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Aussies Scream for vegan ice cream!

There is absolutely nothing that will stop the number of healthy and plant-based foods that are coming this year. We have already seen the increase in think cashew cheese and yogurt-free yoghurt (think co-Jo).

While fermented tea and "meatless" hamburgers are also in focus. And this year there is a new addition to the conscious health trend, aimed at consumers who want a sweet dessert without blaming! Yes, we are talking about a vegan ice cream!

Vegan ice cream is produced without a single animal product, using alternatives to milk instead of coconut milk, soy and almond milk. Dessert tastes delicious as real ice cream, but offers better health benefits and is therefore popular with non-vegans.

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Many experts from the sector predict that this trend will continue, as consumers will remain more aware and vegan food trends continue to rise. According to market research firm Mintel, newly introduced vegan ice cream products now account for 4 percent of all new ice cream versions. Alex Beckett, a global analyst for food and drink at Mintel.

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Here in Australia we see that many retailers are already using the trend of vegan ice cream. On the Gold Coast, 7-Eleven Convenience Stores now store dairy-free ice cream because of increasing demand.

A brand in Queensland that fills the freezers is CocoLuscious, which only sells organic and dairy-free ice cream. Co-owner of CocoLuscious, Leah Dumo-Heron, says that this growing desire for a healthy dessert is no surprise and that sales have recently increased. "They say that one of the biggest trends in food is plant food, it is currently the biggest growth in food," Leah said. Sydney has a vegan ice cream truck,

Over the Moo, where ice cream cones with coconut and ice cream are served. He played last year and is the first Australian! Currently the Over the Moo truck has nine creative flavors, such as Matcha Made in Heaven, Ginger Ninja, Karate Choc and I Fell for Caramel.

The menu also includes delicious toppings, such as brownie pieces, sauces, crumbs and chocolate covered pretzels. Vegan ice cream is fast becoming the favorite dessert for many Australian consumers, especially those who adopt a healthy lifestyle and choose more environmentally friendly foods.

It is a trend that is gaining popularity this year. So there is no better time to use it. If you are thinking of including vegan ice in your assortment, we recommend that you view the well-known brands currently in the room.

The first big brand to launch the trend of vegan ice cream. The dairy-free creations are made from almond milk and are 100% vegan. CocoTribe, located in Marrickville, Sydney, offers small amounts of coconut yoghurt and ice cream. The company CocoTribe takes over the city.

A seller of ice cream in Melbourne without dairy products, no gluten and no guilt feelings. The products are made from coconut milk and other organic ingredients. These varieties offer a variety of dairy-free delicacies, from nut drinks and frozen desserts to yoghurt alternatives that satisfy all consumers. The makers of everything that is gluten-free, of course, without added sugars, these goodies are absolutely "debt free".

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HalfPint Vegan Dairy is a producer of vegan coconut milk, gluten-free, handmade ice creams and butter creams. Halfpint is made in a cruel kitchen with local and imported ingredients and is proud that it is owned and manufactured in Australia.

Sam and Jules became vegan a few years ago and started making small amounts of vegan coconut milk ice cream and butter cream sold on local weekend markets. Sam is the passionate and talented cook behind Halfpint Vegan, Dairy, while Jules is the creative spark and his brand has a surprising harmony of beautiful intentions and certainly delicious food.

Distributors are added throughout Victoria and recently the Vitamin Shop in Hobart, Tasmania, has been upgraded to the first out-of-state distributor. With faith, motivation and good intentions; Sam and Jules will continue to expand and make their mark on the dairy-free market in Australia.

They still make the rounds in various markets in and around Melbourne and sell a selection of sweet and tasty treats, including pastries, along with their ice cream. Look on Facebook where you can find them. And as if we do not love them enough, Halfpint donates one dollar to the Edgar Mission for each sold A Beautiful Mud tub.

The Edgar Mission is an Australian non-profit agricultural reserve in Lancefield, Victoria, home to more than 300 rescued farm animals. What a wonderfully sweet post! Take a moment to look at the website. The goal of Halfpint Vegan Dairy is to produce the tastiest and most enjoyable non-dairy products for the absolute enjoyment of everyone who chooses 'dairy products'.

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Delicious coconut milk ice cream and Australia's first real butter alternative, Butter Me Up, presented by Jules Donovan, a slightly comical relief. Creative muse and Sam Colligan, bloody genius; Absolutely great in the kitchen. Eat with joy and love in your heart, practice, embrace your beast.

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