Cyclone Yasi and Tourism Queensland

There are a few weeks, that the Queensland floods has received the attention of sensationalized media worldwide has not stopped many tour operators. It was therefore no reason for those who had not booked, or even just thinking about it, to cancel your holiday in Queensland. Then came Cyclone Yasi.

Yasi was the largest cyclone that Australia had ever seen. He developed winds near the eye up to 300kph. The nearest comparison was Hurricane Katrina, which killed more than 1,800 people across Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi. So far it seems that the only death in Australia was a man who barricaded himself in a room with a running generator for power, and asphyxiated.

Queensland known various cyclones each year. Since the 1970s, there were building regulations that ensure buildings are built to withstand cyclones. There are excellent early warning systems (the owners are not if they are likely to be affected by floods or cyclones), plans for disaster management and evacuation centers. Cyclone Yasi passed through an area that was relatively unpopulated, or had been evacuated.

Some operators have been affected by floods and cyclones. Many local support for reconstruction. The best way out is to visit can help and support of North Queensland travel industry.

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