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You have no items in your shopping cart. This is one of our original flavors that we first developed more than a century ago, and yet we cook brown sugar and cream with a pinch of salt. Simple, subtle and sublime.

The handmade Graeter ice cream is made in the same way as Louis and Regina Graeter in 1870. By hand. In French pots of 2½ gallons. One lot at a time. With high-quality ingredients. Such as the refined gourmet chocolate chips.

In this way no other ice cream is made. No other ice cream knows this way. This fat is rich. Cream, milk, cane sugar, skimmed milk, eggs, brown sugar, invert sugar, salt, locust bean gum, guar gum, natural flavors. From cows that have not been treated with Rbstoff.

original neapolitan ice cream flavors

There was no significant difference between milk obtained from cows treated with grated and untreated strain. We use good manufacturing practices to separate allergens and prevent cross-contamination with aromas containing peanuts and nuts. We buy our cream and milk from the Ohio dairies, which declare that they are free of artificial growth hormone (rBST, also known as rBGH). We believe that milk production, as nature claims, is better for everyone.

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Yesterday I visited the largest of the three Whole Foods Market locations within 4 miles of my home. The freezer (photo) has a lot of things. In the area of packaged food, frozen desserts and fries are almost equivalent in the Whole Foods market.

What happened to the set on the Whole Foods Market?

All these products have one or more of the descriptors I have mentioned. They also contain none of the ingredients listed in the "Ingredients unacceptable for food" list of the company. All these products are considered clean labels and attractive to consumers who want to enjoy, but in a friendly way with the labels.

What stops your ice from competing in this area?

Eliminate everything that is artificial: the colors and flavors are the two largest in the ice. Do not use artificial sweeteners. Work with the many clean label sweeteners available on the market, including basic sugar and glucose syrup, as well as stevia, monk fruit and erythritol. Skip the changed strengths and choose local strengths.

Chia seeds find a home in yogurt. Epic Seed from Epic Naturals in California combines Greek yogurt with Chia seeds. "Chia is the Mayan word for power, and some consider it the perfect food of nature," said Jesse Rudolph, founder.


Surprise, chocolate is still part of the dairy product. This new generation of chocolate inclusions, however, is much more complex than the chips and chunks of yesterday. This is illustrated in the Italian range of G7 premium premium ice containers for individual portions.

The Panna Cotta variant is a Panna cotta-flavored gelato with caramel syrup swirls and chocolate flakes with caramel. The company also offers Cioccolatissimo, a gelato with chocolate and chocolate syrup. The ice is covered with dark curls and milk chocolate. Chocolate also works with cheese.

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This product was presented on Valentine's Day 2013. It is "the perfect marriage". Discounter dealer Aldi described his cheddar with chocolate as 'those who have a passion for food'. Yogurt makes it possible to offer inclusions in the form of curls or fine forms.

I was curious if Ample Hills Creamery would live up to expectations, so I visited two places in New York City. Named after a Walt Whitman poem, 'Crossing Brooklyn Ferry', the original location of Vanderbilt Street wanted to adopt the inviting attitude of Brooklyn's Prospect Heights.

In the store I found bright colors, friendly staff and more ice cream than I could imagine. A few days after opening the store in 2011, Ample Hills had to temporarily close its doors because of the lack of ice.

The demand was much larger than expected. Depending on the size 8.25. Ample Hills will soon open a 15,000-square-foot factory and an interactive store in Brooklyn. Customers can visit the premises there while they are delivered to the rich offer.

Every store has a characteristic taste. Here it is the exclusive Vanderbilt. It is suffocated in decadent sweets and is perfect for people with a strong sweet tooth. Ehrmann, for example, which has its headquarters in Germany and has recently expanded in the United States, now offers the largest dessert with raspberries and chocolate hearts in the bin with three compartments.

The identification of the origin of the ingredients (each ingredient) is a growing trend. These include chocolate and cocoa. In the Japanese town of Anuga, the Polish company Getak presented a large number of premium novelties, which are available for export. The company is proud to use 100% natural Belgian chocolate with a packaging with this logo.

Premium parts:

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This brings me to a general trend for all inclusions and has excellent positioning. For example, if you missed the daily dose of dairy products on Friday with a limited edition of Tiramisu Coffee Ice Cream from Ambach. This frozen dessert is the real tiramisu.

The transparent plastic bin shows the product in it. From below there is a layer of tiramisu ice cream, real lady biscuits, tiramisu sauce, coffee ice cream and cocoa beans.

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