Chocolate Milk Powder Brands UK - What Do Consumers Think?

Chocolate milk powder brands UK

Divine is an honest chocolate company that is owned by 44% of the cocoa producers. As a growing chocolate brand that deserves significant recognition, we discuss a number of its products and discuss the deeper nuances of certain brand activities.

Divine is hard to ignore when it comes to emerging chocolate brands. A company run by a social mission: "To develop a successful chocolate company that belongs to the farming world", there are three things that can be associated with the brand:
  • Quality,

  • Taste and

  • Eethos

chocolate milk powder brands reviews

Divine chocolate is the whole package in one word. The quality of the confectionery is undeniable. The chocolate itself is rich in flavors. A favorite is certainly the milk chocolate with toffee and sea salt.

More generally among consumers, the 100 g bar of dark chocolate with raspberries seems the best option. With raspberry cake (fresh) and sweet dark chocolate, it really is a perfect combination.

Chocolate milk powder brands with skimmed milk powder

Based on natural cocoa butter and vanilla, vegetable products do not contain vegetable fat substitutes. They also only use sunflower lecithin, in addition to high-quality cocoa and natural cocoa butter.

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The list of ingredients is really very simple, because the company is incredibly transparent in everything in every bar. Fair sugar, fair trade cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, real cocoa butter 10% caramel (sugar, corn syrup, butterfat, salt), butterfat, sea salt emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, vanilla.

Cocoa: at least 38% in chocolate, solid milk at least 16%. Cocoa, sugar and vanilla: traded according to Fair Trade standards, 79% total. It can contain milk, gluten and nuts.

When Divine established in 1998, its 99 common shares were owned by three parties; 52% of the Fair Trade NGO Twin Trading, 33% of the farmers' cooperative Kuapa Kokoo and 14% of the international retailer Body Shop International. The dynamics of real estate have changed somewhat over the years.

Launch of Chocolate milk powder brands UK (United Kingdom)

Kuapa Kokoo now owns 44% of the capital of the company. After the launch in the US In addition to the initial launch in the UK, Divine remains "inspired by the company's own cocoa producers and motivated by the tangible changes we see in their lives".

"The goal," as stated on his website, "is to continue to offer a delicious chocolate and a social business model that everyone can appreciate."

With Fair Trade certification, all Divine products are suitable for vegetarians. In addition to the company's list of ethical references, they continue to work to become aware of the environmental impact.

Environmental awareness and good practice, as well as other ethical obligations, have been confirmed in our most recent independent research (more on this later).

For example, they use only limited air transport in their supply chain and follow best practices for all materials used in the production process.

Divine packages are also evaluated annually to ensure best practices and a sustainable initiative. Some consumers encountered seem appalled by the lack of organic certification, since the Divine is a company that is clearly involved in ethics.

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The question, however, is deeply nuanced and requires careful consideration.

Divine Chocolate is not certified organic and the most important or most important reason is the complexity of cocoa production. ... Cocoa is very susceptible to the disease, which can spread rapidly removing large cocoa production areas, thereby endangering the bread making of thousands of farmers.

Because cocoa is essential for the Ghanaian economy, the cocoa bed of Ghana is careful with the introduction of organic production. Until sufficient tests have been carried out with biologically approved pesticides in the Ghanaian context, the introduction of organic cocoa is considered to be a high risk.

If and when organic farming is considered safe, Kuapa Kokoo will undoubtedly take its potential into account. It should be noted that because pesticides are too expensive for most farmers in Kuapa, they are already highly dependent on natural crop protection methods.

Consumers will also be pleased to hear that the Divine does not use palm oil in their chocolate "and does not intend to use additional ingredients with palm oil." It is for a number of reasons.

Tropical forests are still being reduced to planting palm oil plantations and we do not want to subscribe to the impact this has on the environment and animal habitats.

Chocolate milk powder brands: Product Review - what do consumers think?

With regard to the various bars that were interviewed in this overview, the opinions of consumers were unanimously favorable. At Amazon, 5/5 milk chocolate scored with butterscotch and sea salt (100 g).

The 70% Dark Chocolate Bar (100 g) also received a 5/5 rating out of a total of 85 reviews from Ethical Superstore.

Meanwhile, the dark chocolate bar with Himalayan pink salt (100 g) scored 4.5 / 5 for Traidcraft and 4/5 for Ethical Superstore. That leaves us with raspberry pure chocolate (100 g) and almond milk chocolate (100 g).

The first currently has a score of 4.5 / 5 on Amazon, while the second comes with a 5/5 on Traidcraft. In terms of general ethical review, Divine recently scored a high 83 on the ethical index.

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Products of chocolate milk powder brands. In our latest study on ethical comparison, we find that the divine is transparent and that he is really trying to fulfill his social and ethical obligations.

With an ECI 83, Divine is recommended by The Good Shopping Guide as a safe and ethical option. For more information, view the updated chocolate classifications and discover why Divine has such a high score. You can also buy your products here.

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