Ice Cream Near Me Miami Beach

Ice cream near me. Make sure your event is a success! Put an ice cream at your party! If you are planning a smaller event in Miami, you can try one of our ice cream trucks or refrigerators. These mobile deep freezers with full-service wheels stand out because of their stainless steel screens and are beautiful.

During a walk through the Magic City in the summer, you may have seen one of our ice cream trucks Lincoln Road or I-95. Maybe you even bought an ice cream parlor in one of our cars parked in front of the Freedom Tower.

Just minutes from the city center in northwest Miami, Ice Cream on Wheels offers services throughout South Florida and surrounding cities, including Fort Lauderdale, Weston and Homestead. Call us to see if we can give you a smile in your area!

Do you want a list of customers?

ice cream near me miami
Ice Cream on Wheels has hosted numerous events at renowned festivals and parties, including the Winter Music Conference, Coconut Grove Art Festival, Miami Fashion Week and the Miami Boat Show. We have even delivered ice cream to various colleges and universities in Miami, including the University of Miami, the Miami Dade College, Nova University and Florida International.

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For more information or to order an ice cream truck or ice cream truck at your next party or event, select your type of event and complete the form. We'll do the rest! Miami: Ice Museum.

When the tickets went online for the general public, I reserved six tickets to get out of the Ice Cream Museum in Miami. 45 per ticket. The children loved the idea of eating ice cream in a museum. I wanted to go because it is beautiful. We did not wait long for them to let us in. I think 11 o'clock is her first group of the day.

A wizard checks the identification of a person (a name must match all reserved tickets). There was one rule: if you walk through each room, you cannot return to the previous room. Start with a line to see the fortune teller.

You choose a card and tell you what it means (the row is put here...) You walk a few steps to the safe door and enter the room 'Shake your sandwiches'. It is easy to prevent the ice cream cones from melting in Miami, as the city has just been selected as the fourth site of the most wonderful museum concept, the ice age.

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Of course, every place called "Musem of Ice Cream" seems to speak for itself, but there are many things to know. Holders of American Express Platinum cards can buy tickets at 3 PM on November 15th. ET, while an AmEx member can receive them at the same time on November 16th.

Ticket sales will be open to the public on Friday 17 November at 11.00. On Tuesday, November 14 (also at 11.00) a limited number of exclusive tickets are available for sale. However, they are only available in advance via an online order.

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