Blue Bunny Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Nutrition Facts

Nutritional information about chocolate ice cream with mint sparks

Chocolate ice cream with pieces of mint is a popular taste, with many companies and restaurants that offer the flavor. Blue Bunny and Breyer are two famous companies that make chocolate ice cream with mint, and Baskin-Robbins is a popular chain that offers that flavor.

Half a cup of chocolate ice cream with Blue Bunny Mint contains 160 calories, 9 g of fat, 30 mg of cholesterol, 18 g of carbohydrates and 16 g of sugar. In addition, there are 125 mg of potassium and 55 mg of sodium in one portion.

Breyer's chocolate mint ice cream contains 150 calories, 8 g of fat, 15 mg of cholesterol, 45 mg of sodium, 18 g of carbohydrates and 17 g of sugar in half a cup. The serving size for the mint chocolate ice cream Baskin Robbins is 4 grams. Spoon, which corresponds to a half cup.

blue bell mint chocolate chip ice cream ingredients

There are 270 calories, 16 g of fat, 55 mg of cholesterol, 95 mg of sodium, 28 g of carbohydrates and 26 g of sugar in one portion. Talk about a dessert that pops up. Sometimes I make this light cake even more striking by coloring the whipped cream.

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Use any desired sorbet flavor combination. These ice cream sandwiches have something to satisfy all your desires. The wild blueberries on our estate make recipe ideas. When my daughter and I made this ice cream during a Girls Guide meeting, it was well received.

Even today our 10 children, 19 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren believe that they know very well. Our family loves desserts and this layered praliné is one of Mother's most wanted recipes. It is very easy to prepare this Oreo ice cream cake!

On warm days in Colorado we relaxed with slices of this dessert of berries and cream. The effect of layers is very funny. Use a sorbet flavor. During a recent trip to Italy, I became addicted to ice. My favorite choice was the lemon, because the Italian lemons have an intense taste.

This recipe evokes memories of our holiday. Nobody will believe that you have not bothered to take this cake that will make you great. On a hot summer day, all dessert resistance melts, a slice of fresh and creamy. My mother gave me this recipe in advance because I knew I wanted to do it.

I love desserts, especially these! Macaroni, nuts and layers of fruity sorbet are combined in this beautiful and special dessert. Try garnishing with fresh strawberries and listen to people "ooh" and "ahh" if you take this!

This cake, which is fond of coffee ice cream, and his mother, who prepares a fresh and creamy dessert with a pudding mix, was inspired. Absolutely no one will believe how easy it is making this beautiful gift! The quick crust has only a hint of cinnamon.

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It is just a lovely refreshing summer table. The children could not wait to try this tempting ice cream dessert. It is fresh and soft and has a fudge band inside. Every time I do it for my family, I think about mom.

For a spring or summer dessert, serve this colorful and refreshing "cake". This recipe takes some time, but it is a fun and tasty creation. Family members often ask for their birthdays.

It is so easy to do and it tastes so good. If you do this in advance, your hands and time is free for other upcoming tasks! It can be pre-prepared and frozen in advance, making it ideal for guests arriving without an appointment.

This airy and fresh dessert is delicious and impressive. It is an excellent dessert for informal meals, as it can be prepared in advance and stored in the freezer. I wanted my youngest son to be an ice-cream cake for a year for his birthday, because he prefers ice cream to the traditional cake.

He chose the flavors and decided to try my favorite recipe for brownies as a crust. I made this candy and added light and low-fat products to the cake dough. It was so fantastic that I repaired it with conventional ingredients for the guests.

Because this is possible and frozen in advance, the stress for busy hostesses is reduced. And who does not like peanut butter? Here is one of those desserts "It looks like you're upset", so simple that it has become a standard for me. I love the mocha version, but lovers of dark chocolate may prefer chocolate ice cream.

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The crust of cookies is very easy to make. You will deserve praise for these intelligent Cherry Bombs. Serve them on a special occasion with a knife and a dessert spoon. We made this ice cream cake to mimic the popular dessert in many Mexican restaurants without frying. It is an uncomplicated treatment that feeds a crowd. Moreover, this is conveniently done in advance. I love the combination of fresh strawberries and lemon cream with this ice cream cake.

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