Vegan Layered Neapolitan Non Dairy Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Vegan layered Neapolitan ice cream cake

Non dairy ice cream cake. If you have not heard of the soft banana service, do not miss it. In short, it is just a banana that is thrown in the food processor or a blender (even a magic ball work) with one or two spoonfuls of milk to start and mix. And what comes out is an incredibly creamy treat, just like an ice cream.

You can add cocoa powder, vanilla, other fruit, even peanut butter and other nut butter. I even add more milk to make a great smoothie. This ice cream cake is just a variation on the soft dish.

You can taste separately if you do not want to make a cake. I would suggest to cut the recipe into one banana per portion. Ice is also well kept in the freezer, although it does not retain the consistency of the soft service, but it is soft enough to be taken out of the freezer and eaten.

ben and jerry's non dairy ice cream cake

I know that this recipe contains a lot of bananas. In general, we try to buy more bananas than we need for the week and then freeze the remaining amount on the day of purchase:

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1. Put a loaf of bread with a saran foil in a row and put it aside. To assemble, mix each flavor separately by first adding the frozen bananas and mixing until they crumble and there are no large pieces left.

2. Mix the strawberries with the bananas in the strawberry flavor.

3. Add the vanilla and milk and mix to a smooth mass by adding the cocoa powder to the chocolate layer at this point.

4. Pour the first layer on the bottom and spread until flat and smooth as well as you can. Put it in the freezer for at least 30 minutes.

5. Prepare the next layer and pour it over it. Repeat for the last service.

6. To remove it from the pan, you may need to place 1 to 2 inches of hot water in the sink and place the pan in the sink for 5-10 seconds before placing it in a bowl. Then cut with a large, sharp knife. I think my toothed bread knife works better.

7. Cover a bread pan with saran wrap and set aside.

8. To assemble, mix each flavor separately by first adding the frozen bananas and mixing until they crumble and there are no large pieces left.

Ice cream cake with layers of biscuits, ice cream, brownies and chocolate sauce are the perfect special occasion or an evening treat. If you go home instead of going to the shop bought from the store, you can adjust the flavors to create a unique, delicious and vegan creation! This is my favorite combination, but as a guideline! Make a masterpiece of the biscuit cake that your heart desires!

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Prepare them easily in the storage of pots for the perfect dessert. It is also nice to give them to guests in this way:

1. Make some chocolate cookies and let them cool. In a mason jar of your choice crumble the cookies and press down to make a "base" of cake or cake.

2. Make some chocolate sauce or favorite glaze. Spread it over your cake base and cover it completely. Its thickness really depends on you.

3. Buy your favorite ice cream. I like to use something without soy as Luna and Larry because they use Coco Milk and all natural ingredients! Also... it tastes great! Make sure you sprinkle a layer of ice over the biscuit and the powdered sugar pie. Again, every desired thickness, but I personally think that this should be a good thick layer.

4. Then place in the freezer for 15 to 30 minutes to let the layers harden.

5. The last part is a layer of brownie. Now you can use raw brownies or cooked brownies, it really depends on you. Use the desired brownie and squeeze the brownie on the ice.

6. Repeat the process with all components in the desired sequence and finish with ice as the top layer, but with some biscuits and brown remains.

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7. Cover the ice cream cake with a piece of biscuits and brownie. This gives you a beautiful, rich and elegant look.

8. Place in the freezer for another 30 minutes until it is hard.

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