Best Vegan Ice Cream Venice Reviews

Vegan Gelato in Venice

Venice was a spectacular place for ice cream! On our first night we made our way to Gelateria al Sole, which is on the Grand Canal, but far enough away from the tourist center to make it really pleasant. We sat outside on the chairs and enjoyed the water jet.

Unfortunately the cones are not vegan, but it is also a nice friendly place for vegans, they even have a variety of spice milk for hot drinks!

The vegan gelato flavors were usually the usual suspects:

vegan ice cream venice italy

Fruit, chocolate and coffee for a change. I have chocolate and orange together. The orange was a bit bitter, but they were nice when they were combined. Our next ice cream parlor was SuSo Gelatotheque, in the midst of the tourist chaos in the winding streets of the center of Venice. It was also an incredibly popular place with a line at the door.

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The obvious drawback is that it is impossible to see the flavors before you go to the front, and there is enough pressure to keep things moving and decide quickly. I could only see three vegan flavors, although there may be more. I got a spoonful of chocolate and a 'notanera' which I think combines raspberries and chocolate ganache. It was absolutely beautiful! They have a variety of cones, but only one is suitable for vegans and costs € 1 extra! I have a cup from there.

Something different than: Gelato on a stick! Stick house has different choices of ice cream, but I only saw one that was clearly identified as vegan and it was this chocolate sorbet. The sorbets are already in sticks, and then you can immerse them in chocolate and in your favorite news coverage.

The server confirmed that the dark chocolate layer was vegan, so I dipped it there and got the pistachios for a good color contrast. It was one of the best on vacation! The chocolate coating was nice and thick, with this satisfying crunch. The chocolate sorbet itself was delicious.

There are a number of Stickhouse affiliates in the middle of the city: we saw a branch that clearly showed the vegan options, and those that did not. So keep your eyes open! And finally I did some chocolate and hazelnut in Gelateria IL Doge.

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The cones are vegan and the portions were, as you can see, very generous. The ice cream was really creamy and I had to eat it quickly to save everything from melting, a challenge! If you visit the city that collects gelato-vegan ice cream, you can also consider some artistic efforts during your visit to the Biennale.

You can visit the main exhibitions at two central locations, but we had already performed our art assignment on another show. Instead, we went to some of the free pavilions for individual countries and we could see some weird and beautiful art.

The concept of Gjelina seemed to be "a small plate", so that after a long deliberation we started our gastronomic journey. We started with the charcuterie plate, which was perfect in every way.

Local jam, a good selection of cheeses, nuts: both raw pine and sugared walnuts, and a generous honeycomb. Then came the shishito chiles, which were delicious, perfectly salted and charred.

The toast with mushrooms was also a success. It was served with soft, salty and decadent pillow. One of our starters was the octopus tomato with rice, which was not my favorite of the night, but I certainly appreciated the flavors (it has a very strong tomato flavor that makes my personal preference easier).

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Now for dessert: the apple pie with honey was phenomenal, but the show was stolen from the passion fruit Panna Cotta. It was the simplest dish I saw, but we talked about it the rest of the night.

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