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Walmart ice cream flavors. That is really delicious! Tonight I went to the Bellevue, Nebraska Walmart Super Center to buy a Dorothy Lynch salad dressing for my children. He is the only one Timmy has in his salads, otherwise he eats his "dry" salad. I decided to grab a small ice cream while I was there, looking for a beer size container such as Ben & Jerry's or Haagen-Dazs.

I liked the gelato in the photo above, and it is delicious! Then I looked at the size of the container: 14 ounces? It is not the first time I write about this food packaging that is shrinking before our eyes. Edy's Ice Cream sold cookies with Girl Scout.

What happened to the Girl Scout Cookie license?

walmart blue bell ice cream flavors

The text on the packaging even this year corresponds to the back of Girl Scout Cookies. That's right, Breyer introduced the flavors this spring. At the moment it is located at the front of the Breyer home page. I do not know why the license went from one company to another.

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The prices are comparable and both containers are 1.5 liters (do you remember when the ice came in half liter containers?) The President of Turkey Hill Ice Cream discusses the changes in the industry in this blog post of 2008. I have nothing of this ice cream, and I do not intend to do it in the short term.

When I read this report about Samoa's taste, I had to think about it. I could see that my family really likes the taste of thin mints, but that must be after our transfer. We will not buy frozen food before we leave Florida. We must eat what we have. I do not eat much ice anymore.

Maybe, because my stomach, because I'm older, will not deal with milk fat like I used to, and I do not care about the taste of the low-fat varieties. I hope my stomach can handle gelato... so far so well. First, happy mother's day for all mothers!

How about a little Ben and Jerry for the party?

I have to admit that this time I was surprised by one of the surprise stories of Ben and Jerry. I almost did not enjoy the excitement of the freezer when I saw this Pint with the most epic flavor combinations ever conceived.

That's right, peanut butter cups with chocolate! Described as "chocolate ice cream with peanut butter with peanut butter cups" is a step more than the original taste of the peanut butter cup, whose ice cream is the only peanut butter. I saw that after looking at the nutritious food, but when I rediscovered it from one day to the next, I was back in Walmart the next day and the rest is history.

The name of this flavor, undoubtedly gives great expectations and the nutrition label is worth it! There are certainly many cups of peanut butter and they are large: they were difficult to place around them, but they break down / crumble when sufficient force is applied with the scoop ice. In fact, I appreciate this physical work because it prevented me from only putting half of the pint in my bowl.

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These guys make the Talenti’s peanut butter mini-gelatin mugs and chocolate mugs as a joke. They are cut (about) half, but still at least three times as large. These peanut butter samples are actually what this flavor entails, and offer the bulk of the taste of peanut butter, as well as a creamy, soft and rich chocolate.

As always, they are of high quality. I would like to eat this instead of a Reese. The base, however, was a bit flat. Literally, By adding chocolate to its base of peanut butter (or peanut butter to its chocolate base), Ben & Jerry silenced both flavors, which themselves were super rich and tasty.

This is somewhere between the saltiness, the nut that lovers of peanut butter love, and the deep chocolate that craves chocoholics. Unfortunately, the result is less than stellar. When I got to know the real potential of Ben & Jerry's peanut butter in "What a Cluster", I can say that this is disappointing.

The peanut butter taste of the base is soft, while the chocolate is funky. That said, all the taste of the ice cream is still mainly peanut butter, only for the peanut butter cups. The size and volume ensure that.

And the basis is better after it melts easily; he loses something of his level. It certainly melts faster than the base of dark chocolate. As I continued to eat, the base began to taste and less peanut butter and more like dark chocolate, although it is not the impressive chocolate base that I am used to with the B & J.

Last Judgment: it is not worth the calorie count that destroys the gut. It is really nothing special, especially after B & J standards. The basis is neither chocolate nor peanut, enough to satisfy all these cravings, and let's be honest, you could just eat a cup of peanut butter.

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If the base is pure chocolate or pure peanut butter, it might be better (but we already have a cup of peanut butter). I would also like to see a strudel of peanut butter, because to be honest, this combination is a bit boring. It may be worth trying, just because it is an exclusive and limited taste, but the next time I think I will spend the extra calories and just buy the Peanut Butter Cup.

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