Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich Of The Best Desserts In Magic Kingdom

The best ice cream desserts from Magic Kingdom

Mickey ice cream sandwich ~ A day in the Magic Kingdom is not complete without a small ice cream. Fortunately, you have many choices. Read more about the best ice that the Magic Kingdom has to offer in this guide.

The legendary Dole Whip is the undisputed king of the Magic Kingdom ice cream. And it is not even technically ice cream. It is a soft pineapple dessert that represents a day in the Magic Kingdom.

What makes it so good: everything. Taste, look, nostalgia: the Dole Whip is the frozen dessert in Magic Kingdom. The goodness of soft pineapple comes perfectly in a cup and is the right size for a person. It is not a dairy factory, so it's great for a quick dessert that does not make you feel full.

mickey ice cream sandwich in magic kingdom

There are three variants: Dole Whip regular, a Dole Whip Float and a pineapple cake upside down with Dole Whip. The swimmer adds pure pineapple juice to the equation and is always a good choice.

Where to get: Dole Whips is served on the Aloha Isle. You will find Aloha Isle on Adventureland, next to the Enchanted Tiki Room, just behind this large pointed, camel attached to The Magic Carpets or Aladdin.

Our recommendation: if you have never had a Dole Whip, stop everything and buy one. It is a rite, for all Disney lovers and should not be overlooked. Whether you are looking for it early in the morning, in the afternoon or at night, you cannot go wrong. There are few things that are better than a Dole Whip Float on a hot day in Florida. It is by far the best ice cream in Magic Kingdom.

The only ice cream desserts that can compete with a dole whip are in Epcot. If you want to visit Epcot, check out our ultimate guide to the Epcot ice cream. Secondly, the Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich is a great way to get a large amount of sugar in both baked and frozen forms.

What makes it so good: If you have eaten many other cookies with ice cream, you have probably noticed that they can cause pain if the biscuit is too crispy. That is where Magic Kingdoms delivers Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich. Use the freshly baked cookies that are perfect for the sandwich. They are not too soft or too hard and they are the right amount of "chewable" to eat with ice.

Where to get: The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor is the place to visit this restaurant. The living room is located in Main Street, USA. For the Hot Dog Shop on Casey's Corner.

Our recommendation: if you cannot decide to eat an ice cream or a baked product, then this is the ice cream dessert for you. One thing will certainly fill you up, so take your appetite. The Citrus Swirl is another Magic Kingdom classic. It is a dessert made from soft frozen orange juice. The Orange Cream Cup is a newer addition and is actually the orange brother of Dole Whip. 3 points for their resemblance and the common location.

What makes it so good: The Citrus Swirl is a soft service, mainly made from orange juice, mixed with vanilla ice cream.

Where to get: Both can be found on the Sunshine Tree Terrace in front of the Adventureland.

Our recommendation: If you like pineapple, whip and even orange, you will love the Orange Cream Cup, and if you want something more acidic in combination with vanilla, the Citrus Swirl is excellent.

Florida takes its oranges seriously and has a rich history of growing citrus fruit. Both ice cream is a great job to represent Florida. If we were to choose one of the two, we should choose the classic Citrus Swirl. It has the right amount of acid for the sweetness. All the best for an ice cream served in a bowl with freshly made waffles.

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What's so good: This is a fairly simple answer: the waffle bowl. The Plaza Ice Cream Sundae contains all the usual ingredients of an ice cream: two tablespoons of your favorite flavors of ice cream, dulce de leche, whipped cream and cherries. These things are already good enough, but they will be much better if you add the waffle bowl. The waffle bowls are freshly prepared and do not come out of a bag, so they are especially delicious.

Where you get it: The ice cream parlor "Plaza" is served in the ice cream parlor without any surprise.

Our recommendation: if you are looking for a classic ice cream dessert, then this is the best you can find.

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