Old-Fashioned Recipe For Homemade Banana Ice Cream

Old-fashioned homemade banana ice cream

This publication may contain affiliate links, which means that we will receive a small commission upon purchase, which is free for you. The homemade banana ice cream has always been a special gift for my family. We made ice for every kind of gathering in the summer and the social events of the church ices, in our small rural church were a great event. I remember that my father and grandfather made ice at the same time to see who is better.

Grandpa had the old sling ice machine and in one way or another I stuck this stool. "Goofball, go to work! It can only differ a bit from daddy, it's very similar, maybe even the same.

recipe for making banana ice cream

The amounts can sometimes vary; But I wrote that recipe a while ago after talking to my mother, and it tastes like porridge's homemade ice cream. My boys agree with that; That is when I really know that it is good.

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The homemade banana ice cream is a fairly simple mix. Most of the ingredients that you probably already have on hand. Then add the vanilla. Then mix the sweetened condensed milk and the condensed milk.

This is a case where my parents always used a brand, product, or stills. It's been a while since we've put it all together in its place. Mother (and grandmother) always stood on Eagle Brand and Milnot.

When I wrote this recipe, they told me that if you use Milnot Condens Milk, you just use 2 cans; If you use a generic brand, use 3 cans. Well, we did. Then add a pinch of good size salt.

Below is a recipe for printing. I hope you enjoy it! Beat the eggs and sugar together:

1. Add the vanilla. Mix condensed milk and condensed milk.

2. Then add a pinch of good size salt. Peel and break the bananas, add and mix.

3. Pour the mixture into the metal container of your refrigerator.

4. Cover with whole milk and make sure that it is 3/4 full.

5. Place the lid on and place the container in the bucket of your refrigerator.

6. Crush a large ice pack and pour ice around the bowl.

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7. You can also add a liter of water if necessary.

8. Add 2-3 cups of rock salt as you add the ice and make sure it is covered with rock salt. Allow the engine to stop.

9. If the ice is frozen, the engine of your refrigerator stops. To disconnect it immediately.

This should indicate that the ice is completely frozen. Wipe any excess ice or rock salt from the lid and remove it from the top of the container; then remove the lid and the shaker and serve immediately.

Can not you do it yet?

Pint it for later! Green milkshake: make your favorite smoothie, but add a little green colorant to make it green like the green island! Consider using one of Ireland's famous drinks as a base for an adult smoothie to celebrate your celebrations!

There are many special ice cream and gelato flavors for St. Patrick's Day. Try a Guinness milkshake or an Irish cream. For children, green with a little milk chocolate! Serve it with some corned beef, cabbage and Irish soda bread and you can do it if you're in Dublin!

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Lawyer, the mulled wine is good, but the shakes are better! I am sure you will find recipe books, glasses and other accessories for smoothies (some links below), but you probably think these are summer gifts. I tell you, winter is a great time to experience the joys of smoothies.

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