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Find Blue Bunny in a store near you

Nearest ice cream shop. Chocolate syrup is the most popular ice cap in the world. More ice is sold on Sundays than on any other day of the week. Waffle cones were invented at the World Exhibition in 1904 when an ice cream vendor ran without plates.

The stacking of all Big Boppers produced in one year would be more than 500,000 feet. Our freezer is 12 storeys high and has an occasional length, making it one of the largest (and coldest) freezers in the world.

Blue Bunny® produces more than 50 million liters of ice a year. That's enough to fill 75 Olympic pools and have a few more for you!

Did you know that 3,317 ice cream sandwiches are needed to reach the top of the Sears Tower?

nearest ice cream shops to my location

87% of Americans have ice in their freezer at all times. The annual amount of chocolate ice cream would comprise 47 football fields with a thickness of 1 inch. That is more than 8 million pounds!

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Blue Bunny® consumes 396,295 pecans per year, which is the total weight of 5 adult humpbacks. More than 150 million chocolate bunnies are used every year on Bunny Tracks! One in ten people admits that he licks the bowl after eating ice cream. Part 1 in 5 with your pet! How can we help? Mild OCD has its advantages.

Is hoarding one of your problems?

It depends on what you save, and where you keep it. When I was about 4 years old, I remember that I played with my button box. When a garment became unbearable, my grandma always removed the buttons before they threw it away.

The rescued buttons were located in the button panel, which was always in a cabinet in the sink. If Nan needed a button for a repair, she could always find enough she wanted.

Maybe I get my passion to keep everything that might be useful in the future. I have pieces of metal, pieces of wood, old electrical appliances, old paper and cardboard, screws, hooks, nails, rings, ropes, ropes, materials and stationery that former employers wanted to throw away.

In order to preserve all these things, I collect large boxes, old boxes of tobacco and biscuits, small plastic containers, wooden boxes, Tupperware, jam jars and ice cubes. Color sets for adults have existed for more than 50 years.

Many people mock the idea of using paint colors with caution, but it is clear that 50 years later they are still strong and have a permanent place in the market for children and adult amateurs. Nowadays children and adults can still enter into this relaxing artistic pastime by buying number packs for adults and children, depending on their options.

With Number Painting Kits you can make beautiful paintings without the need for art lessons or too much talent. Nowadays there is a wide range of kits from paint to number, from light to hard, both in acrylic and in oil on number packages. So come and let us find something. Click on one of the photos for the number of photos to buy!

Are you looking for an adult color package that is more complex, with a great design and fantastic colors?

Flat brush of 4, 6 or 8 for larger open areas. So if you want to have a great project that distracts you from your daily routine, this would be the perfect pastime for relaxation. We do not want to sound dramatic, but the National Ice Cream Day 2018 is one of the holiest days of gourmets.

Even the poor national holiday of fries is overshadowed by this celebration of all frozen things. You should already know why it is so special, but it is sweet enough to repeat: today, you have a lot of free ice cream options.

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Consider discovering how this ice cream diet would have been if you had tried it. Once a year we will say that it is absolutely good (and 100% delicious) to exchange all meals of the day with frozen desserts.

Whether you are the type that enjoys a cone while walking through a park or taking a pint for Netflix - there are many ways to let you enjoy free ice cream today. We recommend that you use more than one. We will divide this into exclusive offers for the National Ice Cream Day 2018 and discover how you can get the free ice cream from the brand you find at the supermarket.

Make a map of your route to meet as many people as possible. The rooms are fully equipped, such as coffee and tea making facilities, 24-hour room service, rooms with central heating, travel agency, medical service, TV, telephone and internet access.

The hotel has a restaurant with a varied cuisine, fast food and an ice cream parlor for guests. Enjoy the billiards on the roof and the pool table while enjoying the view and beauty of the lake. Close to Mall Road, tourists can enjoy the tranquility and the beautiful view of the surroundings.

The rooms are equipped with all modern facilities and offer their guests much comfort. Almost all rooms have a telephone, Internet access, tea and coffee making facilities, an electronic safe. Guests have room service and 24-hour room service.

There is a restaurant with several kitchens and a café open 24 hours a day. The hotel offers recreational activities such as the health and fitness center. Upon request, arrangements can be made for boat trips, horse riding, desert picnics, hiking, hiking and excursions. A perfect trip for a summer day.

What about the animals that love children of all ages?

They like to touch them and just look at them. The zoo is a great place for children because not only all animals are affected, but the children are on their feet.

Grandchildren do not like to sit still and keep silent. In the zoo you hear a lot of shouting, speak loud and laugh. Grandpa, your grandchildren will inspire you to take them to one of their favorite places. It is another perfect moment to talk about all the wonderful creatures that we have here on earth.

In some zoos, there are areas where children can enter an enclosed area and pet some animals and feed some animals by hand. I think that both Grandpa and Grandma will enjoy this trip. Where, comfortable clothes and shoes are, because you go and then you go more.

Do you have a great story about your grandson?

Tell us here, we'd love to hear from your grandchild. On September 1st I made my first trip to Crookston (except for the short trip to Grand Forks in North Dakota). Let me emphasize the fact that it was a 6 o'clock trip, but honestly, I did not feel the lessons at all.

How did you ask? I will let you know shortly. Our international, multicultural club team and a number of our international students were ready to have the bus waiting for Skyberg Hall for eight o'clock in the morning. Of course we had breakfast in the bus and then we ate sandwiches.

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What I would like to share with you is that I have found very good friends during this trip and I enjoyed sharing the cultures and customs of my country and talking about our way of life. I met people from Zimbabwe, India, Mexico, China, Somalia and, of course, the rest of the international students from Japan and Korea, with whom I was already known. It was a nice road trip.

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