Healthy Recipe For Banana Ice Cream Homemade Smoothie Dessert

Healthy homemade banana ice cream recipe: banana smoothie dessert

Who says that the dessert must be unhealthy? I claim that some of the most delicious and tastiest foods are also some of the healthiest. This homemade recipe for banana ice cream is one of those examples where something that tastes like a dessert is really good for you.

This simple recipe for ice cream is free of unnecessary sugar or unhealthy additives. Thanks to the banana it also offers a good dose of fiber, manganese, potassium and vitamin B-6, which are excellent for cell growth, muscle reconstruction and tissue repair.

• Every kind of chopped nuts; The nuts or almonds are the best: nuts adds protein, fiber and a variety of vitamins, depending on the type you choose.

• A few small pieces of dark chocolate: dark chocolate contains antioxidants that have been proven to help fight cancer; The higher the cocoa content, the better.

recipe for homemade banana pudding ice cream

• Fresh fruit: all fruits offer many health benefits; You cannot make a bad choice here.

• A tablespoon of peanut butter: rich in manganese, niacin and protein, good ole PB also offers healthy fats that fight hunger.

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Almost completely free of calories and fats, this herb provides iron, vitamin K and even a slight increase in metabolism.


Honey is a healthy sweetener with antibacterial properties. To make this simple milkshake, you first have to freeze the bananas.

1. Most blenders bought in the store are not that strong, so it's a good idea to cut the fruits into small pieces of dice so they can be mixed well.

2. Place your banana sticks in a Ziploc bag and let them freeze completely (they are generally good to use after about 4-5 hours).

3. Add your frozen banana sections to the blender and mix.

4. If you experience problems mixing, you can add some milk to the mix to help a bit.

5. You can change the consistency of your treatment by adding more milk or mixing until it is softer or thinner.

6. You can also sweeten this recipe with vanilla extract or honey. Your banana ice cream eats better after you prepare it.

7. Add your mixture to a small bowl and sprinkle a portion of one or more of the ingredients suggested above and enjoy your healthy snack.

Perhaps you have read or heard about this famous statement:

The best way to reach the human heart is through his stomach. This proverb clearly reflects the fascinating effects of a delicious meal. Cooking and eating a delicious dish can be described as an intimate experience, and serving a delicious meal with love and care will give your guests (or relatives or friends) a satisfying experience.

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Good crockery always fills the stomach, but also fills the mind in the best possible way. Everyone loves good and healthy food and most people always give the taste the greatest importance. When it comes to taste; some dishes fall short while others stand tall.

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What could be the reason?

Apart from the ingredients; The preparation also plays a prominent role in making an extraordinary dish. Many factors help to create a truly exceptional recipe and contain ingredients, the way to cook, the way the different components are mixed and much more.

Most people are always looking for unique online recipes that allow them to prepare really tasty dishes in a simple way. Once a pudding recipe contains eggs, it becomes pudding.

Light ice cream that can be prepared within 10 minutes. 3 Ice creams such as vanilla ice cream, strawberry ice cream and chocolate ice cream are the basic flavors of the ice used for this classic banana ice cream. I have already shared these ice cream recipes step by step with photos and videos, so I go straight to the recipe.

Actually, I made these 3 types of ice cream for children's holidays. They only had the idea to make this banana split ice cream. Many times we ask in restaurants. I just love the taste of vanilla, children eat chocolate as always, what A will have. This happens when we order Banana Split.

Ice Cream Collections in my blog Coconut Ice Cream, Mango Ice Cream, Paaneis, Matka Kulfi, Ice Cream. Peel the banana and halve in a bowl. Place the ice cream in succession and place it on the banana. I chose chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

Cover with cream and cherries. It can also be decorated with nuts and fruit. Cover with chocolate syrup and serve immediately.

1. The banana split ice cream is ready.

2. Cut the lengths in two.

3. Place a few balls on the ice side by side in a deep oval bowl or in a banana box.

4. Cover the vanilla ice cream with the pineapple, the chocolate with the chocolate syrup and the strawberry with the strawberry sauce.

5. Add the wet walnuts to the three tablespoons of ice cream.

6. Cover each tablespoon with a little whipped cream and a cherry for each.

Enjoy the taste of Nutella banana ice cream based on Paleo, vegan and dairy products, with no added sugars. Roasted hazelnuts, cocoa and a creamy base of frozen banana ice make this possible.

This delicious variety, of delicious banana flavors is made with Nutella, but it is not. They are just roasted hazelnuts and cocoa powder (or cocoa) that create this delicious and healthy taste. Well, I do not feel guilty when my toddler tastes Nutella. And do not get me wrong, she really has real things in restaurants and when she visited the family. But balance is the key.

At home I always try to offer healthier options. And Nice Cream has in general saved our summer and the endless requests for ice cream. My daughter, of almost 4 years does not think Nice Cream is different than normal ice cream and she has a lot of fun to get me at home.

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From adding the ingredients to pressing the buttons of the food processor and even taking their own portion. It is always a healthy summer treatment combined with a cooking activity from the Mother Daughter Association.

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