Bourbon Chocolate Milkshake With Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

Bourbon chocolate shake with vanilla ice cream

This chocolate bourbon milkshake is the perfect adult smoothie! Use the vanilla ice cream, your favorite bourbon and the cocoa box for this combination dessert / night glass! This recipe is "old but good" from the time that I was Rodelle's brand ambassador!

All this happened after winning the blog contest Windy City / Rodelle Blogger with my adaptation of Rodelle's Carrot Cake. I enjoyed sharing recipes with Rodelle, but that has slowed down in recent years. BUT that does not mean that I cannot return the first and my favorite: this bourbon-bourbon-chocolate shake!

chocolate peanut butter milkshake with vanilla ice cream

This bourbon chocolate shake is an adaptation of two recipes from the Rodelle website: the Rodelle Boozy recipe for cocoa shake and vanilla vanilla infusion from Rodelle. Use both vanilla and cocoa. Instead, I chose Bourbon. You know me and my love for Bourbon.

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The day before you prepare these shakes, prepare your bourbon. Divide 2 vanilla pods, place in a storage pot and cover with alcohol. If you think you want to make this recipe for another day, follow this step to prepare the bourbon for you when you're done.

1. Sieve your dry ingredients together in a small bowl. As you can see in the photo above, you can get a bit dirty. Make sure your bowl is large enough for your screening.

2. Then mix all ingredients in a blender and mix. It is not a difficult recipe, but absolutely delicious. I see that this recipe is the forefront of your to-do list and many liqueurs in your future!

3. This Bourbon Chocolate Shake is the perfect adult smoothie! Do it on a hot summer day or as a combination of dessert and a cup!

4. Divide the vanilla pods in half, making sure not to scratch the seeds. Put the beans in a glass jar and cover with bourbon.

5. Close the bottle with force and shake. Wait at least 24 hours.

6. Sift the container of cocoa and milk powder into a small bowl.

7. Add vanilla ice cream, cocoa / milk powder, Kahlua and 1 ounce bourbon in a blender. Mix until smooth. Fill in glasses.

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If you use a racket; Mix the mixture carefully into the container to mix the ingredients. The following is the chocolate part... measuring 175 g of Skelligs chocolate drops. Then you have to melt the chocolate. You can use a bowl or a microwave to melt the chocolate.

Both methods below:

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- Bowl

Place the chocolate in a pot with steamy (non-boiling) water in a non-plastic container. Make sure that the container does not touch the water in the pan. Keep stirring the chocolate while it is melting. Once completely melted, remove the container from the steam.

- Microwave

Place the chocolate in a microwave safe container and set the power to the lowest level. Set the time in 20 seconds and then check. Your smoothie is almost done.

- Tip

Put your glass in the fridge before you prepare the chocolate milkshake, so that it is fresh if you want to serve it! Add whipped cream on top and a pinch of chocolate is optional. Add a straw and serve!

On the 12th of September, chocolate and ice cream lovers celebrate the National Chocolate Shake Day every year. Forget about the calories that this day contains and enjoy a delicious chocolate shake, big, thick and tasty.

In the early 1900s people started asking for this "new gift" with a spoonful of ice.

1911 - Hamilton Beach Beverage Blender was used in soft drink fountains.

1922: Steven Poplawski invented the electric mixer or the beverage mixer. Due to the invention of the mixer, the shake as today got a fragmented, airy and foamy shape. In the 1930s, smoothies became a popular beverage in malt houses around the world.

To celebrate, enjoy a chocolate milkshake in your favorite restaurant or drink fountain. Maybe you want to finish off your chocolate shake with whipped cream! Chocolate Milkshake Day to place on social networks.

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As part of our research, we could not find the maker of the National Chocolate Shake Day. There are more than 1,500 national days. Do not miss a single one. Celebrate every day with the national calendar!

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