Ice Cream Cake Supermarket Frozen Merchandisers

Ice creams in Supermarket Frozen Merchandisers:

Did you know that ice creams are sensitive to UV radiation and the visible spectrum of LED advertising and fluorescent tubes? Although stored on refrigerated screens, the direct light from the box's lamps can cause all sorts of problems, including discoloration of ice, the formation of ice crystals, and the breakdown of creams and milk fats.

When lighting ice cream displays and ice cream and deep-frozen yoghurt coolers, PROMOLUX, spectrum-based UV fluorescent lamps and LED lighting solutions are the only choice! PROMOLUX lamps prevent fading, the development of unpleasant aromas and the appearance of ice crystals.

ice cream cake morrisons

UV radiation easily penetrates cold environments and generates heat on the surface of frozen packages. Light and heat accelerate the oxidation of lipids, a chemical reaction between oxygen and unsaturated fatty acids that affects the smell, taste and appearance of dairy fat-containing foods such as ice.

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The higher the fat content, the more sensitive the ice is for the effects of an unpleasant taste of lipid oxidation. Rusty ice with a rancid, stale, metallic taste or even cardboard. And nobody wants their favorite ice cream or gelato to have a strange taste!

Most artificial light sources cause photochemical reactions that blur the bright colors of food dyes, including ice and ice, that quickly fade when exposed to intense light. If the ice cream cake is decorated, an incorrect lighting may cause the white decorations or the glaze to appear yellow, while the red decorations may look dull or even pink.

Normal fluorescent lamps and LEDs tend to emphasize the yellow and green spectrum, which hardly reveals the vivid colors of frozen glazes and frozen yoghurt. In terms of presentation and sales growth, the best thing a company can do is maximize the visual attractiveness and freshness of the exhibited products, and this is exactly where PROMOLUX lamps and LEDs offer superior lighting

On the right side you can see a cashier screen that replaces half of its lighting with PROMOLUX. The difference in color and appearance is clear. This dealer has transferred all perishable food containers to PROMOLUX because they understand the value of unauthorized sales and waste, and the role that PROMOLUX lamps have in meeting them!

Fades the light colors in the decorative icing and can cause the glaze to become rancid. Normal fluorescent lamps distort the actual colors of food colors. If I now see the temperatures in my kitchen, I cannot heat the oven! Let's make a fridge pie or even an ice cream cake! That's a lot better when it's hot outside.

Summer is the perfect time for ice. In the winter you will have great problems convincing me to take ice cream for dessert. In the summer, I do not think so, I have already posted some ice cream recipes on the blog here: pallets with Skyr for example or super tasty, cornflakes, milk ice cream. So good today's ice cream for this cake comes from the supermarket.

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Fortunately, here in Berlin we have a good ice cream parlor, which sells large buckets in the supermarket around the corner. The basis of the cake is made here with Oreos, if you do not like it, use normal cookies.

Maybe you can see on the pictures that I made a layer of brownies. Instead of being layered you can mix it with the vanilla ice cream and add other ingredients such as chocolate, caramel sauce or nuts.

What you like the most the chocolate coating is a special chocolate sauce that hardens very quickly when you touch the ice. You can also use melted chocolate or ganache. If you use one of these, make sure it is very cold and almost solidified. If you put a hot chocolate sauce on the cake, it is very likely that the ice will melt.

A friend of mine has advised me to try the chocolate cake recipe that I will share with you. She said it's so easy that I can get it out, thank you, very encouraging. In any case, I already had all the ingredients for this simple recipe for chocolate cake. If a person has these things, it is likely that you will do the same:

1. First heat your oven to 350 ° F.

2. Mix all dry ingredients (sugar, flour, salt, cocoa powder and baking powder).

3. Mix the wet ingredients in a separate container.

4. Combine the contents of each bowl.

5. Pour this mixture onto a baking tray.

6. Bake in the preheated oven for 40 minutes.

The best part of this recipe was how fast and easy the preparation was. Fortunately, the kitchen is spotless and the cake is absolutely delicious. In addition, I have many leftovers for when the guests arrive.

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Another trick I learned is that the cake can be heated in the microwave for 20-30 seconds, depending on the classification of your microwave. Once warmed, let a spoon of cream or ice fall and enjoy. There you are! A delicious old-fashioned recipe that can make a "piece of cake"!

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