How to Generate Revenue on YouTube

In this post we'll examine how to generate revenue on YouTube, you'll want to do to start making money with YouTube, then talk about the income you can really make your YouTube videos.

By becoming a YouTube partner is how to make money with YouTube. Become a YouTube Partner allows monetization for your account. Once you have approved video, then you can start earning as a YouTube partner. In its approved video, the ads will run near or in your video. When ads are clicked, then you get a percentage of revenue for these ads, which is how to generate revenue on YouTube.

The basic steps on how to make money on YouTube

1. Build your audience on YouTube

When your application is being reviewed by YouTube, they are aware of your audience.

2. Send videos regularly

You have a much better chance of being approved as videos you have. If you upload a new video every day, you have a much better chance than if you only have a couple of videos uploaded or downloaded only once every two weeks.

Before you apply to become a YouTube partner, with at least 100 uploaded videos is a good amount.
3. Make sure that all your videos are original

You can not have copyrighted material in your video; your request will most certainly be rejected for this. This means that images, logos, video clips, graphics, audio copied or logos are not permitted. This includes background music and music. Permission is required for any material used in your videos that are not your own original content.

Set up an AdSense account

To keep track of your earnings and statistics is essential.

5. Introduce your application YouTube Partner

Once you have done these steps, you can go ahead and apply to be a YouTube partner. The amount of money you can make on YouTube varies on several factors. How to make money on YouTube: It changes every day, and it depends on factors such as including the price of the ad, advertisers are willing to pay, what types of ads appear with your videos, and interact with the public in their videos and channel. Thus, there is no fixed amount of gain by the amount of video views. Moreover, according to its contract with YouTube, YouTube partners are not able to discuss their gains.

The average income is about $ 2.50 per 1000 views of the video, and can range from $ 1 - $ 5 per 1000 views. If you do not receive at least 10,000 views a day on a video, you're not really earn much. How to make money on YouTube video that became viral's where the big money comes, while ads are displayed and there is no violation of copyright found at a later date.

Six figure income would have been possible, but it seems that most of these cases were in a sort of race, and certainly with a viral video hit big-time.

Overall, being a YouTube Partner is not a huge money making scheme and generally inadequate as the main source of earning, and if he does it for you, it will take time.

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