Homemade Chocolate Topping For Ice Cream Recipes

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The excellent ice creams stand alone, but the toppings can lift your dessert to a higher level. Sweet fruit, crunchy nuts, or crunchy biscuits add flavor and texture, making it a well-balanced ice cream.

The combinations are endless, so start eating, we have put together our favorite homemade ice cream recipes. We like to add some crispy nuts to the creamy ice cream to add some texture contrast.

Simply roasted almonds are an excellent aperitif for parties with a mild taste that mix with all kinds of ice cream flavors. By cooking, the nuts with maple syrup and corn syrup, a sweet and sticky lid is perfect for a delicious ice cream coupe. If you prefer something tasty, sprinkle vanilla ice cream with rosemary, smoked paprika and chili powder.

chocolate topping for ice cream cake

The fruit is a refreshing ice cream. By cooking the fruit in syrup, a compote, a sweet and rich fruit coating. The preparation of cherry cake with rum and vanilla pods is a sweet treat, while our rhubarb compote is light and delicious. Our strawberry compote can be made without heat, macerate the ripe strawberries with sugar, gin, cardamom and lime.

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For fruit lovers, fruit and nuts do not cut it. We have everything you need for a triple chocolate ice cream. Start with one of our dense, moist brownies. Add a few generous tablespoons of dark chocolate ice cream with cocoa powder, dark chocolate and coffee.

Then, because that is not enough, pour over a warm and thick hot chocolate sauce. That's why I just put it there. I use this homemade magic scale recipe almost every day. Although some people in rather dogmatic diets regard this as a weakness of character, I call it life to the fullest.

Because seriously, who does not want to eat a homemade magic bowl every day? And no, that does not mean that it is a complete sample of desserts that always eat chocolate, glitter and ice cream. This means that I enjoy delicious, health-promoting treats (such as the homemade magic shell of coconut oil), which gives my body a good feeling.

This homemade recipe with magic scale not only contains a healthy dose of healthy fats (and Energizer!), But also contains antioxidants thanks to the raw cocoa powder. In other words, it is a double victory. This homemade recipe with a magic bowl brings me back to the kitchen of my grandmother.

A healthier mother meant that the magic scale was reserved for holidays in my grandfather's house, where all "rules" were turned off. And if I was lucky, I could pour the magic liquid myself, which means that my dessert is more magical than ice cream. My homemade recipe for an adult magic suitcase came by accident.

The most important ingredient of the homemade magic shell, is coconut oil. Because coconut oil is a nutritious, and healthy saturated fat made from beneficial medium fatty acids, it hardens quickly when it comes into contact with frozen food.

The raw cocoa powder consists of cold-pressed cocoa beans. Raw cocoa powder contains many antioxidants, fibers and important minerals such as magnesium because it is not heated or processed. You can also use cocoa powder for this recipe, which is roasted cocoa powder.

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When roasting the cocoa gets a mild and mild aroma, but because of the high heat process, contains less nutrients. Unfiltered raw honey is a natural sweetener that contains vitamins, enzymes and phytonutrients.

Although this ingredient is optional, raw natural honey is great if you want to add some sweetness to things. The vanilla extract gives the homemade magic dish a richer and deeper taste. Make sure you get a pure vanilla extract that contains no sugar or additives.

Personally, I use bourbon vanilla extract, which makes chocolate almost irresistible. Use it at your own risk. Made from three ingredients, this quick, homemade magic bowl is the perfect chocolate topping for cold dessert dishes.

1. Combine coconut oil, raw honey and vanilla extract in a small bowl.

2. Add the cocoa powder and gently spread it until it is well mixed.

3. Allow the magical bowl to cool slightly before pouring over frozen fruit, desserts or ice cream. You can double or triple it if you have a larger family or if you are interested in the earth.

Did you make this recipe?

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Pour the coconut milk over the frozen berries and then add the homemade magic shell. This is also my chocolate covered berries and cream bowl. Cut a banana into round slices with a thickness of about 2.5 cm and place them in the freezer. After cooling, cool the almond butter between two pieces of banana in a "sandwich" and place it in the freezer.

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