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Coffee bean and tea leaf. I usually drink dark, roasted black coffee, so I rarely go to a cafe. I stopped a few days ago and when I spoke to the barista about the different coffee drinks, I decided to order a cappuccino. It was great and it went well with my cigar in the morning. The baristas were very friendly and helpful and did not answer my questions.

We came back tonight and it was a different team. We ordered another cappuccino and the taste and quality were the same. These baristas were just as friendly and helpful.

The few drinks I had there were always excellent and the service was also very good. I would recommend this hotel to anyone looking for a good cup of coffee with friendly service. T.G.I.M (Thank God, it's Monday!) He has never told anyone! I'm afraid of Monday morning, not because I hate my job, but because I have to get up at 4 o'clock in the morning!

coffee bean and tea leaf menu

So when I work at Kailua Store, I often visit The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, especially if they have their Mo'Joe Monday contract! I follow them on Instagram so they remind me what a delicious drink they would serve for an incredible price. 3 or less and mix between coffee and tea so that nobody is left out.

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Starbucks has nothing in this kind of deals! The size of these drinks at special prices is small, but the flavors are great! The service is also very good. It is a mix of rice milk, hot cinnamon, sweet vanilla and rich espresso.

Traditional Horchata is my fate every time I see that it is offered somewhere else, as with my other favorite drink, oh man, take all my money! Follow them on Instagram to receive monthly notifications about their fantastic Mo'Joe offers. Every time you arrive on Blues Monday, you can go to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and enjoy a bit of luck in one cup.

You know, if you go to a place again and again, do you think why? One day I broke my habit of going to the BIG NAME Coffee Shop and I came here. The Coffee Bean is located on Foodland next to the Big City Diner in Kailua. As soon as you enter the entrance of Foodland, look to the right. To order the registration, it is closer to the parking lot.

The collection area is located near Foodland Records. The menu is above the registration area. In addition to hot and cold drinks, baked goods are also sold. My two obsessions for this place are the cocoa with salted caramel and the coffee with vanilla milk. The cold beer is incredible and just right.

Cocoa is for my sweet tooth. Definitely worth my daily visit. The prices are comparable to those of other coffee. You have a stamp reward card. The service here during the rush hour can be very slow, but I only saw two people on the ground. I usually have time to wait.

If you ever want to try something new or just want to spend a holiday in your regular café, I highly recommend the coffee bean. I had no idea that Oahu The Coffee had Bean & Tea Leaf locations! How practical is that? Seattle, so you can enjoy a good cup of coffee!

Do yourself a favor and think off the beaten path. This is a cute little cafe right next to Foodland. Great coffee, only darkened by the friendly staff. And it opens at 5:00 in the morning. We love this place. Their drinks are much better than Starbucks. They have a richer and more robust flavor, with powder instead of syrup, more variety of beverages and an incredible customer service.

This coffee bean location is a bit unusual when it is in Foodland. I always like to interact with the workers of this coffee bean. They are always friendly, helpful and patient when my friend and I do not keep our orders. And they are always quick to do things and keep the food space clean.

We have asked this before:

Hazelnut latte: This is usually my order for a hot coffee, unless there is a seasonal taste (butter, pumpkin spices, red velvet) that I would like to try. I love the sweet and subtle hazelnut flavor in this Café con Leche and always ask him for soy milk so that he does not get upset.

Coffee cake muffin: I love coffee cake, so I had high expectations for this delicious muffin. While my friend and I enjoyed the coffee cake crumbling, the muffin itself was pretty dry.

Chocolate brownie with peanut butter: this is one of my favorite desserts from Coffee Bean. This never fails, as far as quality is concerned. I love the fudgy chocolate brownie, but I also love the rich and creamy peanut butter band that is knitted. I am a big fan of the strong and creamy flavors of peanut butter, so this does not disappoint.

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