How To Make Chocolate Ice Cream Milkshake?

So you make a delicious chocolate smoothie with ice cream at home

The shaking has really changed since the moment we started. The presence of milk and other ingredients makes it a complete diet. It contains all the basic nutrients such as calcium, which is necessary to strengthen the bones. Smoothies are very popular with all ages.

People around the world love milkshakes for breakfast and brunch. Today we produce chocolate milkshakes with simple ingredients. This recipe is very easy to prepare. We can also make Ice Cream Shake in different ways. To make a chocolate milkshake with ice cream, you just have to follow simple and simple steps.

how to make chocolate ice cream shake at home

Follow the ingredients and the procedure below to make ice cream coupes. Chocolate shakes are easy to prepare and always taste good if you are a chocolate lover. You can make this delicious milkshake in fifteen minutes.

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1. First, take a blender and add two large scoops of ice cream or frozen yogurt.

2. Use a large stainless steel container instead if you do not have a mixer.

3. Add the milk to the blender and the whipped cream to thicken the shake.

4. Add broken ice cubes to the blender.

5. Follow the same procedure for using vanilla ice cream.

6. Add four tablespoons of chocolate syrup and mix for 30 seconds.

7. Melt some chocolate squares in a kettle and then add two tablespoons of cocoa powder and mix.

8. Now fill pots and decorate with whipped cream and ground chocolate.

9. Serve this delicious drink with a thick spoon or a straw. Delicious chocolate shakes with ice is now ready. You have learned the simple recipe for a delicious ice cream coupe.

Smoothies are summer favorites since the end of the 19th century. Although they are now made with high-tech mixers and shakers in restaurants, the tastiest versions are made by hand only.

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There are literally hundreds of different ways to prepare a smoothie, and personal preference is an important factor, but if you are a chocolate lover, this special smoothie recipe is perfect for you. To make the best chocolate milkshake in the world, you need chocolate ice cream.

Leave it on the counter while assembling the other ingredients to allow time to defrost. Of course you need milk and two plates of your favorite chocolate. You also need mint candy and a packet of chocolate milk. Small mixers and hand blenders are the best option if it is not possible to mix them by hand.

For now, the ice must be slightly melted and easy to mix. Add the milk and chocolate bars to the chocolate ice cream until you are satisfied with the density of the mixture. Mix the two a few minutes. Now it is time to add the remaining ingredients to the beverage. A packet of hot chocolate and a few mint candies give the milkshake a special taste.

Make sure that the hard candies are at the bottom when you put all the ingredients in the blender. They mix easier if they are on the sheets. If you use more than two, you can crush it before you mix it. Now that all the ingredients have been loaded into the blender, it's time to make your smoothie. Mix the mixture until there are no lumps in the mixture.

You can use a spoon or fork to ensure that all mint candy is flattened. Now you only have to enjoy your drink. Pour it into a tall glass and enjoy with a spoon or a straw. You can even finish it with whipped cream if you feel like it.

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The shakes go well with almost everything and make every meal complete. They are also great for dinner, as guests can enjoy themselves for more enjoyment. There are hundreds of different ways to make a smoothie, but this recipe triumphs over everyone. The added flavors, chocolate and mint make it a delicious and unique taste.

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