriously, we are obsessed).

Come here for a piece of cake or a cake, or make a custom cake for your next party. These beautiful masterpieces are prepared with organic and local ingredients and decorated with real flowers and greenery.

Perfect, they are open from Monday to Saturday until 11 pm and on Sunday from 9 pm. Madeleine Bakery and Bistro can be considered as the new girl in the neighborhood.

3. Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream

Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream in Pittsburgh, PA
image: millieshomemade.com

Over the past two years, Millie's homemade ice cream has tormented Pittsburgh with its delicacies: an ice cream in small quantities of local ingredients. Now Millie is working with the Macaron Bar to make ice cream sandwiches over the somewhat crispy, slightly chewing French cookie.

It is a Cleveland-based company that has recently expanded to the Greater Pittsburgh area. They are currently running a kiosk at Ross Park Mall, but are looking for a physical site in the city, "wrote Melissa Horst, Millie's Homemade Retail Operations Manager, by email.

This collaboration results in a decadent sandwich, currently available in both Millie stores, and in the Macaron Bar in Ross Park Mall, which currently offers two flavors: the best chocolate and Vietnamese coffee. And good news for gluten-sensitive people: macaroons are made with almond flour and do not contain gluten. It is an inspired combination: the texture of the macaroon fits well with the richness of ice.

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The temptation is to tear the package, but patience is advised. "We recommend that guests heat up for a few minutes before eating, as this improves the taste and texture of the sandwich," Horst said.

In addition to serving macaroni sandwiches, winter flavors are in full swing at Millie's. The grilled pear almond combines the nutty taste of the almond with fresh fruit aromas, while the molasses of black walnuts are a marriage of rich and dark flavors. Try the tin roof, this classic mix of vanilla, fudge and peanuts.

4. Bruster’s Real Ice Cream

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream in Pittsburgh, PA
image: brustersicecream.com
Bruster's real ice cream has signed franchise change agreements that will introduce the products introduced into Pittsburgh frozen foods into seven new markets, including Nashville. A statement does not take into account the local franchisee, who apparently will focus on Davidson County or another place.

It should be noted that a franchisee operates a Bruster’s (pronounced BROO stars) on Concord Road in Brentwood. The announcement regarding Nashville comes when the channel recorded a sales increase of 8.8% in the same stores in the first quarter of the year.

So far this year and in addition to Nashville, Bruster’s has signed agreements for further improvements in San Antonio, Austin and Lewisville, Texas; Athens, Georgia; Laurel-Columbia, Maryland; and Burlington-Waltham, Massachusetts. All new markets, according to the release.

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Founded in 1990, Bruster’s has nearly 200 independent sites in 20 states in Guyana and South Korea. There are own stores and franchise stores. In mid-January, the network launched a three-month campaign in Texas, Arizona and California, using digital marketing and social media, including Facebook, to attract potential franchises.

"Many of these recent agreements are a direct consequence of our strong desire to expand our business in the west and southwest," said Jim Sahene, Bruster's CEO, in a statement. Real de Bruster ice cream offers 150 flavors of ice cream, yogurt, Italian ice cream and sorbet. Every store produces at least 24 flavors every day.

5. Klavon’s Ice Cream Parlor

Klavon’s Ice Cream Parlor in Pittsburgh, PA
image: klavonsicecream.com

Get ready, Pittsburgh. The Smiley cookie has just been improved. Until December 8, Klavon’s Glacier sells ice creams with Eat'n Park Smiley Cookie cookies in the Strip District. These limited edition awards are part of the Eat'n Park childcare campaign and the proceeds from the sale will benefit from the establishment of the Pittsburgh Children's Hospital.

Caring for Kids is an annual fundraising campaign that was launched in 1979 by a team from Eat'n Park, who has a passion for supporting the children's hospital. This campaign, turning 40, marks the first association with a local restaurant. The delightful connection between Klavon’s and Eat'n Park is a creation of Jacob Hanchar, owner of the glacier with his wife, Désirée.

Hanchar grew up with Eat'n Park and wanted to combine two of the passions of Steel City: Smiley Cookie and Ice Cream. From there the idea started. These Smiley mini cookies are filled with Klavon’s ice cream in the mountains.

Heyward Cookie Smiley Cookie 2018 is a sixth special option that is offered with this year's honorable cookie Smiley Cookie: each year as part of the Caring for Kids campaign a celebrity from Pittsburgh is chosen to represent a cookie. Heyward cookies are filled with black and gold ice (chocolate pieces with banana).

Klavon’s and Eat'n Park are a heavenly couple. Sandwiches are a fun, smiling and delicious way to serve a good cause. The soft ice cream balances the biscuit covered with ice and crumbly. It is a sweet thing piled up and sandwiched between the others, the perfect enjoyment of a children's campaign.

6. Page Dairy Mart

Page Dairy Mart in Pittsburgh, PA
image: pinterest.com

Strawberries are real strawberries! This only makes Page Dairy Mart a part of the rest. Located across the busy streets of the South Side, Page Dairy Mart serves soft ice cream for over sixty years. The store is open in season and the opening of spring is a reason to celebrate, which means the end of winter and the start of warmer weather.

The menu and the possibilities of ice cream are endless, elementary ice cream cones with the giant South Side Shake: a shake combined with a separate ice cream on top. Although I have not yet changed the full menu, I recommend that you choose a classic for your first trip: a vanilla cone covered with almonds.

If you are with someone who is not a milkshake fan, they also have floats. The bourbon cherry is amazing (made from bourbon, cherry soda and dark chocolate). We could not include Page Dairy Mart in this list. Your milkshake with hot chocolate is unbelievably good. If you are interested in a different taste, the famous Pittsburgh ice cream shop offers another 15.

Page Dairy Mart comes from the original service of the Golf and the Page Family Gas Station that they built there years ago. Scoops on Scoops Boulevard is spread across Pittsburgh at three locations: Mount Lebanon, Bloomfield and Brookline.

Their smoothies come on children, normal size and large. Their shakes can also be turned into malt to give a nostalgic touch to those who want to feel like a child again. This candy store, chosen as the best candy store in Pittsburgh, offers great smoothies in addition to its ridiculously good sweets.

7. Graeter’s Ice Cream

Graeter’s Ice Cream in Pittsburgh, PA
image: graeters.com

Grace's Ice Cream, a 149 year old brand of homemade ice cream, has announced the launch of Mystery Flavor 2019: Cinnamon and Maple Crunch. From 1 March the new flavor will be available in exclusive stores, Graeter Online Store and selected supermarkets, including Kroger and Giant Eagle.

This favorite taste of the fans was enthusiastically received by consumers during a two-week trial last summer. Maple Cinnamon Crunch offers the perfect combination of breakfast and dessert, with maple-based ice cream and sugarcoated shortbread cookie pieces.

It stands for Graeter's commitment to the quality of craftsmanship and, like all other Graeter’s flavors, is handmade in classic French pans of the brand, in small quantities of 2.5 gallons. "Our annual taste of mysterious presentation is the favorite time of the year for all of us at Graeter’s," said fourth generation Family member Chip Graeter.

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The mysterious annual taste of Graeter’s celebrates the most popular coupon taste of the summer months of the previous year. The 145-year-old Cincinnati-based ice cream company opens its first exclusive store in Pennsylvania in July.

Ice cream lovers in downtown Pittsburgh now have their share in exceptional options for small parties:

Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream,

Leona’s Ice Cream Sandwiches and,

Family Farms Creameries all regularly scoop within the city limits.

It's harder for Pittsburgh commuters looking for summer treatment, but the situation is improving, at least in the North Hills. Cincinnati's 145-year-old Graeter's Ice Cream opens its first store in Pennsylvania in Wexford in early July.

Graeter is a large company with more than 50 exclusive merchandise stores and a thriving wholesale business, but the company still produces all its ice creams with a 2-gallon batch.

Each batch is hand-packed in containers. "We do it all day... and all night... a long time," says Graeter’s. The characteristic taste of Graeter’s is Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip, a delicious blend of vanilla ice cream, Oregon-grown black raspberries and Graeter's chocolate sparks.

The exclusive Wexford store offers more than 30 flavors of ice cream, but also milkshakes, ice creams and sweets.

8. The Milk Shake Factory

The Milk Shake Factory in Pittsburgh, PA
image: themilkshakefactory.com

Other restaurants in Oakland also welcome Milk Shake Factory with open arms. Samantha Barnes, marketing manager for Stack'd, a hamburger restaurant a stone's throw from the new location, is convinced that the new shake store will not reduce sales.

He even expects the new Stack Company’s facility to help. "They can come in and have a smoothie, and we're all happy," Barnes said. The milkshake milk factory is proud of its history as a family business and that will not change, even though the chain is growing, Fonticiella said. This is not a chain of franchise restaurants and does not intend for franchises, although it is planning to expand into Pittsburgh and beyond the city limits.

The dynamics of the expansion can be partly attributed to Thomas Tull and the Tull Investment Group, said Fonticiella, who has invested heavily in the shakes plant. The Tull Investment Group owns Rivendale Farms, New Jersey, which supplies milk to restaurants.

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Fonticiella believes that the most important difference between Milk Shake Factory and the more traditional ice cream is locally sourced and ethical ingredients. "Ingredients are central," said Fonticiella.

Fresh dairy products and cocoa from paid farmers in West Africa are a source of pride for the restaurant. And the fine chocolates sold in the stores are handmade in a family business in Trafford, Fonticiella said.

9. Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone Creamery in Pittsburgh, PA
image: coldstonecreamery.com

They don't sing in this place when they receive a tip. I never have a good time here, anywhere. I think Cold Stone Creamery is so overrated to save money and go to Paige Dairy Mart.

The ice cream is not very good and the workers seem half dead. You don't smile, thank you, nothing. Mandarin sorbet also tastes like chemical ice cream. I have never been as enthusiastic as the day it was so much fun to go to Cold Stone.

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The beautiful cotton candy really spoke with my wish that it is spring / summer. I still think I want to try a different taste, but I always go to my one true love, Cotton Candy. The bright blue color, the delicious taste. Why would you try something else if perfection is in this unique taste? I can't wait for my next trip. They gave me the ice cream of the shark week and it was good, not with much taste.

10. Scoops in Bloomfield

Scoops in Bloomfield in Pittsburgh, PA
image: mapquest.com

A GiftRocket whose use is suggested in Scoops in Bloomfield is a great money for friends, family and colleagues. It is the perfect last minute online gift for a birthday, graduation, wedding, holiday and more. Discover how it works.

Combine the consideration of a gift voucher with the flexibility of money. Delivered via e-mail or printed at home, with the suggested use of pocket money allocated to Scoops in Bloomfield. He has the flexibility and ease of money.

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Your recipient cashes online and chooses how you can receive the money. You can spend your money on your suggestion. Scoops in Bloomfield, or somewhere else if you prefer. There is no physical gift voucher to wear or lose.

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