20 Of the Best List of Fair Trade Chocolate Brands for You

List of Fair Trade chocolate brands. Now that you know which brands of fair trade chocolate and organic chocolate companies are looking for, you may also need help to know where to buy organic and fair trade chocolates (some craftsmen and producers do not sell their products online). Global Exchange offers a wide range of Fair Trade certified products, including chocolate, coffee, tea, crafts, clothing, jewelry and more.

TransFair USA maintains a list of national coffee shops, restaurants and retailers who sell their food products with fair trade certification. The chocolate room has a number of fair and organic chocolate bars. You can find fair trade bonbons from Vintage Plantations in World Wide Chocolate online.

Holiday all year round is a popular opportunity to buy chocolate as a gift. Give your girlfriend a box with certified organic bonbons or the fair trade certification seal. Fair trade is the only way forward for this opportunity.

If your father is a sweet tooth, give him a real treat by buying organic bonbons made from cocoa beans grown on farms that do not contain pesticides or fertilizers. These will hit the site without hurting the farmers. Don't let the Easter Bunny bring your children made-to-order chocolates with slave labor!

Choose Fair Trade certified chocolates instead. Send home tips with sweets that will not cause any health problems later. Organic bonbons without toxins are an excellent alternative to traditional candy.

When it's time to plan a spectacular day to celebrate your love, do it with ethical favors to add an ecological and social touch to your day. Also look for honest and organic stamps for your cake!

What are some fair trade chocolate brands?

1. Alter Eco Foods

Alter Eco chocolate
image from candyindustry.com

One of the basic principles of Alter Eco Foods is to be a transparent company that works closely with its producers, but also with its customers by maintaining a direct relationship with them. Because it is not possible to go door-to-door to meet all the people who buy their products, the CEO of the company sets up an interactive website.

This website gives users access to online orders, but also to various information that promotes the transparency of the company. In fact, buyers can find a clear chart on the website of the production methods of the brand, as well as information about the ingredients.

Moreover, if they want more convincing data about healthy food and social progress, they can subscribe to a newsletter. Alter Eco is also very present in social networks and uses this tool as a way to share good photos of delicious dishes, but also as a way to support their activism.

Moreover, this system encourages green businesses, which helps to increase the number of farmers who adjust their production practices to ecological standards. Alter Eco Foods is a company that sells sustainable foods that are produced and distributed in accordance with fair environmental and social guidelines.

The brand offers a wide range of complete, organic and tasty products that both producers and consumers respect, because the company not only wants to produce healthy foods, but also wants to guarantee a fair partnership with farmers in the market world. Alter Eco was founded by four business people who wanted to associate activism and entrepreneurship.

By using the best ingredients from all over the world, you can also be sure to get the best with Alter Eco Foods, which contains no artificial colors, preservatives or additives. All Alter Eco products are certified organic, which gives me peace of mind by feeding them with my baby.

2. Evolla Inc

Evolla Inc chocolate
image from markoliverinc.com

Evolla chocolate is 100% organic, so we can display the USDA organic symbol on our packaging. Organic means a term that indicates that the food product or other agricultural product is manufactured using approved methods.

These methods include cultural, biological and mechanical practices that promote the resource cycle, promote ecological balance and protect biodiversity. You cannot use synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, irradiation or genetic engineering.

Evolla chocolate is a Fair Trade USA product. Fair Trade products are exactly that. Only from distant farms to your shopping basket, the products with the Fair Trade USA logo come from farmers and fairly paid employees. Fair Trade USA helps farmers in developing countries to create sustainable businesses that have a positive impact on their community.

3. eatingEVOLVED

eatingEVOLVED chocolate
image from markoliverinc.com

EatingEVOLVED (sweetened with organic coconut sugar) is a delicious option for those who want a slightly less sweet treat. They offer various chocolate / cocoa products, including chocolate bars and cups of coconut butter. All their products (and equipment) are free from dairy (and vegan), soy and gluten, so there is no problem of cross-contamination.

What motivated the makers eatingEVOLVED?

The co-founders of eatEVOLVED Rick & Christine were looking for treats that met their nutritional needs. They started experimenting with making chocolate in their kitchen and gave it to family and friends.

As part of the travel snack function of Primal Paleo, Nick Pizzi, coordinator of EatingEVOLVED activities, was interviewed for an overview of the creation of EEVOLVED Paleo-friendly food products.

Chocolate has attracted a lot of negative attention in the past. However, some researchers have found that chocolate in its purest form can be very good for our health. It is unfortunate that the major chocolate companies have researched the benefits of chocolate in the hope of convincing the public that chocolate is really good for them.

4. Sweetriot

Sweetriot chocolate

The case study of Sweetriot Chocolate is no different. In the Sweetriot Chocolate case study you need to know how to read the document and how to make a mental map of the confusing motive. A good starting point is to quickly see the beginning and the end of the case and determine the purpose of the case.

The purpose of this is to build an information card that contains the case. Avoid reading slowly and try to remember the content. First, the ability to analyze the case, to understand the main issues and questions that have been asked. The aim is to develop congruent conclusions based on the reality of the case.

Do you want to know in which products or services Sweetriot Chocolate is?

This case illustrates the real situations that managers and business sectors are confronted with. Current leaders with incomplete information, data and different scenarios. The case method allows managers to assume the position of protagonist in the case, have access to limited information, as is often the case in practice, and ask them to analyze the situation and make recommendations.

This sweet chocolate was a great novelty and the salty and crispy smoked TVP pieces were an interesting counterpoint to the simple and sweet chocolate base.

5. UnReal

image from momsmeet.com

The Unreal company is not a GMO, it is vegan and strives to offer you a healthy chocolate that is not concerned about the "bad things" the company expresses. On Amazon, he wears the Amazon Choice badge, which means that he is very popular and that his price is reasonably good.

Let's take a closer look at this chocolate and see what it is made of and how it views the competition. The unreal gems of milk chocolate are a healthy alternative to other chocolate products on the market. They use organic ingredients with the guarantee that there is nothing artificial in their product.

By using sustainable ingredients, they have made a delicious milk chocolate that you are sure will be healthy for you and your children! Milk would be an implicit ingredient in milk chocolate. Unreal uses only non-fat organic milk in its product and has few benefits. In organic milk, the levels of antioxidants such as beta-carotene are higher.

Fair Trade, when used in relation to food and ingredients, means that the company buys the ingredients from producers at fair prices. Cocoa butter is one of the ingredients that gives chocolate a sweet and creamy taste.

Unfortunately, it is quite rich in saturated fats. On the one hand it is good that the company participates in fair trade and on the other hand it is a high-fat ingredient.

6. Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange chocolate

The Rabbinical Assembly included the chocolate Equal Exchange in its support and attention for the chocolate project. And then the Rabbinic Assembly decided to allow the consumption of legumes in Kitniyot at Easter.

This meant that the soy lecithin emulsifier, sometimes used in chocolate, could now be consumed at Easter, thereby increasing the potential selection of chocolates suitable for consumption. Deep and systemic changes that eliminate poverty, child slavery and the dangerous work of children; while welcoming the contributions of the farmers; investing in local economies; and, by creating community infrastructure, it would be desirable for the entire cocoa crop.

Industrial chocolate companies compete to keep prices low while meeting the investor's obligations. Given this complexity, some companies are excluded from fair trade agreements for direct trade with farmers and some insist on formal ethical certification from third parties for direct trade. This situation creates a social and environmental benefit and requires transparency through a benefit ratio.

To certify the chocolate without Easter slaves with Cacher, Alexander started a specific protocol and has since followed it every spring. Schatz gave him a list of relevant Equal Exchange chocolates.

7. Endangered Species Chocolate

best Endangered Species Chocolate
image from godairyfree.org

Endangered Types of Chocolate is committed to supplying high-quality natural and organic chocolate that is marketed and sustainably grown. In addition to the impact of each chocolate bar, chocolate with an endangered species contributes 10% of the net profit to the preservation of species and habitats.

Endangered Species Chocolate offers premium chocolates made from high-quality, environmentally-friendly ingredients that not only taste good, but also have a good result. 1.7 million donated to their returning partners in the last three years alone.

Chocolate lovers know that when they buy a chocolate product of an endangered species, they not only receive a high-quality party, but they also support a worthy mission. Indianapolis, IN Certificate Vegan (OR) Certificate Organic (Oregon Tilth). Fast is wrapping packages for affordable single use dispenser, cooling tunnels, filling and sealing machine.

For some, this meant a positive focus on the efforts of organizations and individuals who work tirelessly to save endangered animals. For others, Endangered Species Day has reminded us to eat more chocolate. A species threatened with extinction. 10% of net profit is donated to non-profit partners that protect and protect wildlife.

8. Madécasse

image from confectionerynews.com

Madecasse Chocolate is made in Madagascar by investing in producers who produce cocoa pods. It is the only international company that produces chocolate in Madagascar, home to some of the best cocoas in the world.

Madecasse uses traditional chocolate methods that are not normally used in mass production. Create prosperity for farmers, sustainable development in Africa and the best chocolate in the world.

What can you do? Eat more Madecasse chocolate! The cocoa grown in Madagascar is unique, just like the other species of flora and fauna on the island. The flavors are unforgettable and distinctive. Madagascar only produces 4,500 tonnes of cocoa per year, mainly in the northwestern part of the Ambanja district.

Great chocolates start with a large cocoa and that is exactly what Madecasse chocolate does. It takes its name from Madagascar because it is made from the best cocoas found in Madagascar. Experts believe that the cocoa of Madagascar is the best in the world and that the art is to make world-class chocolate.

The end result is a beautiful chocolate with a rare cocoa and a unique and fruity taste. These chocolates meet the criteria in the absence of genetically modified soy lecithin for which they have also received the food trophy. Thanks to this we can imagine the popularity of these roommates.

They are really irresistible. After a long day of work or a busy schedule at home, these chocolates are perfect for relaxing and soaking in honey-covered chocolate and releasing all the stress. Due to the popularity of these chocolates, the brand never seems to have suffered any loss of its life.

9. Loving Earth

Loving Earth chocolate
image from bpando.org

Chocolate Loving Earth is designed for health and the planet: these vegan chocolate bars are not only organic, but also GMO-free, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and even grown sustainably. But their wonder does not stop them. The packaging of these bars is also fully compost able, making them ideal for the environment!

Loving Earth Chocolate uses raw cocoa produced by the Ashaninka community in the Peruvian Amazon, the largest indigenous community in Peru. This cooperation is essential in the search for a sustainable life for them and the sustainable use of the rainforest.

Loving Earth is committed to obtaining and producing high-quality raw and chocolate products of the highest quality from organic, fair trade and handmade products. The three basic principles of the Loving Earth mission are to make products that are always healthy, sustainable and just.

Compared to the many chocolate options on the market today, chocolate from Loving Earth is one of the healthiest. For many, this is a healthy alternative to sugary chocolate bars that can be found in supermarkets.

An excuse to take the Loving Earth chocolate?

So here is my honest assessment of some Loving Earth chocolate flavors, in terms of taste and nutrition. Unlike many other brands, they really talk about what they talk about and do everything they can to reflect their values. The majority of the ingredients used are certified organic, fair trade certified or both.

Even their containers are designed to be sustainable. The chocolate box is printed with vegetable inks and is 97% recycled fiber. The envelope itself is made with sustainable vegetable sources and you can really compost it.

10. Divine Chocolate

the best Divine Chocolate

Divine Chocolate Ltd is a fair trade chocolate company that sells premium chocolate in the UK and Europe. In 1998, Divine was the first fair trade chocolate bar destined for the mass market to reach the shelves of the United Kingdom.

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The company uses a unique and innovative business model, in which the main supplier, Kuapa Kokoo, a cooperative of cocoa producers in Ghana, holds an interest in the company, a first in the fair trade sector.

In 2007 the company was renamed Divine Chocolate for its flagship product and a subsidiary was established in the United States. Divine has developed a strong brand presence as a 100% Fair Trade company owned by the farmer and successfully uses storytelling and photos in its marketing to communicate the impact of the producer and connect consumers with producers.

Kuapa Kokoo has a 45% interest in Divine Chocolate and Twin of 42.6%. The remaining shares are held by the Oikocredit development financing organization. As a majority shareholder, Twin and Kuapa have two permanent representatives at the Divine Council.

In addition to shareholder dividend, Divine supports producers by investing 2% of their annual turnover in their Producer Support and Development Program (PS & D). Twin manages this program in collaboration with Kuapa and Divine, developing projects that are aligned with the business and development priorities of both organizations.

11. Fran’s Chocolates

the best Fran’s Chocolates
image from tripadvisor.com

Fran's Chocolates can be an operation from three stores in the Pacific Northwest, but the chocolates created by master chocolatier Fran Bigelow have fans all over the world. Here is some information to cut. Fran remains true to his handmade roots.

Although Fran produces between 18,000 and 20,000 sweets and 535 pounds of chocolate a day, staff still trade most of the process of making small batches by hand, salting each caramel into the manual packaging of each box. The ingredients are first-class.

Fran's has to do with everything that is of high quality: fresh cream, local chocolate, imported high quality from Europe and South America, and pure chocolate and milk mixed to your specifications. The Obama has made salted caramels an official farewell gift for the White House.

Every Fran's chocolate is a small and elegant surprise, incredibly fresh, with flavors and textures perfectly combined. The thin layers of dark chocolate or milk (lid) effortlessly combine with rich and subtly scented centers. These are not chocolates that you swallow. Fran's chocolates are made to taste, to melt in the language, so that you can appreciate its rich complexity.

What is the secret of Fran’s Chocolates success?

The experienced chocolatier and graduate of the prestigious California Culinary Academy emphasizes the use of the best ingredients: high-quality chocolate from Europe, the Caribbean and South America.

If you want fine and elegant chocolates, you will find nothing better than French chocolates. Each of your chocolates is a mini gift that you can offer yourself or your loved ones and that you want to try another and another.

12. Lily’s Sweets

image from foodnavigator-usa.com

Lily uses stevia and erythritol to add sweetness, bringing the net carbohydrates to 4 grams per serving. Perfection may be hard to achieve, but ChocoPerfection is close enough. Just like Lily candies, these bars contain no added sugars.

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A general note in all Lily Sweets bars: Stevia never interferes with chocolate. You just don't know that stevia is there. Serious Look at these closeups. MAR SALT: That really surprised me.

Do you remember what I said about the salted almond bar? Forget all this nonsense. What I know? The chemistry of flavors works as follows: first, the sweetness of chocolate is followed by a slight touch of salt that diffuses directly into the deep taste of cocoa.

13. Tony’s Chocolonely

Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate

Tony's Chocolonely has made a completely transparent and traceable process, from beans to bars, in which they accept better prices for farmers. The brand also offers training in entrepreneurship and agriculture to increase the productivity of their business.

In addition, 1% of net income goes to Fondation Chocolonely, which supports projects to eliminate slavery in the cocoa supply chain. Tony wants to encourage consumers and other chocolate makers to take their responsibility by asking American consumers to buy Tony Chocolonely's Mother's Day.

Tony’s Chocolonely, says in his packaging that this company only exists for one reason: to put an end to modern slavery in the cocoa industry. He was initiated by a Dutch journalist, Tony, who was accused of being an accessory to slavery, simply because he was a chocolate consumer.

In a certain sense he appeared before a judge in the Netherlands and brought former slaves from West Africa to testify against him and against the not so sweet side of the chocolate industry. 1 chocolate bar in the Netherlands. And in 2015, the company also started in the United States, which offers chocolate without slavery that is gaining popularity with Americans.

14. Belvas Chocolate

best Belvas Chocolate

The Belvas chocolate factory was founded in 1985. The company specializes in traditional methods, using natural products and high-quality raw materials such as butter, cream and even vanilla. Originally the most important customers of Belvas were bakers and many companies, including Frans, given the location of the company in Tournai.

In 2005, Thierry Noesen took over the management of the company. This entrepreneur with convictions of sustainable development has developed honest, organic products while maintaining the high quality of the original product. Nowadays Belvas exports to the United States and Germany.

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Belvas chocolates are 100% organic. Only natural ingredients that are traditionally produced in Europe, South America and South Asia are used to produce these delicacies. That is why it contains no additives, preservatives, colorants, artificial flavors, flavor enhancers, hydrogenated fats or GMOs.

Belvas prohibits the use of a chemical. Only products from organic farming are part of the ingredients. Because of this high quality standard, Belvas can offer gluten-free and alcohol-free chocolates without added sugar!

And with more than 70% cocoa in every piece of Belvas chocolate, you can be sure that these natural treats never affect the taste. Without artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, you can really enjoy Belvas chocolate without gluten.

Knowing that you only get the natural benefits from every bar or bag, is the best way to enjoy chocolate! With the most popular weight-loss products from Belvas, we have a wide selection of sweets. You will find these delicious gluten-free slimming chocolates in delicious flavors.

15. Chocolat Stella

the best Chocolat Stella

The Stella Organic by Nature chocolate with 75% cocoa is one of those chocolates that we would definitely want and want, but it is not available at your typical supermarket shelf. Neither Robinson nor SM sells these bars. Even the "chic" Rustan or Shopwise does not have these bonbons in their branches.

Perhaps only Santis owns this brand and some of its variants, as I've never seen in other stores. This bar caught my attention partly because of the packaging, which seems to say that it is really good chocolate.

Stella Chocolate uses inulin (IG of 0), a fiber derived from chicory root approved by the FDA. This means that it works as a prebiotic and has no negative effect on your blood sugar levels. We love this white chocolate Keto option and use it in many recipes.

And of course, it's perfect as a real decadent dessert alone! If that's the case, you can read our reviews of other Keto chocolates for more options.

16. Little Secrets Gourmet Chocolates

the best Little Secrets Gourmet Chocolates
image from importitall.co.za

Some Little Secrets Pieces flavors contain dairy products (sorry, the pumpkin pie with spices is over), but these mint infusions are made without dairy products. If you crave a sweeter chocolate with "milk", this dairy-free bar without milk could become a new holiday favorite.

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At parties, they doubled their mint quality with these dark chocolate bars with 60% crunchy coin-like candy photos. The gourmet chocolate candy from Little Secrets is 55% cocoa and dark chocolate certified by fair trade.

17. EMVI Chocolate

the best EMVI Chocolate
image from pinterest.com

EMVI makes handmade seasonal characters in the locally managed chocolate factory in New York. They have chocolate, spirits of Halloween, small chocolate turkeys for Thanksgiving and all kinds of other fun shapes and flavors.

At 4.5 oz, the Easter Bunny is the largest dark chocolate sample from Emvi Chocolate we've ever received. This looks a lot like minis, much less anthropomorphic than most other samples, but they are still very cute, don't you think? The only stains of milk chocolate are in the eyes and nose, while white chocolate is in the ears and in most eyes.

18. Monbana

Monbana chocolate
image from greyys.com.sg

For all chocolate lovers and the best gourmet restaurants: be part of the Chocolate Monbana universe in Singapore! Sweet and balanced hot chocolate drink from Monbana. Monbana chocolate salon at the Monbana trade show Chocolate contains at least 32 cocoa powder. Monbana Chocolate Treasure Chocolate Powder.

The French company MONBANA, founded in 1934, is the expert of the Trésor de Chocolat, it is a delicious base of chocolate powder that will make your recipe. About 25 g of Trsor chocolate milk in a presentation box with 50 envelopes.

See more. For more than 3 generations, the French chocolatier Monbana founded in 1934, Monbana Tresor chocolate has produced a thick Italian chocolate drink. Add steamed milk to get a super-rich chocolate drink with a spoon.

The first phases of the introduction to the domestic market have started slowly, but the Monbana brand is starting to balance. While distributors throughout the country are going to collect Tresor (milk chocolate) or Supreme (dark chocolate) powders, we are starting to see an increase in interest from end users.

A large coffee chain, House-Kayser, New York, stores Tresor chocolate milk from Monbana. On our own distribution site, Houston employees recently discovered the use of Monbana and discovered a more Americanized recipe of traditional thick chocolate powders at the Grand Canyon Beverage Company (GCBC).

They are located on the campus of Grand Canyon University and purchase Supreme Chocolate powder in Monbana through our customer, Tradecraft Outfitters, based in Chicago, IL. Both recipes retain the rich and delicious taste that is only Monbana. The size of the widest part and the finer consistency of the drink is more in line with the demand of the domestic market, in contrast to the demand for smaller and richer drinks in Europe.

19. The Raw Chocolate Company

the best of The Raw Chocolate Company
image from plantshift.com

The Raw Chocolate Company was founded as a result of numerous chocolate experiences and disasters in 2006. The products are certified pure, organic, fair trade and vegan. They are also raw, relatively untreated to preserve nutrients. They minimize their impact on the environment whenever possible: their plant is solar and wind.

They have three product lines:

  • Raw Chocolate Bars,

  • Raw Chocolate Berries and

  • Supreme Foods.

Raw chocolate bars are available in six flavors, all in two sizes: 22 g for small mouth and 44 g for larger ones! His most popular creation is white chocolate such as Vanoffe (vanilla / caramel) and, secondly, pure Dark Pitch.

With 72% cocoa and only three ingredients, it is a great chocolate success! They have three unprocessed chocolate berries in different sizes: blackberries, goji berries and raisins. The unprocessed chocolate berries are soft, just like butterscotch, and are very indisputable, while giving a long-lasting energy boost.

The Raw Chocolate Company, was founded in 2006 after many experiments and excessive consumption of chocolate. The products are pure, organic, fair, vegetarian and certified products. They are also raw, which means that they are relatively untreated to retain nutrients.

The Raw Chocolate Company started by observing our own food and taking care of our children. Many snacks and 'healthy' alternatives are just not that fun. So we started making fruit balls, nuts and chocolate-covered seeds.

Soon the demand for chocolate was so strong that he had to rebuild an entire floor of his house and hire several people to help with the production. Then the first factory came about five years ago and we are now in our second factory, which we have just doubled in size. Our products are pure. They are certified organic, fair trade and vegan.

20. Guittard Chocolate

the best Guittard Chocolate
image from guittard.com

Guittard is proud to work tirelessly to improve the quality, consistency and durability of its products. In 2014, Guittard led the sector in a mission to replace soy lecithin with sunflower lecithin in all its product lines.

Founded nearly 150 years ago in San Francisco by Amy's grandfather, Etienne, Guittard is the oldest family-owned chocolate company in America. She makes handmade chocolate for bakeries, pastries and cakes.

Every 6 inch Pop Rabbit is made from high-quality Guittard chocolate and will definitely make you feel calm and satisfied. Choose a single doll for your pleasure or a pack of 5 to share with the gang.

Who said Easter chocolate was for young people? What is Guittard chocolate, you ask yourself?

Guittard Chocolate Company is a 150-year-old American chocolatier who produces a chocolate couverture with original formulas and traditional French methods. Etienne Guittard traveled from France to San Francisco in the mid-nineteenth century in search of a gold he had never found. Guittard also brought a delicious chocolate from his uncle's factory in France, making it a very popular type.

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