Top Best Belgian Chocolate Brands In Belgium Festival

Belgian chocolate brands in Belgium. After a long journey to China, he returned to Belgium and started experimenting with new flavors and ingredients, such as spices, exotic fruit and sugar substitutes. His journey to China is also reflected in his logo and beautiful packaging, a red stamp that represents the word "chocolate" in Chinese. The festival will be launched on Tuesday, November 20 by H.E. Bart De Groof, Belgian ambassador to Qatar, and Mr. Sherif Sabry, director of The Torch Doha, in the presence of Belgian chocolatier Laurent Gerbaud.

At the opening of the event a large number of personalities, media, bloggers and prominent guests from both parties will be invited. Chocolate brands in Belgium are quite famous for its chocolate. The best in the world, experts say. Although the raw materials do not come from Belgium, over the years the country has developed an unparalleled experience for the enjoyment of our taste buds.

top 10 chocolate brands in belgium

BRUSSELS - Inside the white chocolate walls of the Godiva Chocolatier factory in Brussels, a frenzied worker on the conveyor belt, neatly and tufts of hair, begs his colleague to end the inexorable parade of freshly cut chocolates en route from the mold to the masterpiece. When the chocolate market finally declines, an irritated, but relieved "thank you" mumbles, and the rhythm of the clock resumes in a corner of this vast maze of confectionery paradise.

Belgian chocolate brands in Belgium and the United States

Referring to the classic episode "I Love Lucy", this scene of the Belgian factory is no different from the one that is much closer to home. Go around the world, land in Reading, Pennsylvania, and you'll find chocolates made with Godiva in the United States.

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Best Belgian chocolate brands, but if Godiva chocolate, one of the world's most important brands, is produced in the same way on both sides of the ocean, why do many chocolate lovers believe that Godiva chocolates are made in Belgium and the United States? United States have a taste? Different?

The answer is important, not only for the rare taste buds of chocolate fans, but also for consumers who argue for the general idea that everything made in Europe is better than anything made in the United States. Giselle Eggermont, first secretary of the Belgian embassy in Washington.

Melanie Draps, the granddaughter of the founder of Godiva, Pierre Draps, agrees. You can choose from prefabricated boxes of various sizes, United States. Or choose specific chocolates and pack them well for you. Top chocolate brands in Belgium, buy a supermarket, yes or no? Yes, you can buy good quality chocolate in supermarkets, but you must know which brands to look for. The Galler chocolate bars are my number one choice in supermarkets.

There are many types: white chocolate, milk or black with different toppings. If you want it as a gift, choose a box of mini chocolate bars that have satisfied many of my friends. Cote d'Or chocolates are also an excellent choice. If you want something classic with a tradition, opt for these dark chocolate blocks with a vintage wrap.

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Where not to buy? There are many souvenir shops, especially in the city center, where you can find everything, from magnets to mugs, t-shirts, boxes with truffles and chocolates. It's tempting, and it seems interesting to buy 6 or 10 boxes for just € 9.99. We bought several boxes and we were not happy.

Top chocolate brands in Belgium. The chocolates are too sweet and too thick. If you buy chocolate for many friends, go to the Neuhaus store or buy smaller chocolate bars in a supermarket. It is best to give someone a small chocolate bar with an exceptional taste than a chocolate box of higher and lower quality.

What are your favorite and not just chocolate brands from Belgium?

Please participate in the comments, I like to visit new places and try their chocolates. So, if you are planning to give your wife a chocolate gift, you should consider buying a box of Belgian chocolate candy for her. Although it can be expensive, you will certainly see that it is worth it. Another big advantage of chocolates is that it has turned out to be an aphrodisiac.

Many people have been crazy since the discovery of chocolates. In fact, in today's world, people always want to taste and enjoy fine chocolates from different parts of the world. Keep in mind that everyone loves chocolates.

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Even your sister who is on a diet is secretly hiding chocolate in her room. Also, who can resist a good taste of chocolate? This treatment is certainly loved by all kinds of people. From children to the elderly, chocolates are one of the most popular sweets in the world. Belgian chocolate brands in Belgium, Today, different countries produce their type of chocolate. Every country has a special chocolate and each has an excellent taste of fine chocolate.

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