Easy Ice Cream Sandwich Cake Real Simple

Do you like ice cream cake? We have always loved her! Especially those who have the crunchy goodness between the layers! The only thing I do not like about ice cream cake is to make it! You need a little time, unless you can easily fool this recipe.

Easy Ice Cream Sandwich Cake is the simplest cake that you probably will not, but it should! It is chocolate, sweet, tasty, has a crunchy filling and lasts only about 10 minutes. I shared this recipe with Real House moms in January, but I wanted to share the link with you to make sure you do not miss this super fast and easy cake. In a hurry for a desert or a birthday cake, that's the recipe you need!

Don recently called me and told me that his whole family would come to dinner, and I had less than 2 hours to prepare myself! I'm sure you have the idea. To be honest with Don, I asked him to invite the family, so he did not send them to me alone. I wish they had decided to come a little earlier!

how to make Ice Cream Sandwich Cake Real Simple

Well, with the help of Madison we were able to reach it and we also got a delicious dessert. Orzo Pasta with spinach and Parmesan cheese, as well as this delicious ice cream cake with light ice cream for dessert. We have swallowed until the last drink! There were no remains!

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If you use a cake mixture with dried fruit or other dry ingredients (such as carrot cake), let the mixed mixture sit a bit to fill the dehydrated ingredients.

Nutritional value:

As with previous recipes, calories and other information depend on the type of mix you start with. I used a Betty Crocker Super Moist Mixture (triple chocolate toffee). If I ordered the chocolate cake as prescribed, it would be 160 calories per portion (and all portions would be ready at the same time).

The portions of Angel Food were 140 each. But the microwave-bedroom version consumes only 68 calories per portion here, because it does not contain eggs or oil and only three tablespoons of mixture are used in each portion. This is a great combination to make and send children who are away from the university or the army. A bag is kept for several months (about a semester if it is not eaten first) and makes 48 portions.

These are many nights at night or different meetings in the bedroom of your best friends on campus. Once you learn how to cook in a minimalistic way, you will be amazed at what you can do with very little equipment. You may want to use a George Foreman grill to complete your kitchen appliances; They are ideal for a few portions of chicken, fish and meat or to make sandwiches.

Open sandwich with ham and cheese:

Place a slice of ham and a slice of Swiss cheese on lightly toasted bread and place it under the grill until the cheese begins to melt. You can also add mushrooms or tomatoes for other flavors.

Cheese toast:

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This favorite is especially light with a toaster oven. Roast the bread lightly, remove and add your favorite cheese and toast or roast again until it starts to brown and melts a little. You can also add a slice of tomato and slices of fresh mushrooms to make it tastier. Triscuit, cheese, you do not need mayonnaise for this recipe!

Stuffed hummus celery:

If you like crunchy celery, but want to reduce the peanut butter mash, try filling some stems with hummus. You get proteins and the satisfaction of crunching without too much fat. These are just a few ways to eat well with a little preparation and a limited supply of cookware. Your years in a student house do not have to be full of boring snacks or empty fast food calories. Use these ideas to plan tasty meals and save money.

How about a movie after graduation?

Windows has its positive points, but you are right, an ordinary diet would not be very funny! Thanks for coming and responding, Vickiholder, I hope you have found good (and easy) ideas here! My favorites are the mini English muffin pizzas and the cake in a cup.

The cake recipe really works - it's great! 3 years ago from the beautiful Mtns Ouachita. This is more important than the endless windows packages he ate. Hello, PeachPurple: Congratulations on your daughter's upcoming stay abroad!

I would like to hear the details, that is so exciting. These are super simple and nutritious recipes (or at least not too harmful!). The microwave pie is one of those "who knew!" Recipes - so easy and surprising! Yes, the mini-pizza is a good thing!

You can also make pizza on hamburger buns (half each) and use pizza sauce, etc. - but you need a full oven to make a batch big enough to use the pizza plate glass. For me, these people are more practical. I hope you let me know how you like her!

Mini pizza in an English muffin?

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Oh, my bedroom diet sounds like the menu that brings many people to college! The Raman noodles, rice and peanut butter were basic elements for many students, I think! Thanks for the memory of these days!

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